Small Guangxi spit out a mouthful of blood, which one do you want? "Beauty has two guns pointing at you." Until now, I didn’t notice that this beautiful woman was riding on the lower abdomen of Guangxi ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Together, we made the female pilot put on her pants in Guangxi and kicked her hard, calling "Dare to sneak up on me when I have diarrhea?" I think you are tired of living! Aren’t you good at playing? Come one-on-one hit again if you have something! "
I said, "Come on, pick up your gun and let’s leave. If we don’t leave, there’s no guarantee that the joint search and rescue team will not come."
Small Guangxi recovered the rifle horse and was happy again. "Hey, hey, this time it’s good. The old man made a second-class merit!"
Shandong said, "Not bad, diarrhea can also pull out a second-class merit, and I will diarrhea another day."
I said, "Go home well, Genie Chen."
Xiao Lei emerged "and told Li Jie about his heroic deeds"
Small Guangxi almost cried, "Brothers, don’t!"
After handing over the prisoners of war to the Belan Defence Forces by chance, the four of us rushed to the downtown park without stopping.
Now thousands of people have been killed here, and the green belt has been turned into a potholed lawn on the surface of the moon. Several European-style light tanks are burning around, which shows that the fighting is cruel. A battalion of Belan Defence Force has been destroyed. Fortunately, it is lying behind the bunker, resting and shooting, and the bodies are everywhere, because they know that they will become a member sooner or later. There is no need for this effort. They are fighting against the Coalition forces. The soldiers showed a very high tactical accomplishment, and the formation was loose, not to mention they reacted very quickly one by one. Ten grenades with a delay of five seconds were thrown in the past, and at least nine of them would be picked up and thrown back by them. However, they still threw away fifty bodies, which is called heavy casualties according to the standards of western countries. Now the Defence Forces have repelled the enemy’s six attacks, and the whole battalion has a few days left to know whether it can survive the seventh wave of offensive. When they saw our arrival, they actually gave a cheer. Probably, less is better than more digital infantry. They have been deified in their minds. There is hope
I learned from the battalion headquarters that the situation is more serious than we thought. The park is a train barrier and the train is a strategic point. Therefore, the park must stick to its position. The problem is that they are almost unable to hold their heads, and it is too late to deploy new troops to support them. The most troublesome thing is that the experienced artillery has almost died, and the artillery support will be reimbursed. Where can the infantry support the enemy’s seventh attack? Since they almost reimbursed us for the artillery, I was furious and decided to make up for the knowledge of the temporary guest artillery while there was still a little time. I took Xiao Guangxi to the artillery position. Oh, it was terrible here. Three 15 mm self-propelled artillery pieces were burning, and it was faintly visible that every gun was burnt with brown plasma. It was really tragic, but that was not the reason why they almost killed us.
I asked the gunner company commander to call up the gunners and explain to them in plain language as much as possible what is the aim shooting, what is the secret position and what is the latitude and longitude line, how to adjust the elements and how to calculate the coordinates ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. I have completely given up on this group of artillery, but I still don’t give up. I took out my drawing pen and quickly drew a pile of circles on the park map, throwing it to the company commander and dragging me away.
Back to our position, grandma’s toilet was collapsed by shells, and Xiao Lei disappeared again. Shandong was giving a high-level two-heavy machine gun a bullet chain shell and it exploded behind him. He didn’t even look at it. It was really cold.
The shelling of the static coalition forces came very violently and accurately. From the constant screams, we can tell how heavy the casualties of the IDF were. We had to be very careful to hide so as not to attract deadly shells. The battery of the IDF artillery may be ashamed that its skills were not as good as those of others, and it was hard to get back until the shelling was over. The enemy troops advanced to a hundred meters away! The enemy still takes a fancy to our position. There are more than one reinforced platoon and two armored vehicles. Machine guns and artillery shells are as dense as fireflies. In front of us, pieces of churning mud waves are blown up, and the heat wave is pressing mom’s firepower is really fierce!
Shandong quasi-static shooting 127mm caliber heavy machine gun bullets with three rounds per second, the speed is pitifully slow, but it is extremely accurate. Two allied soldiers broke their bulletproof vests and tore their developed chest muscles. They smashed their dirty chests into the back chest and brought out a bloody fog. They fell to the ground without humming. Small Guangxi and I also shot to attract fire for Shandong while changing positions. Otherwise, he, the machine gunner, is definitely the first target to be killed by the other side, but we can’t be careful. The enemy behind the armored vehicle is so desperate that I can risk my life to open a platform and call for artillery support.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the shells to fly over, but they just hit us. I was so angry that I swore a grenade from the small Guangxi, which didn’t pose a substantial threat to the front of the armored vehicle, but instead attracted me and a long string of shells, this bastard! He called "Boss, you have a problem doing this!"
I asked, "What’s the problem? Haven’t we always done this? "
He said, "You don’t want to think about how scary their illiteracy rate is. It is a miracle that they can understand what you talk to them about! Let me do it! " Grabbed the com blunt Bein language shout loudly "dear 16 circle to the dead for me! ! !”
A minute after the miracle happened, six shells flew over our heads, which was not accurate. A cluster of gorgeous fireballs exploded around the Coalition forces. Two Coalition soldiers fell to the ground and wailed. Did that help his gang eat some exotic flowers and plants? I was so surprised that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. A little dog in Guangxi was barking like a bird. "Well done! Or this circle continues to boom! "
Another row of shells fell on a broken bulletproof vest and was exploded. air billow held more than 20 meters high. In the smoke and fire of the allied forces, the brotherhood of the Wolf screamed … I was depressed and glanced at the guy who kept reporting the number of circles. It was strange that there were so many this year every year!
Chapter sixty-two Fight to the death (9)
Violet military base
Major General Smith looked at the pictures sent back by the satellite and shook his head again and again. It seems that the level of this war is really flattering. Except for the stunning appearance of Su -27, there are not many bright spots. The European Coalition forces are extremely clumsy. Except for the fact that 10,000 elite soldiers were dragged and consumed quickly in the brutal street fighting, the circuitous troops on the outer wings have also been ambushed by Belan people. What kind of V-shaped offensive did the Coalition forces want to play? The Second Infantry Division of the Belan Defence Force gave Belan Mawei. Unexpectedly, Belan backhand took a V-shaped offensive against Belan. At present, the 29th British armored brigade and the 3rd Gallic Cock Infantry Division have landed to rescue the 7th armored division and the Spanish Foreign Legion, but the situation has not improved with the joining of these two armies-four divisions of Belan Defence Force immediately joined the battlefield and more than 100,000 troops were killed on both sides of the canal. Major General, it seems that the Europeans are doing badly, but the Belan people are not much better. You are the weak side, but with limited tactics and quantity, some advanced equipment have temporarily occupied the wind. But is it enough for one country to compete with the whole of Europe? What will you do when these elite divisions are all gone? At present, Belan’s best choice is to give up the coastal areas to lure the enemy deep, as their teacher once did, in exchange for guerrilla warfare, which slowly consumes a huge amount of European legions, leaving them in a swamp of chronic blood loss. If they insist on retreating for four or five years, the European legions will have to be exhausted, but the Belan people have not done so. They chose a head-on hard collision, which will make the European legions suffer heavy losses, but their casualties will be even greater! Major General thus asserted that Nimra’s political life would not exceed one month.
Major-General is an out-and-out war maniac. After the outbreak of the Belan War, the whole person entered a state of high excitement. He couldn’t wait for the horses to fight. He has ordered the 1st Mountain Division to enter a state of readiness, and now the African Command is constantly deploying troops from other military bases in Africa. The whole huge military base is full, and there are more than 70 fighters alone. In addition, the battle group of the aircraft carrier Truman, which is wandering in the Gulf of Aden, has turned around and killed another important port in Belan, the Arab hero. Recovering the holy city of Jerusalem from the Crusaders, the God of War Saladin was named after Saladin Port. Since the Arab countries gave strong support to the construction of this port city, such a name can be regarded as reciprocated. Since the end of World War II, there has not been such a large-scale fierce battle. It is a golden opportunity. Of course, the militant double-headed eagle will not let them go. It needs a perfect victory to wash away the humiliation of the South China Sea fiasco. What’s more, you Soviets have sent troops silently. Do you still want me to stand by? The African Command has been running at a high speed, and when Washington gives the order, the army will have as many as 70 thousand people and 1,200 tanks, which is a very strong land.
In addition to China and polar bears, it is hard to imagine who dares to shake them head-on
The European Legion can’t do it. They are stupid. As early as 30 years ago, the world famous Marshal Peng Dehuai said that the era of western countries occupying a country with a few cannons on the eastern coastline is gone forever. Do they think this theory is not suitable for Africa? All right, you can fight the Belan people in the coastal areas. When you’re all exhausted, I’ll cross a thousand miles of desert and attack the Huaxia Peninsula to get to the mysterious energy exploitation base! Of course, Belan people are still too strong, and there are still too many troops in the northwest. We have to find a way to weaken them, otherwise the troops entering Belan ground will probably suffer huge losses. This is accepted by the people’s law. Fortunately, the short-sighted Argentines have sent their annoying volunteer aviation brigade back to China, which means that they don’t have to face the whole squadron, which is a headache. The pressure is greatly reduced. It is urgent to destroy the European Legion first. Of course, we know this truth. The problem is that they are too weak to carry out close support. It is really unrealistic to ask them to attack hundreds of kilometers of
The intelligence squadron handed in a report, and they had already delineated the position of the general staff of the Belan Defence Force. Belan people really hated playing the war to be true or false. Of course, one of the dozen headquarters was true when they came up with more than a dozen headquarters. The problem was that their signals were almost identical, and it was difficult for the intelligence squadron to find out the target one by one-an ordnance factory on the outskirts of Belgrade.
The road is cunning
Washington has given the order to crack down on Nimra’s government, and there is nothing to hesitate. Major General gave a chilling smile and made "King of Hearts attack and dig up the cancer!"
Three f-117 bombers carrying new-type earth-penetrating bombs went into the night one after another, flew around Auckland, which was already dead of night, and then flew straight for Belan. They didn’t know that an attractive oriental beauty on their wings was watching them go away through binoculars until they disappeared in the night. They turned to their assistants and said, "The sudden signal sent that the big star is ready to go out."
The burst signal is comparable to the speed of light, and it is so short that it disappears in less than a second. For example, Citigroup can’t do anything about it. Even if it is monitored, it will be interpreted as clutter. What’s even more hateful is that every word is a five-stroke attack. Unless they can get a radical table back after 30 years, even if it is intercepted, it will be deciphered by this method. It is because the Chinese army did not worry that the newspaper will be deciphered in the Annan War, which took advantage of it.
F-117 looks like bloodthirsty
So far, the ghost has passed by in the west of Belan, but it is still the same. No one has found that their repeated success has made the crew more and more courageous. Dalian’s route and flight altitude are too lazy to change. Anyway, no one can find that they have done so much purely wave expression. Belan’s defense system has been bombed, and many places have been filled with radar during World War II. For this kind of radar, f-117 is not even interested in throwing a bomb. Even the second-generation level fighter can’t cope with the worse stealth fighter? Besides, these antiques are generally not willing to turn on their own initiative for fear of being hit by anti-radiation missiles. It really takes a little effort to dig them out. I’m afraid one of these radars is not as valuable as the fuel consumed in the process of bombing them. It’s not worthwhile. Now these radars are turned on, but these three nighthawks have more important goals to blow up. They are arrogant and pie-mouthed.
They are destined to plant a big somersault in front of these old scum radars-at this time, the strange shape of the radar screen f-117 has revealed that the old radar has the advantages of the old radar. They are not as accurate and highly automated as the modern radar. However, during World War II, they even found that the f-117 escaped from their eyelids. It is a dream that they are so bad that there is no way to prevent the missile from being accurately guided.
It’s not that they can stare blankly. They found these three ghost burst signals, and each radar handed them to the General Staff Department, and then a wave flew to the far east. It took more than an hour for the stealth fighter to reach Belgrade, and they had enough time to prepare.
The f-117 made a small move across the street, knowing that they swaggered towards their own targets. Tonight, it was really suitable for attacking Biru Washing Wan Liyun. A round of full moon hanging laser-guided bombs in the sky can exert their power to the limit. The dropping error of 10,000 meters high will not exceed 20 centimeters, which is ideal. The three black bats flashed in the breeze in the moon, and fireworks filled the face of Berg. This is their outstanding performance. The terrorist flanker and the Chinese fighter -12 have been rushed to San Diego Port to fight with the Coalition forces, leaving some fighters. They can rest assured that there is nothing to threaten them, which makes the proud eagles feel a little lost. Old Mao should leave one or two Su-27s for them after the bombing, and then go back to clean up the Su-27s. It’s a pity that none of them can miss Yang. There are more than a dozen J-7s at Harding Army Base, but bats can’t see the broken planes and they are not as valuable as our missiles!
Ding! A green light means that they have found the target. It is a look.
If you go to a one-man factory, you will know what is in the factory. You know and I know. The captain ordered three fighters to file and open the magazine-
At this moment, an invisible green light came from outside Wan Li and hovered in the middle, 600 kilometers above their heads. On the one hand, a Chinese meteorological satellite launched a huge mirror, and the light refracted slowly from the tail of the last f-117. In the splash of the original slurry, the tail of the plane was torn off and the violent airflow rushed into the cabin to form a human force method to counter the suction. When the pilot came, he screamed and was sucked out by this invisible vortex. He screamed and danced and fell to the ground. The other two companions were surprised and quickly changed their routes to avoid imaginary anti-missile or rushed to the fighter from behind.
It’s late
Another green light came from the wing of the second fighter plane, which was slammed into two pieces and planted to the ground. The pilot didn’t even have a chance to skydive. The last one was desperate to reduce its altitude. It flew so low that even the anti-aircraft gun could shoot it down, but such a low altitude also made the terrible killer outside Wan Li unable to detect the target and stopped shooting. But there was a beast waiting for it on the ground! In the navigation lighthouse of Harding Army Base, a green light as thin as silk shot out and the last f-117 suddenly turned into a fireball!
Chapter sixty-four A blustery (a)
The secret secretary of the United Nations looked at the document in his hand and rubbed his temples.
Everyone can’t grow up! I don’t know what will happen in the future when the past is bad, but I don’t know what will happen in the future. Anyway, so many things have happened to him. I really don’t understand how my luck is so bad!
The world is really chaotic. How many things have happened in just ten years? The Khmer Rouge Massacre, Annan’s invasion of the Khmer Rouge, China’s Mata River, the Iran-Iraq War, Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, the Soviet Union’s flash attack on Afghanistan, the Belan War, and the European Coalition’s invasion of Belan have not been so peaceful … Now South America is also getting more and more peaceful, and the issue of the ownership of the Jaguar Falkland Islands is becoming more and more inclined to force. The situation in Indra and Batian is not worrying. If one day suddenly there is no chaos and no war in black Africa, that will be big news! Now that the earth family has become a powder keg, it may explode at any time. He, a parent, is busy fighting fires and cooling down, and his legs are broken, which has no effect.
The most worrying thing is the Belan War. Since the outbreak of the Osay hostage incident, the secret commander has been holding on to a sense of foreboding, which makes him restless. There is always a feeling that there is going to be chaos. This feeling was confirmed tonight. The European Legion really went to war against Belan, a country that just came out of the war, and Belan was extremely stubborn and refused to make any compromise under the pressure of the European army. It is still easy and happy for the European Legion to deal with a big and poor country. The problem is that there is a so-called three killers behind this country. That’s another matter. The two sides suffered heavy losses. The most worrying thing for the secret commander is that the polar bear and the double-headed eagle are unwilling to be lonely. First, the polar bear jumped out with a lot of weapons and equipment to Belan, and then the double-headed eagle fought against Belan. After so many years, it’s finally coming true. Belan unfortunately became their battlefield! It is precisely because of the participation of the two groups that the Belan issue is more complicated and more difficult. I don’t know how to deal with it.
It seems that Belan is the most urgent problem among so many problems, such as the Middle East and Afghanistan. No matter how to play, Belan is different in some areas. It is the largest country in Africa with a vast territory and rich resources. Every developed country has great interests here. President Nimra has taken various measures to protect Belan’s interests to the maximum extent, but he has also offended the world. It is only a matter of time before the Soviet Union and Citigroup intervene. It is also expected that Belan will be so lively in China. If these two goods don’t get involved, it will be a real ghost. Now China and his little brothers Belan are playing impressively. It’s a headache that NATO and Warsaw Pact are used to fighting each other, but China seems to have given up the principle of non-alignment and non-hegemony, and pulled up a group of little brothers to be the boss themselves, and let them go if they don’t like it! All right, five hooligans
It’s hard for the Ministry to get involved in Belan’s problem. Alas, I’m really unlucky as a secret secretary!
The assistant brought news that couldn’t be worse. Citigroup’s African fleet Saladin Port was attacked by Belan missiles. A frigate and a guided missile destroyer were sunk and a cruiser was hit hard! The secret commander unconsciously took a gasp, and the Belan people really brought the seeds. Instead of bending, they took the initiative to attack and gave the double-headed eagle a blow! It is conceivable that the double-headed eagle must have gone on the rampage at this time, and the difficulty of mediation will be further increased!
Is this so good?
The secret is as big as a bucket.
He is still as big as a bucket. Duke Charles is much more serious and has a splitting headache, while the hateful guy opposite the duke is whistling and batting practice. The duke must try his best to restrain himself from letting his fist swing at that hateful face. In Shao Jianhui’s words, he has endured and endured.
I can’t help it. After the war broke out, everything was unexpected. Belan didn’t wake up to noble Europe as they hoped. On the contrary, he launched a desperate blow to the European legion like a wounded lion, not to mention those bad karma infantry. Even the powerful European fleet was hit hard by two damn diving missile boats that added up to less than 1,000 tons, causing hundreds of casualties! The landing troops suffered heavy casualties. The number of casualties in the bloody battle of the glorious 7th Armored Division alone was as high as 100. This figure is too scary. How long did the naval aviation crew perform disappointingly? Sixteen fighters were shot down just after the start of the war. According to this, it can be estimated that their aircraft carrier will become a swinging footbath in five days. Of course, if these aircraft stay on the flight deck, it is another matter.
Except for Germans and Chinese, no country has ever caused such a headache to the British Empire. The long number of casualties has made the allied forces feel that they can’t fight. They can’t afford to die. It seems that it is impossible to solve the Belan problem quickly, and even the Soviets are involved! Forget it, Mao, I can’t be taunted. Anyway, the boss is involved, so let you two die. I’m here to make soy sauce. What the British Empire needs to do now is to come up with its own best balance strategy to make this war go in its own direction without paying too much. Get the biggest share of the war dividend and fight hard to the end. There are barbarians to do things, but gentlemen can’t do that.
It is very important to divide and disintegrate the enemy camp, so he chose China. It seems that China’s support is important to Belan. Once this ally betrays the alliance and goes to Nimra, the horse will collapse! The British empire has the money to dig the wall, that is, the technical exchanges between the two sides and the huge investment of Britain and China, which are for China.
They are all very important. Of course, there is the Hong Kong issue. Well, don’t talk about it. Otherwise, anti-China countries will be stubborn and will not risk the interruption of technical exchanges and the withdrawal of a large number of foreign capital. Why don’t Belan fight them? Is it more important to be friends or your family? The duke has done enough work, and he can always convince the stubborn panda. Not everyone can resist the diplomat’s words.
The problem is ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… I almost got the duke’s nose twisted. The duke decided to get rid of the foreplay and go straight to the topic. It was a fragment of their conversation that he finished his speech early and left early.
Duke, the technical exchanges in your country and China are mutually beneficial, and we are willing to maintain such exchanges … But with the outbreak of the Belan War, your nationals are becoming more and more unfriendly to Chinese students, investors and tourists. If this development continues, the consequences will be worrying. We will have to stop all exchanges and evacuate all investors and expatriates!
Shao Jianhui’s eyes shine and he withdraws from the diaspora? It’s okay for us to evacuate overseas Chinese ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
….. (The duke rolled his eyes for a full minute)
Duke, in this way, the technical exchanges between the two countries have been completely broken, which we deeply regret.
Shao Jianhui is careless. It’s okay. Now Belan is playing so fiercely. The participating countries have brought out their most advanced guys. We want Belan to give us the captured war profits. It’s not difficult to get some high and new technologies. This is the best exchange.