Without the shadow, those ninjas are fighting their own battles.

Seven nights after the reorganization, people were sent to surrender.
Gang Shou and Jiraiya are now snow countries.
Their prestige is very high. Without leadership, Konoha Ninja will join them.
Water town administrative region
Jiraiya has been able to move, although it has not recovered, but it has not had much impact.
Naruto Uzumaki is also here.
The original Jiraiya died, but he didn’t expect to be alive, which also made him very happy
It was the news of the war in the last two days that added the destruction of Konoha, but it made him depressed.
"I don’t think these are the wheels of unknown history rolling in and we can’t stop them."
Jiraiya said so.
He was discharged from the hospital today, and he changed back to his usual clothes.
"I’m going to the battlefield to see if this war is different from before. Naruto, wait here."
So the ward door suddenly opened.
Hyuuga Hanabi and Ri Xiangxia came in.
"Congratulations on your recovery, Lord Jiraiya"
Hyuuga Hanabi was all smiles.
Looked at Naruto Uzumaki and looked at Jiraiya.
"Then we will guide Naruto Uzumaki to practice."
Jiraiya nodded.
"It’s all yours."
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine Choice
Ninja mainland is full of smoke
Prosperous and rich, fire nation fell into the battlefield.
Fighters soar in the sky; Ground chariot Mercedes-Benz
Mechanized troops rely on the power of the Lunbi machine to quickly penetrate the rear infantry divisions along the road to follow up and divide and surround the fire nation army and annihilate them one by one.
Fire nation wants to keep away from the city.
However, except for the ninja city, the remaining cities did not last long, and soon the aircraft artillery attacked and fell.
For the first time, fire nation nationals faced the recruiters from other countries.
Some people are angry, others are afraid.
However, ordinary people, who have no ability to resist, can gather with their neighbors and villagers and hold hoes and firewood.
In case the snow country army tries to harm them, they can fight back
But it didn’t
The snow country army did not take the initiative to attack civilians, unless the civilians had threatened the soldiers of the army, but most of them were also masters and rarely shot and killed directly.
There are many things like killing cities and villages in the cold weapon era.
It’s the first time I’ve seen civilians like Snow Country commit crimes against the army.
But it’s better or less to worry about your life
After the city was occupied by the snow country, some workers began to form the so-called "city government"
What is the city government?
Many people don’t understand.
But I found that the other party was doing some work that the duke should do, and then I reacted, which was just the new duke.