Especially for him, there are some homebodies. If he is given a place, he can stay at home and sneak in except for the deputy.

"In that case, does Taoist Qing know that this vice meeting will end?" After half of the worry, it’s much easier to get revenge. After pouring a cup of tea, I asked.
"If nothing unexpected happens, it will be over when the dragon banquet is over," said Lingqing.
"Dragon banquet tut tut" Qiu Feibai heard some meaningful tut tut after dragon banquet three words.
"The Taoist priest will not want to attend this dragon banquet, will he?"
Before Lingqing asked a brainwave, Li Su and other four people happened to pass by.
After listening to this, Li Su said indignantly, "What do you mean, do you want to go to the Hualong Banquet?
Dragon banquet is my East China Sea Aquarium Festival. If you dare … "
Before the word slander was uttered, he suddenly remembered that this man was a dragon man.
Even the Dragon Palace has killed a head. Naturally, it won’t have any praise for the Dragon Palace Dragon Banquet.
"I can’t care if you want to die." Qiu Feibai also gave him a light look and said.
Li Su had some ulterior motives in his heart, but he was stopped by a brainwave. "Don’t worry, just listen to him for a while."
A brainwave is to understand Li Su’s anger. For a sea people like him who have lived in the sea since childhood, the Dragon Palace is equivalent to Laoshan teaching in a brainwave.
If someone says that Laoshan religion is very spiritual, he will not leave it at that.
But he also knows that Qiu Feibai must have a reason to say so.
"I wonder what you know?" Lingqing also some curious asked
"Hey, hey, dragon banquet, dragon banquet, other people’s dragon banquet" Qiu Feibai, hey, ran a smile "into the dragon pool, it’s just blood food for the Dragon Palace.
Does Taoist Master know that this dragon pool is like turning other dragons into real dragons? "
"This being original also didn’t see natural don’t know" LingQing shook his head.
"Dragon born sacred need pure blood can rise strength.
It stands to reason that a dragon needs to concentrate on cultivation to restore his blood to the ancient dragon power.
But this process is too hard and boring. If you are used to enjoying the dragon, where can you endure to practice?
So they thought of a method. "
Chapter four hundred and thirty-three Dragon Banquet Linglong Blood Dragon Ball
I heard that Lingqing suddenly turned white, and it was probably true that Qiu Feibai continued, "Because the dragon blood is special and can be dissolved in the blood of all animals, even human beings are no exception."
So they broadcast their own blood to let others help them refine their blood.
It is also said that the dragon can be transformed into a real dragon after the dragon pool is transformed.
After those bodies contain dragon blood, dragons and beasts are powerful and pure in blood
The Dragon Palace called a feast to release the dragon pool, and these dragons and beasts turned into real dragons.
However, the success rate of chemical dragon in Hualong pond is less than one thousandth.
Except for a few lucky ones, he died in Hualong Pool.