Wang Xuan did not hesitate to reach out and sweep more than a dozen Luanjia with a wave of his hand.

These ostentatious things are numerous to him, but there are many dignitaries in heaven, and there are no buyers.
Not only that, this seemingly stable place even the columns are surrounded by three people Long Lin blood wood.
This kind of spiritual wood is used to build floating boats and other materials, and it is only after searching all over China that more than a dozen of them have been found to make large-scale gate ships.
And it was used as a stable beam.
When I heard that hades had searched for several resources from all the worlds, it was really true.
Of course, Wang Xuan won’t be polite to directly dismantle the pillars, and soon the stables will be crumbling.
Going …
The dusty Wang Xuan came out and immediately sat cross-legged in the hands of the mysterious arm …
Middle-earth Huangquanling
Seal nine ghost countries huge bronze doors at the moment, there are many spectres, and their heads meet with ferocious fangs.
With the piercing roar, more than a dozen spectres broke through the seal and roared out of the rolling black fog.
This seal was set by the Department of Censorship in Heaven, which is in line with the supervision of this world. The higher the Taoist practice, the greater the reaction.
If it is true fairy level through, I’m afraid it will immediately lead to LeiJie picket division.
Therefore, the spies sent by the nine ghost countries are all ghosts, and there are few who can pass through the seal.
There is a big military camp in the valley where the bronze seal gate is located. The Terran Godsworn is the best object to possess.
However, before these ghosts and spectres could act, a series of golden runes fell from the sky and beat them to ashes.
Xuanyuan hierarch withdrew his palm and frowned, "The nine ghost countries have even found something strange and tempted more and more frequently."
Dugu Nuo shook his head. "I’m worried that Marshal Wang hasn’t come out for half a month if he’s in trouble …"
Just then several fairy twist at the same time.
They can feel that Wang Xuan has returned.
Sure enough, Wang Xuan strode out of Rongjia, and before a few people asked, he sank, "Come and don’t elaborate on the speed of transporting these things to the Dihuang world."
Say a wave of his hand.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
More than a dozen gorgeous Luanjia flew out and smashed, and suddenly the glow lit up this gloomy canyon.
Dugu Nuo stare big eyes looking at canopy orb rain waterfall tinkling can’t help but love way "marshal be careful …"
Knock, knock, knock
It is continuous Long Lin blood wood falling and dusty.
Xuanyuan hierarch’s eyes lit up. "It will take another hundred years for the Dihuang world spiritual materials to be good. These are just right …"
Before they could ask, there was another loud noise and djinn’s huge arm fell.
Suddenly the canyon is windy.
Djinn in Jiuyou was originally an immortal zombie of the earth for thousands of years, and even the monster in Youdu had to transform himself, which was precious.
A corpse can be turned into a forbidden area, and even with half an arm left, it keeps sending out strange fluctuations.
Ah! Ah!
Accompanied by a series of piercing screams, a few spectres that just broke the seal were affected, and the black fog was absorbed by djinn’s arm
Xuanyuan hierarch and others saw the eyebrows jump straight.
They have never heard of this terrible thing. If it is not sealed, it will cause a lot of disaster!
"Wang Yuanshuai this is …"
As soon as earthworm asked, he saw that Wang Xuan hurriedly turned back to the account and soon the interest became dim.
Several people looked at each other.
"Boy, is Marshal robbing the underworld?"
XuanYuan hierarch fondle must way "then say shilling sent fleet over there to see marshal that even there are many".
"Remember to take the biggest boat!"
He guessed right.
Less than three sticks of incense, Wang Xuan appeared again. It’s also not too much nonsense. The Millennium cold jade carved moire huabiao, covered with lingshi, and piled up into mountains and trees … one by one.
Xuanyuan hierarch and others have been completely numb.
The fleet sent by the Dihuang world to patrol the sky has returned to Wang Xuan, but it has been back and forth several times to pile up less than half of the valley.
This Huangquanling Mountain has long been a fierce place because of its topography and law formation, but so many spiritual objects gathered together and suddenly flashes of light lit up the whole valley, and there was also a white fog on the ground …
Finally, Wang Xuan returned to the account for a long time without coming out.
A few people are relieved that even the most unruly Du Nuo’s eyes have a trace of worry. "These things are valuable, and the owner’s identity must be serious, even if it will be a bitter enemy."