Sun Hu and others smell speech back to Toona and look at Lv Dongbin.

The ox demon venerable man caressed his head and asked, "Just let him go?"
Niu Bo slapped this half of the family and slapped him with a stumble. "Do you still want to kill him if you don’t let him go?"
You know, he’s a younger brother.
Don’t say if you can kill him.
If you don’t have a young master’s order, if you really kill him, aren’t you afraid that the young master will keep you in mind? "
Pangolin heard the word "little Lord" and couldn’t help but burst into jealousy, but it was forced by him. "Don’t say so much."
Lv Dongbin was possessed by the young master. We need to follow the orders of the leader and watch him become possessed step by step.
Then let his leader deal with immortals.
Don’t do more things for him. "
Sun Hu still remembers that pangolin was the first to escape without saying a word when he besieged the long room, and he snorted "Don’t talk."
Then look at Toon Road, "What shall we do when Toon Manager takes over?"
His demons also looked at Toon and waited for her order.
This scene makes pangolin jealous and crazy, but he can resist it
Toona gave him a look and smiled at the demon saying, "Pangolin says it’s good, so we just wait for Lv Dongbin to come to us."
"Yes!" The demons should disappear.
After Lv Dongbin refused the invitation of Toona, he thought that he had to find a helper to rescue Bai Mudan from Han Zhongli by himself.
So he came to Songshan to find Lingqing and Xiangu.
In addition to preaching to Han Xiang, both of them practice here on weekdays.
After he said it again, he looked at Lingqing Road. "It is clear that you are my brother and Bai Mudan is your sister-in-law in the future."
Now that someone else has taken your sister-in-law, you won’t help me? "
Lingqing listened to Lv Dongbin’s words and took a look at Xiangu. "Third brother, now Han Zhong is away from them, too. Hello, why don’t you just let Bai Mudan practice and spend the magic bullet?"
Lv Dongbin looked at him with a change of face when he heard the news. "At the beginning, you said that you wanted me to experience love. Why did you change your mind now?"
Lingqing sighed, "Yes, love is love."
After getting along for a long time, I became a Taoist couple like Fairy Mother and I.
Now that you have realized this kind of love that you can’t ask for, don’t you want to give up when you know the pain?
You should know that love is not a department. "
Lv Dongbin sneer at a "when you get along with nun 1, I didn’t stop you at all and told others to trust you.
Now when it’s my turn, you’re pushing things around here. Is it still my brother? "
Lingqing urged, "Three elder brothers, the two of us are different."
Besides, Han Zhongli is, after all, your master, and it’s also hello for him to do so. "
"Stop it!" Lv Dongbin interrupted Lingqing words with a wave of his hand, pointing to the two ways. "You actually joined forces to calculate me."
You wait for hope and don’t regret it! "
Say a look at the nun 1 and leave angrily.
Then Han Xiang came in and saw Lingqing somewhat surprised. "Didn’t I just see you leave in a hurry?" How to return here? "
Sister-in-law laughed. "That’s not Daoqing, but your past good brother Lv Dongbin."
Han Xiangyi asked with joy, "So he is Lv Dongbin. Why did he leave in such a hurry?"
Fairy fairy told the story again.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Friends are polite
Han Xiangxin couldn’t bear to say, "Are we so kind to him?
He’s not really obsessed with it, is he? "
Lingqing laughed. "Even if he is really possessed, I also have a solution."
I have experienced this emotional robbery and it is not a harvest. "
Fairy asked curiously, "Oh? Why don’t I know what you have gained? "
Ling Qing made a careless eye and laughed. "The cat can’t be leaked!"
Then he woke up to her. "It seems that the third brother has hit you with his idea. You should be careful."
I think what he means is that he wants pangolin to deal with you.
Just as you also take this opportunity to resolve the delusions in your heart and spend the doom. "
"good!" Sister-in-law replied, "I saved it."
But before that, please help me to complete the lotus calyx sacrifice. "
And she held out a lotus flower of light.
At this time, the lotus has changed its appearance, and the petals of the original pure white lotus have been added with a touch of pink.
There are also green lotus stems and lotus leaves, and there is also a cluster of golden lotus cores.
At this time, in addition to the lotus core and this inconsistency, it has almost integrated with the body and breath.
Seeing this, Lingqing meditated on the statue of Xuan Nv for nine days, while Xiangu recited the mantra of Gankun.
"Day tour to swim fierce governors …"
As she read, another lotus core gradually came into being to fill the gap.
When she read aloud, "Xuan Nv, the great god of war in the East, was in a hurry for nine days!"
A sense of luck, self-defense and life-saving is full of lotus calyx and fairy maiden.
Light can turn people’s anger into peace, and it can also strengthen people’s minds and make them invincible.
Han Xianggong congratulated "Congratulations on the success of Xiangu Avenue"
This lotus flower is not only a magic weapon, but also the embodiment of Xiangu Taoism.
So Han Xiang congratulated her on her success.
Sister Xian slowly opened her eyes, thanked Han Xiang and looked at Lingqing cheerfully.