I took a deep breath and got up and walked to the window. Wei Yong can give me the Star Tower at this time and tell me that he no longer needs to hide his eyes and ears. That is to say, Wei Yong has everything ready for the remains of ten thousand people and the sacrifice of the dead.

I know I can’t wait to turn around and sit at the table and say to Gu Anqi.
"Angie is very important. I know that you can’t take things personally, and I’m a fan of the authorities. Otherwise, you and I will share a divination with each other at the same time. Today, I must know how Wei Yong can kill 10 thousand people to sacrifice to heaven."
Gu Anqi knew that it was important and didn’t dare to neglect. He hurriedly took out King Wen’s copper coins from his body and gave them to me. I asked Xiao Lianshan to take out the Dragon Horn. This is a good fortune and a bad fortune, and Wei Yong is planning to go to the nether world. I will borrow the ten ghosts to occupy this divination.
I put King Wen’s copper coins in the Dragon Horn, closed my eyes and meditated in my heart. I shook the dragon horn in my hand and the copper coins hit the horn. The quiet room was particularly clear.
After shaking it for three times, I put the Dragon Horn on the table and secretly took a deep breath again and moved it slowly.
Gu Anqi glanced at the table and looked dim with his mouth pressed.
What I took out was that heaven and earth denied divination, and the tiger fell into a deep pit.
Xiao Lianshan saw that I didn’t speak at the moment and asked anxiously
"How about this divination?"
"If you get this divination, everything will be blocked, and everything will be out of order, just like a tiger falling into a pit." Gu Anqi sighed when he saw that I didn’t answer, and told Xiao Lianshan, "This is the great evil divination that Lin Chong went to offer a treasure knife in the past, and this divination was indeed won by Liu Yu, and it was like a tiger falling into a pit."
I looked at the table divination silently silent for half a day and said thoughtfully
"Negative divination and divination means that the gap between heaven and earth can’t be sympathetic to everything, and it means that the yang spirit rises and the yin spirit falls, and the heaven and the earth don’t cross everything. This is the same as the consequences of Wei Yong’s beheading Long Mai."
When I finished, I gave the king Wen’s copper coins to Gu Anqi. I divined the divination and asked her to take another funeral according to what I had done before. As a result, she took out the divination because Gu Anqi knew that there were not many places where she could be occupied by outsiders. The result was just right and I wanted to deduce each other.
Gu Anqi put the copper coins into the Dragon Horn as I did, meditated for a while, and then shook them three times to drop the copper coins on the table.
Actually, it was Zhen Kun, Lei Di, Yu Gua, Qinglong, who deserved it.
Gu anqi saw a long sigh of relief and said with a smile.
"Good is not too bad."
"It’s a good divination, divination, earthquake, thunder, divination, Kun, spring thunder, earth shaking, urging everything. I nodded with joy and said meaningfully," Does it seem that Qinglong is very happy to be reborn with water? "
"The winner of Qinglong is Zhuangtai Highway, and yu long cannot pull out the party. Those who worship Taigong’s division and take this divination bode ill for the future." Gu Anqi pointed to the divination and smiled happily. "This divination says that Taigong inserted apricot yellow flags to collect demons and return, but it is different from Qinglong. Everything is hoped for."
"In the past, Tang Sanzang was ordered to learn from the scriptures and occupied this divination. Suddenly, Wuzhishan received Sun Walker’s all the way to slay the demon and remove the blame, just like putting on a squire and yu long to be a tiger elephant …" I thought thoughtfully, "Seeing the divination seems to get help from my friends."
"What does it mean that you have two hexagrams together?" Yue Qianling asked
I got up slowly and walked around the room silently.
"My divination is fierce, but Angie’s divination is a good fortune, a tiger falls in a deep pit, a dragon has to change its mind, and a friend wants to help … who will help us at this time? And judging from the divination, it seems that this person has extraordinary ability, but there seems to be no such person among the people we know. "
☆, Chapter 32 Long Pan Hu Ju
Gu Anqi reassembled the two divinatory symbols together, and the divinatory symbols denied heaven and earth. I thought about it. What I did was Yang Kun Yin and the tiger fell into the pit, and the stone trapped the tiger.
The second divination shocked Kun Chun, Lei Zhen, and the dragons sang and roared at the sky.
"It’s Yang Kun Yin …" Gu Anqi suddenly looked up and said to me, "In the Four Elephants, the two figures of Dragon, Yang and Tiger Yin are just dragon and tiger."
I listened to what Gu Anqi said for a moment and wanted to mean to say with a frown.
"Stone trapped tiger Long Xiaotian … how do I feel so familiar with this number?"
"Me, too, but I can’t remember." Gu Anqi also tried to think through her mouth.
"What’s the good thing about this?" Xiao Lianshan said otherwise.
I immediately stayed where I was and turned my head with excitement.
"Dragon plate! It’s Dragon Pan! "
"I also know that Zhongshan Longpan Shicheng is a tiger." Gu Anqi got excited and said, "We account for these two hexagrams to prove each other. The result of deduction means that the place name is a tiger and a dragon."
"Pack up our things and we will go to Zhongshan immediately!" I nodded. I wanted to ask about the funeral, but I didn’t expect to get it. I went to Zhongshan to show that there must be a way for Zhongshan to help me solve my doubts. Before it’s too late, I quickly let them leave. If I don’t understand Wei Yongru’s sacrifice method, ten thousand people will die in vain.
When we arrived at Zhongshan, it was already the second evening. Because of the purple shale exposed on the hillside, Zhongshan shone with golden light, so it is also known as Purple Mountain, which has been known as the four famous mountains in the south of the Yangtze River since ancient times and has the reputation of Jinling Yuxiu.
The three peaks of Zhongshan are connected, and the shape is like the dragon mountain, the water and the city. It is magnificent and magnificent, hence the name "Dragon Pan Stone City in Zhongshan".
When the last setting sun disappeared at the top of the mountain, the whole Zhongshan mountain was silent. Just after a few steps, we saw a man lying on the stone platform at the top of the mountain, leaning back and looking up at the sky. I seem to have seen this posture somewhere.
When I approached, I saw the man with grass roots in his mouth. When I heard our walking sound, I was lazy. I got up from the stone stage and looked at me. My mouth was still as bohemian and evil as a new one.
"Wen Zhuo? !” Xiao Lianshan and Yue Qianling and I almost shouted out at the same time.
"I knew you were here." Wen Zhuo pointed to the sky and smiled brilliantly, patting the earth behind him with a smile. "It’s strange to say that Ying Zheng, the king of Qin, ordered people to chisel the northern mountain because of the king’s gas in Jinling in the past year. Every time you arrive, there must be a purple gas coming from the east."
I looked with Wen Zhuo’s fingers, and sure enough, the emperor star Ziwei Xiangyun arched and protected the purple gas from the east and this Zhongshan peak gathered.
"It is normal for you to say that I am an emperor." I replied with a smile.
"It’s no ordinary king to make Jinling show kingliness again." Wen Zhuo and I are old friends whom we haven’t seen for many years. I put my arm around my shoulder and bit the grass roots at the corner of my mouth with an evil smile. "Since the kingliness of Jinling was broken by Ying Zheng, unless he came personally, the kingliness would come."
Yue Qianling and Xiao Lianshan and I both froze for a while, and I didn’t know what to say if Wen Zhuo answered the words. Wen Zhuo looked at us and looked at each other, but my forehead fingers played a smile and said
"Why do you look like this and make a joke with you?"
I have a wry smile, but I didn’t expect to meet Wenzhuo in Zhongshan.
"By the way, why are you here?"
"These days, I have watched the celestial phenomena in Pojun at night, and the seven-killing binary stars are bright and the nine planets is dim." Wen Zhuo pointed to a distant sky and said faintly, "You see that the night is dark and red like blood. This is a great omen. I stayed in Jinling because of something. Who knows that in the past few days, the Beidou has moved south, and the wolf is bright and the northwest is surrounded by miasma."
I wanted to tell Wen Zhuo what happened when we found Wei Yongbu’s five emperors addicted to the soul. He didn’t react much when he heard it. He bit the grass roots and said to me
"It’s no wonder that Kyushu Long Mai was loose when the ghost gate was opened the other day. I noticed that there was a dragon gas leak. I have been to Qiongzhou, southern Xinjiang, and found that someone actually set up a Xuan Ming to break the Wang Yang Feng Shui Bureau, which led to the dragon gas impacting the ghost gate method. Fortunately, I saw a white tiger exquisite tower guarding the temporary restraint on the hills on the shore … you are quite good, and you can actually pardon the general of the underworld."
"Let’s not talk about this Wen Zhuo. Do you know that the Five Emperors are addicted to souls?"
"Know that congenital kill array in the underworld needs five ghosts to pardon. How can anyone pardon such kill array?" Wen Zhuo nodded and took the grassroots at the corner of his mouth and said, "And this array needs to be buried with blood and ten thousand corpses to launch. Who has this thing? Want to kill ten thousand people? "
"I won’t explain this to you. Now that you know that the Five Emperors’ Soul-addicted Array wants ten thousand corpses to sacrifice the array, I can now be sure how to start the array first." I looked at Wen Zhuo with anxiety and said seriously, "I think your Taoist cultivation is not low, and I want to join you and me."
Wen Zhuo looked at me for a long time, and the corners of his mouth slowly became warped, smiling and smiling.
"You still have to borrow ten ghosts. The first time I saw you, I knew that you had an emperor. I didn’t expect you to come to Taoism. I haven’t borrowed the ghost power for divination. Interesting."
I suddenly found that Wen Zhuo seems to take everything seriously. Even if the sky falls, he may not panic. I told him that it was up to me to borrow the ghost power to comfort him.
I’m in distress situation, let Xiao Lianshan take out the Dragon Horn, and Wen Zhuo took the hand and recognized it at a glance, delighted to say
"Dragon Horn, you hold the mountain rivers and rivers … you still have this baby."
Wen Zhuo said that he didn’t even think about it. He blew a thick and deep number in his mouth, and the mountain echoed. Wen Zhuo blew a few times and found that there was no movement or much interest.
"How can this Dragon Horn borrow the ghost power?"
I turned to Gu Anqi to ask Wen Wang for copper coins. I held the Dragon Horn and asked Wen Zhuo to put his hand on the surface. I told Wen Zhuo that when I put the copper coins in it, I would pardon the Dragon Horn. Then he and I would pour Taoist teachings into the Dragon Horn at the same time, so we could borrow the ghost power to Wen Zhuo or nod.
I took a deep breath and nodded to Wen Zhuo, hanging the copper coins in my hand in the dragon horn, holding the number and shouting the curse of hell at the top of the mountain.
In the vast feng du, Mount Kumgang’s spiritual treasure measures the light, and the cave shines on the inflammation pool, annoying nine deep and remote sins, and the soul and body follow the fragrant clouds, setting Hui Qinglian Peanut God Yong ‘an.
After the curse, I put the copper coin in the horn and cast it with one hand for nine days. On the other side, Wen Zhuo said that when it was noisy, you could cast a spell instantly. The whole image was changed. The heroic face was full of pride and confidence.
I was surprised to find that Wen Zhuoxiu didn’t want me when our two Taoist schools merged together. I could feel that he kept pouring the Dragon Horn Taoist school into me. It was almost the same as me for nine days. You know, I got two artifacts to have the current Taoist school. I was a little distracted for a while. I don’t know how Wen Zhuoxiu was old. How could he have such a profound Taoist school?
The Dragon Horn and Wen Zhuo’s Daoism instilled a dazzling golden light, and the copper coins in it hit me involuntarily to meditate on the aftermath. At the same time, Wen Zhuo collected the copper coins in the Dragon Horn and fell to the ground.
Everyone gathered around me and I looked up only to find that Wen Zhuo was surprised. He looked at me with grass roots in his mouth and still smiled.
"I didn’t realize you were so high. I was wrong about the boat that day."
If I smile, I don’t want to talk about serious things. Wen Zhuo is a new type, but he is so cute that he is not annoying wherever he goes. I look down at the divinatory symbols.
"Don’t look at it. It’s the wind and fire family’s divination that leaves the fire. The wind and fire make the hot air rise into the wind and the wind helps the fire to last forever." Gu Anqi has looked up and said with a sigh.