After the Antarctic fairy Weng said this, even Ziwei frowned slightly. His fairy was even more surprised. What’s wrong with this old man today that he didn’t even want cheung chau island Zifu Palace? In Zhenwu’s heart, the most important thing is that the old man’s accident furnace will be sent to the scene. It’s really an adventure for him to do this. If the jade emperor knows that he stole accident, he will not be cut alive!

The Queen Mother laughed. "Fairy Weng is generous. I will personally offer peaches to thank you." The Antarctic fairy Weng even said, "Dare?"
Fuxing Lu Xing’s heart is depressed. Fu Lushou’s star has always been in the same breath. Unexpectedly, today’s Antarctic fairy Weng has repeatedly made a surprise move, apparently throwing him two glances at each other. "My two old children are very poor and there is nothing precious about the island. If you don’t abandon it, you can move there at any time."
Donghua Emperor also said, "Fuxing Lu Xing’s words are right in my heart. There are also many thousands of jade in the abbot island. If this baby really has a flat peach garden, it is not in vain."
These celestial leaders have shown their attitude, and all the immortals are passionate. The emperor and mother who presented the immortal fruit and the immortal jade smiled happily. Today, these two things are really perfect.
The fourth volume The cat was the best Chapter DiErSan shot nine days
Qi Tianling realized that sitting alone with a towering Gu Song seemed comfortable but never stopped thinking.
Today, it is still a three-point potential. Although the West Tianling Mountain has been divided into two parts, it is not too much to calculate that the Qi Tianling is connected with the same gas.
Qi Tianling and Tathagata’s enmity are so deadly that they can be resolved again, such as Kirin, the Buddha ape, Dapeng, and the ancient gods … all of them have suffered from Tathagata’s calculation. If it were not for luck, they would be doomed. If you look at Zhuan Xu, Shao Hao, Chiyou, Gong Gong and others, you will know the consequences, such as the Buddha ape being destroyed many times by others, and the original status of heaven and earth has almost become a waste.
This force in heaven quietly realized that the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother were also ambitious people in their chests. The Jade Emperor claimed that the real name of God was too real. He was just a handle in this world, and this identity was by no means the ultimate ideal of the Jade Emperor. He wanted to use this identity to gather what the underworld was doing secretly, but no one knew it.
The culprits are still Tathagata, Bodhisattva Mud Plough and Tathagata, but each of them is more mysterious than the other, adding 3,000 Buddhas. This force may be incomparable in Qitianling, but since 3,000 Buddhas are refining the essence of nature in the furnace of nature, it would be much more convenient to act after knowing the mysteries of 3,000 Buddhas and nine golden immortals.
Pangu said that both he and Tathagata are from outer space, and that is their hometown. In this case, Tathagata is going out in this world!
Thinking of this, I can’t help but gradually understand the Tathagata’s mind. I thought that when I was crushed in the Five Elements Mountain, I had an idea-get out! That kind of taste has never been experienced before, and you will never know it! Freedom is when you go out. Only when you go out can you not be controlled!
And the Tathagata is in this world, I’m afraid there is such an idea in my heart-get out!
I have been suppressed for only a few decades, and I am going to die. This birth heart has suppressed seven yuan times and hundreds of thousands of years! Compared with the Tathagata, the gully in his chest is several times wider than himself!
Thinking of this, I can’t help but understand the Tathagata. Is it wrong? There is nothing wrong with him. He wants to go back to his hometown instead of drifting in chaos. And Xuan Nv, Sanqing, and Australopithecus … Are they wrong again? There is nothing wrong with all beings in the world. How can they be wrong?
Imagine if the Tathagata had absorbed Pangu’s essence of nature, it might not have any influence on this Huiyuan, but chaos would have been forever silent since Pangu’s creation. Those who should have sprouted the heavens and the earth will have another chance to exist in the world because of one person. This is naturally the fault of the Tathagata. His heart is good, but his own heart ignores everyone’s heart. This is his greatest fault …
Wu Zheng listened attentively to someone calling here, "When can Wu’s son come back?" When Wu looked at it, it was Niu Mowang Shu Wu Yue who said, "What do you want with him?"
Niu Mowang slightly shy way "I am not looking for him is his grandmother looking for him".
"His grandmother?" When will Hong Haier come out to be a grandmother? Oh, it’s her.
"You mean Hu Yumu?"
Niu Mowang nodded. "I don’t know what happened to her. She kept saying that she wanted to meet my baby and said that she would give him some benefits and get him some money."
Wu smiled and said, "This is really a cheap sun. The good thing is that he can’t come out when Hong Haier practices for a while. If you are in a hurry, just go find him yourself."
Niu Mowang said, "Where am I really going to look for him?" Wu directed the soup spring near Zhu Ziguo to Niu Mowang Niu Mowang and jumped.
Qingqiu showed kindness to Hong Haier, which was a little unexpected. Perhaps Qingqiu captured the arm god ape, so he made a detour to apologize to Niu Mowang? Or did Qingqiu miss the Kyubi no Youko fox’s green forest and send away loneliness, but it was derived from Hong Haier’s body? Wu would rather believe the latter.
When I think of Zhuo Fouquan’s enlightenment, I can’t help but remember the allusion of "Hou Yi shot down nine evils". There are many doubts about this saying, just because I have leisure today, don’t ask?
When I arrived at the peak where Hou Yi lived, I saw that Hou Yi was raising his bow and looking up at the sky with a short arrow. When he came, Hou Yi put away his bow and smiled, "It’s a sight for sore eyes."
Wu asked, "What do you do?"
"Nature is practicing shooting."
I can’t understand "What’s so beautiful about the sky?"
Hou Yi said, "When there is dust in the sky, I just want to shoot it."
"What about not shooting arrows?"
Hou Yi smiled and said, "You should know that shooting is a side door. When aiming on weekdays, you always have to take up a lot of enemies before you can do whatever you want."
After realizing the secret passage, I was "ashamed", but I still practiced the most basic archery. How many people can be so diligent?
Hou Yi asked, "What can I do for you?"
Wu nodded and said, "Do you mind asking about the past?"
Hou Yi said, "Don’t ask."
Enlightenment: "What on earth happened when our predecessors shot arrows for nine days?" Wu looked at the day and said, "Is this elder left to shoot him?"
Hou Yi shook his head and laughed. "Wu made fun of this day. This sun is not the ten hits of the year."
When you think about it, it’s like this. It’s a fact that nine soup springs fell to the ground on the ninth day. The remaining sun is the sun that robbed the world-the Fire Cloud Palace is not ten suns but eleven suns. What the hell is going on? Enlightenment "Those ten suns were artificially created to teach them evil"
Hou Yi said, "This matter can’t be concluded. Although ten days were made by Sanqing, they were not made out of evil but for the sake of ordinary people."
It was Sanqing Wu who knew that Huoyun Palace was the only red sun left, and then he suspected that it was Sanqing who wanted to build 10 days and let them roast all the people for the rest of his life, regardless.
Hou Yi said, "You should know that Taoist priests have four seasons, namely, cold and summer. Among these four seasons, spring, summer and autumn are better, but in severe winter, it is hard to get rid of the ancients. Although the cold protection method can make a fire, several people die of cold and hunger."
"Sanqing came up with a method out of pity, so they made ten days, and at the end of autumn, they released ten days to shine on the earth, and from then on."
Wu nodded and said, "This meaning is good."
Hou Yi said, "I didn’t know that the good times lasted for several years. In that winter, Sanqing released the tenth day as usual, but the ten suns were not recovered until the end of spring."
"oh? What happened to Sanqing? " Wu Wen asked