Tianxu Qingtianhai Temple airship suddenly exploded into three huge clouds.

Flowers bloom and fall on the platform one after another
Friar Qi Qi Yang of Yue Xian’s bursts of fighting boats shouted "Welcome heroes to welcome Taoist friends back victorious …"
Shouted like a tsunami, the disc monks woke up in order.
The monks’ faces instantly showed a very excited expression.
I came back after more than ten years. I finally came back alive from the dangerous, difficult and abnormal burial day market.
Even if they are ranked as real people, then they are still swaying on the stage.
The eyes of several female practitioners in the Ice and Snow Shrine were filled with glittering and translucent tears, and they squatted down to cry.
Zhu Pang hands rested on her hips and laughed. "I’m Pang Ye back …"
Wen-min Zhang and lu shan are safe. Take a deep breath and then take a deep breath.
However, an unknown person in the mirror on the hillside of Lu said with great interest, "It’s a lot of ostentation and extravagance, and a lot of women practice quack quack quack. This time, Hao Anyi finally found a more normal world …"
Salute flowers
I didn’t hesitate to cheer for a full cup of tea.
The ranking elixirs forgot to thank them, but they stood on the list and received a tsunami welcome from the monks. At this moment, no monks recognized their rudeness.
Even the big monks in mainland China, the monks in Tiangong Xianban, and the Sirius in Tiangong bowed to them.
They are qualified to come back from the burial day market.
Finally, the single hall master raised his hands and the monks stopped cheering. The single hall master said to the monks on the platform, "Dear Taoist friends, thank you for your hard work. Welcome back. There is a qualifying elixir coming out soon. Please let’s welcome it together."
The monks of Dengtiantai looked at Dengtianbang in order and saw those glittering names on Dengtianbang.
Corleone’s name is high, so that they can shake it in their hearts.
Is gold finally unable to hide its eyes? Did Hua Sunhao and Sun Chenxiang finally win the first place in the ranking?
Think about all the way. At this moment, the ranking elixirs suddenly feel that this is both unexpected and reasonable.
That handsome and elegant teenager showed his great strength a little bit like a bottomless ocean. In the end, even Zhao Zhumo, the elder brother of Tiangong, won the first place, but he deserved it.
However, when I saw that I was on the list, I was more surprised and guessed that Sun Hao, Sun Chen Xiang and those abilities that I had never seen before. At the same time, some dim names made the ranking then people feel sad.
Many monks have fallen
Ice Raner and other ice and snow holy maids are even more charming and pale. Tears in their eyes are dazzling and they cry out sadly. Ice Wa, a "second teacher elder sister", is buried in the ruins of heaven.
Zhang Wenmin and Zhu Pang looked at each other with strange feelings in their hearts.
What are the things when the soul has not returned and Sun Hao has actually lived well?
Lu shan looked up at Sun Hao’s heart and thought, "Have you reached such a height now? I The Hunger body is still far behind your pace? Living with you for an era is my sadness in lu shan, but it is also my pleasure in lu shan … "
The monks noticed that the second medium-height frustum of a cone lit up in the light.
Deng Tianbang Zhu Ling, Wang Yuan, Ming Sanjiu and several other monks who stayed behind to destroy the temple, as well as Yi Lu Deng, Xue Rusui and other two monks who were trapped in the last place flashed in unison.
A white door with a golden border began to form a frustum.
I didn’t wait for the friar to come out
The wild dog didn’t cross the light gate and didn’t adapt to it. When he came out, he shouted, "Woof woof woof, I’m grazing, and the sisters of the Sea Temple are grazing …"
It does remember that Zhu Ling is the younger brother of the Sea Temple and is obsessed with the sisters of the Sea Temple.
Zhu Pang couldn’t help covering his forehead and "oh" in his mouth.
This local dog is really a slut
Chapter DiYiErLiu Hero returns 2
Before the dog was too arrogant, Zhu Ling came out of the light door. She was very skilled and twisted her ear with one hand. She smiled brightly. "You are naughty again …"
Edge grazing face filar silk long-lost excitement light mouth is quickly said, "master British SHEN WOO master really want to die while grazing".
The monks finally understand that this wonderful dog is a new pet of Suzaku, a warrior in the Sea Temple.
But none of the monks at the scene recognized whether the dog was a breed or not.
There is an ordinary war boat, and a slightly fat monk named Feng Xiaoyao muttered, "Doing this dog is just like my wife’s dog …"
Zhu Ling is twisting the ear of the border shepherd to express her yearning. In the light door, she is wrapped like a dumpling, and the light comes out. I can’t understand how to get rid of her own bondage. The light has been raised and said, "Suzaku, you abused dogs again. How many times have I told you to be patient with dogs …"
Before Zhu Ling could speak, she barked, "You just like dogs to bite and mind their own business. My mother can’t care about me. I told you to care?"
I don’t know. It’s natural for a border shepherd to talk about his mother, but when he thinks about it seriously, he finds that he has no impression, as if he were born with orphans.
It is a long sigh from the loneliness and decay of the burial day market.
Wang Yuanming Sanjiu Xue Rucui and other monks have slowly come out at this time.
Then everyone can’t help but look at the list.
Like the first monks, they couldn’t help but feel at ease after seeing the name on the list.
Different from the first batch of monks, they were not surprised that Sun Hao could rank first because they saw agarwood at the end.
Sun Hao’s comprehensive strength ranks first, even for granted.
On the contrary, they were surprised that agarwood failed to open the gap with the big brother Zhao Zhumo, but that’s normal. After all, it may be there at the height of Sun Hao and Zhao Zhumo.
The fall of Li Min made Wang Yuan and Zhu Ling look at each other, and at the same time they had a burst of thoughts about Li Min.
Finally, I don’t know what I experienced.
It’s not easy to see the lights and the snowy state of Yilu, but Sun Hao kept them safe and sound.
After the second disc monk department came out, Ming Sanjiu Yang said, "The gun rang six times and Yue Xian began to play …"
Then the ghost March 9th took the lead in bowing slightly to the second monk on the Dengtianbang.
Six fireworks, shaped like a dragon Pluto boat, burst into the sky and exploded flowers. With Yue Xian, they floated down to Zhu Ling and other places.
The flags are flying, the boats are flying, and the voice of the airship monks is ringing like a tsunami again. "Welcome the hero to return victorious; Welcome the hero to return victorious … "
And the first frustum of a cone monks also leaned down and cheered together with the monks.
Compared with the first frustum of a cone, the friar of the second frustum of a cone has higher integral and better state, especially Zhu Ling, who may be careless and used to it, or a younger brother who is ill and has a good heart. Facing the mainland friar Jianli, he said with a bright smile, "You are welcome to giggle and share the same happiness …"
Wang Yuan, who followed her, also took a deep breath. Lang said, "Happy with you …"
Zhu Pang put his hand on his forehead.
Wen-min zhang asked strangely, "What are you? Very normal! "
Zhu Pang grinned. "A normal hammer. Don’t you think that two hairs are taking advantage of my sister?"
Wen-min zhang calmly and seriously said, "Xiao Pang, I think you are worried that your sister can’t get married and think too much. It’s okay to rest assured that there are many monks chasing your sister …"
Jupang …
Lu shan looked at a serious Wen-min Zhang and looked at the extreme language on his forehead. Zhu Pang looked at the second frustum of a cone. Zhu Ling and Wang Yuan couldn’t help but feel envious. Are these all agarwood friends?
Maybe they are about to become continental wonders, but now they still maintain their individuality.
If it’s possible, I can be a member of lu shan, but it’s hard to be possible if the Tao and the Devil are at odds.
After the second frustum of a cone is settled.
The frustum of a cone began to change again.