The wind suddenly thundered and exploded.

A light came out and flashed directly to many dissenting Confucian.
Many dissenting Confucian hands raised all over the sky thunder as if to find the target to many dissenting Confucian chung.
Breath, momentum and strength …
The thunder disappeared into the Qin emperor’s body, and a majestic momentum emerged like an emperor!
"Ha-ha ….. who can stop me from being an emperor and an emperor through the ages?"
Many dissenting Confucian roared in the sky, sending out a black dragon with majesty, which was accompanied by roaring.
With a wave of his hand, Qin Huang pointed at the royal sky "Thunder Finger!"
A ray emerged from the sky and fell directly to the Emperor of Qin.
Many dissenting Confucian fingertips sparkled with thunder and thunder gathered here.
Suddenly, the light exploded and directly turned into a ray of light, which flew towards the sky.
"Hum … if I don’t, then bear the pain!"
The emperor cold drink eyes emerge murder.
Imperial heaven is still there like a statue of ups and downs fairy.
There is a faint glow in the sky of the imperial tomb, and the evening sunrise has a special aesthetic feeling.
Suddenly, Imperial Heaven appreciates the beauty in front of her eyes, and she never thinks that the sky is full of thunder.
Thunder flies and shoots sharply, and thunder turns into a sharp sword.
Heaven’s hands are behind his back, and thunder didn’t pay attention to it
"Alas ….. the eternal emperor only have such a look? Perhaps the eternal emperor has been completely hit by himself in the future, and now this kind of recklessness is really an imperial temperament. "
Imperial day said the right hand indifferently a finger tip emerge dark firm but gentle.
"Shock wave buried day shock wave buried people shock wave buried reincarnation! A sword is buried and go! "
Words fall firm but gentle all over the sky directly into a sharp intention to fly to the present thunder.
Perhaps the imperial power is not enough, but I don’t know that the five emperors are enough to deal with the emperor now.
"Sting …"
The sword awn is sharp and thunderous.
The emperor was surprised and shook his fist. "How is it possible that my strength … should not be? How is this possible?"
The emperor is very surprised but also with disbelief.
The realm of five emperors is the realm of great masters. Now the emperor of five emperors has been completely suppressed or has no power of five emperors.
Yu Tian pulls aside Tian Wen with a little bit of confusion. "Heaven can ask heaven if it is suspicious. Qin Huang has everything under control. In the end, you are just nourishing yourself!"
What is nourishment? Nourishment is to give everything to complete the growth of others. Nourishment is very sad. Some people are willing to give and some people are forced to endure.
At the moment, many dissenting Confucian eyes emerge with horror. "F * * king … how can I become nourishment? How can I become nourishment for you? Today, I will kill you and seize the means of immortality."
The terrifying sight of the Emperor of Qin emerged, and an aura of terror emerged.
Heaven thunder exploding around a virtual shock.
Suddenly, there was a storm, thunder and lightning …
Qin Huang laughed and laughed. "Except for the most mysterious twelve provenances, I haven’t understood the ten provenances yet. I have condensed the twelve heavenly feats, and after all, I have been trained to be my awesome strength!"
The emperor is excited because the whole world is mastered as if it were a god.
The emperor shook his head and didn’t suggest that the emperor’s arrogance was just a wave of his hand and a hot breath emerged.
The emperor trembled and a purple gas echoed in his body.
In an instant, thunder and lightning disappeared, and the storm disappeared. Everything in front of me finally returned to calm.
At this moment, the emperor was surprised and horrified.
"How is it possible that I capability my strength my strength! ! ! ! What the hell is going on here? How did I disappear! ! !”
The emperor can’t believe that the emperor calmly controls the emperor’s mind. Now calm has worked. The vision of heaven has disappeared. This day is no longer in the hands of the emperor.
Suddenly a thunder exploded in the sky.
In the thunder, the emperor slowly looked at the emperor in horror. "How is it possible that the twelve capitals are heavenly!"
The emperor was horrified and couldn’t believe what he saw.
Imperial heaven is a light smile and a slow touch of the sword. "The sword only tells me two things, one is the world and the other is the source! The world does not say that the source is twelve provenances for the time being! If you want to practice, you must gather twelve kinds of sources, which is difficult to understand and even more difficult to transport. Although the twelve heavenly powers are tough, they are also difficult to practice!
Thousands of years have made you understand the source, and now it’s time for me to take charge of these things. After all, you are me, and now it’s time to collect them! "
Astonishment is more shocking than horror.
Many dissenting Confucian is very horrified, and the Imperial Heaven is slowly approaching a breath in the body, and he is controlling himself without any resistance.
Many dissenting Confucian don’t understand is unwilling!
"When is it? When do you plan from time to time?"
Qin Huang roared into the sky, and the first emperor had the pride of others’ imagination, and now this pride has been shattered
Qin Huang said that Imperial Heaven is to explore Qin Huang’s lower abdomen.
"The first time I saw you, this layout has been transformed into my twelve sources. The most difficult thing to understand is time and time. But I have many understandings of these two sources. This doesn’t need you to have ten sources left in your heart. Thank you for preparing for me. The resurrection just now has stimulated the vitality of the source. Now it all belongs to me!"
Heaven smiled gently!
Chapter 371 Didn’t you just benefit from me
Thunder explodes and the wind is accompanied.
Ten lights appear, lights appear, and ten different images appear in an instant.
Ten tall fiends emerge, and several visions appear in the sky.
Killing, wind, thunder and fire …
Many visions emerge and then turn into a void.
With a wave of his hand, Imperial Heaven’s hand disappears and directly enters Imperial Heaven’s body.
Instantaneous Operation of Ten Provenances’ Twelve Duties’
At this moment, the heavenly knees are sitting cross-legged, and the thunder in the sky is still accompanied by the strong wind.
Suddenly a huge colorful lotus appeared in the sky.
The color lotus is light and hot, and the five colors of gold, red, green, brown and blue finally turn into five kinds of flames.
Five kinds of flame directly into the royal bosom.
Break into five flames in five zang-organs
The flame boils. Two kinds of the same flame seem to fight and merge together.
The attributes of the five elements in the Five Elements Flame Twelve Heavenly Powers have been transformed into the present Five Elements Flame.
The flame power of the five elements rose into a majestic flame.
The five elements rotate and waves of majestic power emerge, and the faint glorious power emerges all over the sky, which is actually enhanced again.
At this moment, the four kinds of flames are also melted into the royal body.
In the end, a scarlet flame also disappeared into the royal body.
Twelve martial arts have come to be called twelve martial arts, and twelve attributes are unified, which is the so-called Du Tianli.