One of the basic characteristics of this changed environment is that it is strong and easy to cultivate.

Here, it is necessary to understand the fact that vitality is not harmful. Just think about these attributes of magic qi and yin qi.
This is an extreme case. Only practitioners have the ability to resist, which in turn can help them strengthen themselves.
However, the high concentration of primordial qi in ordinary nature is harmful to ordinary people.
At present, the concentration of vitality is relatively thin, and it is far more difficult for practitioners to enter the country than to break through in the secret world.
However, this concentration is beneficial to most ordinary people and can slowly strengthen the body.
When the concentration is high, ordinary people who don’t know the cultivation method will not be replenished. It’s strange that there is nothing wrong with eating ginseng every day …
Anyone who can live in the secret realm for a long time, whether it’s the sky or the castle peak or the truth, is a practitioner, and there are very few ordinary people.
This forces the human country to spread the achievement method among ordinary people in a large area, and can no longer be strictly controlled as before …
This obviously broke Ruofeng’s earliest plan.
He envisaged that the psychic robot could control the non-proliferation of extraordinary power, and the cultivation method could give basic alchemy to prevent the situation from being difficult to control.
In the former times, there was no extraordinary power, and all kinds of grass-roots personnel who had been extremely difficult to handle all kinds of disputes and disputes had the best understanding.
Nowadays, a very small number of people have the ability and practice method, which has caused many difficult public security problems.
If it weren’t for the extraordinary efficiency of Knight A in China, it is estimated that most remote places would have been paralyzed by manpower problems.
If everyone has extraordinary power, it is conceivable that a scene can cause a lot of problems without saying how much interest struggle is a trivial matter in daily life.
The expansion of the truth office is not enough.
The years are quiet because someone is carrying a heavy load.
However, this time, the pressure is too heavy, which is really irresistible.
If the wind sighed rarely, I felt someone pushed the door and came in directly.
He didn’t look up to avoid seeing the man.
"What can I do for you?"
"There is an important message. A group of strange marine creatures have come to Bohai Bay. They want to hire Xie Dong by name." A male voice sounds like Hong Yunqiao, the new leader of the think tank.
Yes, the twelve claws are not worldly, but whether it is a black cat, Tom, or a black and white dolphin, it is a white human rule
Does this companion mean to look for it?
Don’t people eat, sleep and spend money?
Therefore, it took them two days to arrive near Bohai Bay, which is near the core of China, and then they stopped there without looking for the door rashly.
The Twelve Claws cast a shadow on this country, and beat it and its people up. This is where the guy came from.
Black and white dolphins can’t handle affairs on the shore either, so it’s logical to fall on the accompanying black cats.
In these two days, Tom, the black cat, naturally found that Huang Rui, the loyal servant, suddenly disappeared, and he immediately guessed where the other party had gone …
However, in the face of the great temptation of heaven, it decided to let Lao Huangtou endure for a while, and there was nothing to do with Rowen Shenjiao before.
The seventh messenger of the Great Brahma King wants to go inside.
It didn’t know all the details before, but now it is confident that it can fish people out of it, so it is not in a hurry.
Anyway, there are acquaintances there who take care of Lao Huangtou and should not pick up soap.
Huang Rui and Anderson are still quite familiar.
There are still some other beaten soldiers in China, so he informed a legitimate hand to let them go through the channel to convey the news that Xie Dong wanted to hire a lot of money.
At this time, if the wind is overjoyed after hearing this information.