Tens of thousands of wild beasts came crashing in, one paw waved the sole of the foot and trampled on the whole family of God of Destruction. Countless landslides and broken rivers were cut off.
Several monks fled in panic and were driven to pieces by a wild animal. Blood flew and screamed.
It’s like falling into a shura hell.
A group of monsters look at the heart and are excited. The light in their eyes jumps and they can’t wait to rush directly.
However, at this moment in the distance, a group of body-shaped demons roared quickly, and the dark clouds surged with a terrible and unpredictable breath. The thick magic light directly bombarded the group of wild animals.
The sky is shaking!
There are four or five wild beasts flying directly from one side to the other, and their huge bodies smash into pieces, giving off a rumbling sound, and the sky breaks and the moon breaks.
"People manipulate wild animals and I destroy my family!"
A roar loud, this area echoed, and it set off all the ripples.
The group of wild animals roared in the sky, and their eyes were ferocious. They all gathered here, and they were full of bloody breath. A huge claw waved and bombarded the group of strong people who came to destroy the family.
"looking for a dead knot!"
First, the population roared
Boom! ? These more than ten strong men hit a powerful magic weapon, magic light and dark clouds rolled rapidly, and the formation became a huge array, which boomed and rotated, and a black vortex whined and swallowed everything.
However, faced with the impact of tens of thousands of wild animals, this black vortex root was difficult to support, and it was quickly shattered by the impact, and the magic gas roared across the world.
"Ah …"
Bellow to this group of strong people were shocked and flew out, bloodied and instantly torn apart by a wild beast.
First, the man’s eyes are full of tears and his mouth is full of laughter.
In a group of wild animals, he hurtled around, the magic light rolled, and all kinds of horrible killing techniques emerged endlessly. In the end, the magic light flashed the second magic blood form, and the mysterious runes flew out of the sky and roared towards the wild animals.
However, there are too many wild beasts in this group, and it is like a flood of black steel. After he killed more than a dozen heads, the wild beasts directly impacted.
I don’t know how many wild animals roared past and chased after him when the bones of the strong family who destroyed the family were smashed upside down.
Horrified, he hurriedly cast his peerless posture and fled to the distance.
Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed and the solution was instantly cast, while a strange force swept out and whispered "come back!"
The strong destroyer of God’s family screamed in horror and suddenly lost control and flew towards the rear.
A group of wild beasts roared and rushed to a huge claw for a moment, directly smashing him into a paste.
The whole family of Devastators has fallen into a great disaster!
Wild animals raged and the mountains collapsed and countless monks were slaughtered.
Watching people stop this group of wild animals from rushing into the depths of the family of God of Destruction, but at this moment, several strands of horror broke out in the depths of the family of God of Destruction.
One after another, the sky is soaring, and the earth-shattering is stronger than the previous one.
They are all masters of ancestral realm! ? Thick breath broke out for more than nine.
"Nine ancestors in the strong destroy god? Has the god of destruction come out? "
Xiao Yu’s eye pupil shrinks, and Heaven’s eye silently watches all this.
"Boss, shall we rush over?"
A congenital creature asked.
They’re just looking at this reality here, and they can’t wait to sweep it out and swallow everything.
"Don’t act rashly and destroy God. Don’t be found here by him."
Xiao Yuchen way
Nine powerful smells rose into the sky, and the magic light roared together, making most of the day directly black, if it were night.
"Make me destroy my family and die!"
Shirley drinks and vibrates. Heaven and earth are dead.
Nine powerful figures directly killed out and went to the group of wild animals to suppress, and the powerful treasures blossomed out to the best of their magic, and more than ten wild animals were smashed and broken by a cliff.
This group of wild beasts roared even crazier, and their blood gas rolled towards the nine strong men.
The earth was turned upside down and the magic gas covered it. The number of peaks collapsed like the end of the world.
The number of these wild beasts is too large, even if the nine masters of the ancestral realm come together, it is difficult to sweep them all out in a short time, and the earth-shattering sound keeps giving off the sky and the moon.
Powerful energy flowed out, and the whole family of Devastator was devastated and ruined.
A group of innate creatures can’t wait to scratch their hearts.
But then Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed and he was surprised. "Don’t move, God is coming!"
There is a profound and unpredictable horror in his induction, and the rapid recovery is marginal like marginal sea and several volcanic eruptions. Before he can react, a layer of black waves roared past and rushed directly into the wild animals.
Like the autumn wind sweeping away leaves, the sea rolling up the sky and devouring everything.
This group of wild animals suddenly exploded into pieces, and pieces of blood and fog melted into the black tide.
The black tide swept by in horror, and tens of thousands of wild animals shouted in horror and turned to escape, but they were drowned by black waves after few breaths.
Chapter one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two Three years
While the black tide broke out, the earth-shattering horror was unpredictable, and a sweeping directly submerged these tens of thousands of wild beasts, and they were smashed one by one to melt the blood fog into this black tide.
Such a scene is just like dying out of the world!
The nine powerful ancestors stopped in awe and prostrated themselves in vain, saying, "Welcome to the distant ancestors!"
All these wild animals were destroyed by the vibration in the black waves, and then twisted and converged to form a tall and burly magic shadow, with two gloomy eyes.
Without saying a word, he slowly turned around and his eyes were as sharp as a flash. It seemed that all the miles around him were seen through by him, and everything came into his eyes.
In the hidden passage in the distance, Xiao Yu suddenly felt that his body was cold and there was a great crisis. He turned the karma wheel, the fate wheel and the life-changing wheel to the extreme, gathered the breath, changed the karma, rolled up this group of innate creatures, retreated directly to the rear and quickly fled from here, and did not dare to stay for a moment.
God’s eyes seemed to scan a circle, frowned, and raised his palm to count on fingers. After a while, he snorted, "What is the person who buried causal impeded? God punish the bodhi old zu? Or are those too old-fashioned and stubborn to dare to go out and think about the wild beasts to find out about me? "
His eyes were cold and terrible, and he took a step in the air and disappeared in an instant.
Nine ancestors looked at each other and got up to repair the large array and appease the people.

Xiao Yu rolled a group of innate creatures to escape as fast as light, and I didn’t know how far away. I was deeply shocked by the strength of God of Destruction.
Suddenly, his eyes flashed to show surprise.