The second distraction of the fairy is a realm of profound mystery, and the frost fairy is now here.

It is more and more difficult to swim against the current and climb a cliff in the triple higher realm of the fairy!
The fairy is still so. It is even more conceivable to define the nine-fold cultivation difficulty in the Golden Wonderland.
"Comparison of the Speed Field of the Bamboo Sect"
Not far away, a law enforcement brother urged Lu Li to compete as soon as possible.
Wave to Master Chu Yun and go to the second competition with a sword.
Chu Yun handed Lu Li a wink and then said, "Fairy, leave now. If it is predestined friends, we will get together again. There are three ofuda here that can heal, and I hope you can make a breakthrough and enter the top three positions."
Lu Li just nodded and didn’t promise to compete, and it was extremely difficult to win without losing.
Besides, Lu Lixiu is not the strongest person, and it would be inappropriate to say the winning words rashly.
Chu Yun’s speech is also a flash of strange light in his hand, throwing three jade symbols at Aoki Buddha.
The jade charm gleams faintly with its rich mana, which is even as precious as a spirit weapon.
These ofuda Aoki Sages are ignorant, but the Holy Spirit of Heaven is surprised and sighed with emotion. "This is the Taoist Jade Qing Mind Symbol, which is said to be a must-have for the core brother of Xuanyu Tiangong. Each jade symbol has a powerful mysterious aura, which can heal the wounds and hurt the enemy. It is a must-have for the fairy master. It can be healed by consuming a spiritual power."
This ofuda’s hand actually attracted a Buddha from Jiushushan, who studied it carefully, but agreed, "Yes, it’s jade Qing’s heart charm, and there are only one or two core brothers in Xuanyu Tiangong. Is this man an unknown master in Xuanyu Tiangong?"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Private transactions
Chu Yun smiled and didn’t say much. The magic beast danced lightly on his shoulders and rose and fell from his shoulders, which attracted everyone’s attention
And all the people distracted this moment Chu Yun figure flash is a baizhang outside the moment and then flash is already absent.
People around you are unaware of the fluctuations and master the teleport solution, but the Buddha master is also dumbfounded. Obviously, Chu Yun is far from them in terms of artistic attainments.
Combined with Lu Li’s display of jade Qing sword tactic, all sorts of conjectures and rumors began to spread, but most of them combined Lu Li’s mysterious heavenly palace and there was no adverse words.
While the law enforcement brother urged a little impatient several times, he quickly came to the field.
Lu Li went to Aoki and looked at the jade Qing in his hand, but his face was slightly stiff and he didn’t know whether his heart was happy or sad.
Seeing the master’s look, the fifth brother You Jiang asked, "Is Master so worried about the teacher Lu’s competition?"
Aoki Buddha shook his head and said, "I think it’s a good chance to win this competition, but it’s extremely unfavorable for Xiangyun Guhong to meet Taiyishan people."
Brother Yang Ye heard the words and chimed in, "Yes, in addition, even several famous fairy masters in Luo Xuanshan met Taiyi Shandi’s blocking the road. This round of competition is an important link in the final ranking."
Thirteen senior brothers Wen Hao said, "I didn’t expect Luoxuan Mountain Taiyi Mountain to be tit for tat this time."
Zhao Suyun’s heart was bitter, but she didn’t show it. She was defeated by Li Zhuran of Taiyishan. But what can she say at the moment?
Shang Linglan is already waiting in the venue.
When the law enforcement brother saw that the two men were here, he immediately announced a "competition"
At the same time, the law enforcement brother guessed that the woman who was far away from home should be tense, but it was the first scene where the atmosphere was completely different and neither of them made a move.
Grinning with a grin, Shang Linglan’s lovely dimple suddenly emerged and said goodbye to the landing. "Lu Li, you didn’t make a shot, but you were stunned?"
From one leng this ShangLingLan seems to be more charming than in the past, and don’t forget to tease yourself.
There is a tit-for-tat response to this, deliberately saying, "I think you are different from the ice marks on the moon."
These words seem to be dark and meaningful, but anyone who has seen the ice mark on the moon will be shocked by the momentum of absolute beauty, and so will it
Although Shang Linglan is beautiful, it is also compared with the ice marks on the moon.
The two men looked at each other and took out a thing from the bag, but it was wrapped in a silk scarf, which made people unable to see what was in it.
Of course, there is a layer of land on this side, which is forbidden by ordinary fairy masters and difficult to see through.
Yu Tianxian’s master also needs some effort to break the prohibition of separation from land.
When I was a child, I was called a little devil, but now I have another name of evil star. I have to say that my brothers in Taikoo are also very imaginative.
Shang Linglan, who took the things from Lu Li’s hand, smiled and said, "Is this a fight or not?"
Lu Li smiled indifferently. "Have you seen my previous competition?"
Shang Linglan said, "Naturally, I have seen my ice mark sister as a good friend. You beat her strength and naturally I am."
Lu Li nodded and said, "Can you give up in this battle?"
Shang Linglan didn’t follow the way. "If not, I will be punished by the master."
Lu Li’s eyes rolled and guessed, "Then you have to give up?"