It’s Yan Bailou waiting for a person.

He believes Junze Jade is waiting for that person, too.
From the moment when the army of seven states and ten routes swallowed up the vast map of Dayan Empire, the imperial emperor had already noticed the sad loss of Dayan’s fate.
He knew someone was stealing the imperial fortune!
He also knows who those lucky people are!
But he didn’t stop it.
He is curious.
He wanted to see if the fish who killed the White House God escaped from the net really had the look of his father Luo Ling!
The pipa rises from the battle platform
In the dark side of the sky, something suddenly came like the wind.
That sound comes from thousands of miles away.
The sound of thunder is getting closer and closer.
The sound stings the eardrum, which makes 500,000 Julian Waghann real armor outside Bailou City all confused.
The sound turned into a cold light and flew away towards the magnificent city.
That’s an arrow!
From the magic arrow, a Ling Shuang arrow!
That arrow hit the magnificent high wall!
One brake, one breath of French-language-shaped frosty airflow climbed along the high wall of Dayan Imperial Capital and spread.
Is almost a blink of an eye Shi Hanbing knot full of the whole capital wall!
The wall of the imperial capital of Dayan Empire was frozen by this arrow!
After one arrow frosted, the second arrow followed! The second arrow is Wan Li sound.
Heaven and earth echoed with the sound of Luo Changfeng.
That sound is very rich.
Haunting several people’s minds is like waving a magic sound.
"I am Luoling Luochangfeng! Today, I am ordered by the 300 murders of Luomen to take the head of Yanbailou! Today, the first world war is about winning or losing, life and death, and the old grievances of the Yanshi family in Luohe are all forgotten! This battle can be learned! "
Zunhuang Yanbailou looks up to heaven.
There is a loud animal singing in heaven and earth.
A terrible gale swept through the snow.
Several eyes looked out and saw a nine-headed giant bird suddenly plucking the clouds and falling into everyone’s eyes.
The giant bird has seven figures.
Luochangfeng River is full of buildings, Anhong beans, Chongyang, Shen Tianxin, and the moon.
Chapter 19 Enemy city ()
The nine-headed giant bird took seven people down from the sky.
Wing back Luo Changfeng’s eyes full of murderous rage lock the dragon robe figure of the independent white building gate with negative hands.
At that moment, the long wind and the ladder clouds rose vertically
This leap is three hundred feet away from the sky.