They are all so righteous that they burn themselves with fire and read what Rush Amitabha is there.

Generation after generation has thus cast a stupa from its own bones.
Straight temple bearing cut off this just completely sealed the hole.
At that time, my mind was not strong and I couldn’t help such a shock.
Plus, when the weather changed, a drop of hag Jingxue accidentally fell into my body.
Influenced by the evil thoughts of hags, they fall directly into the magic road.
I am bent on achieving great mana and staying away from here completely with my body, even at the expense of absorbing (preventing) the essence of blood to refine my mana.
Later, I will see that some men who are addicted to lust (prevention) and are greedy for money can arouse the breath of nocturnal spermatorrhea.
Just leave some female ghosts for me to seduce those men who are not determined, and I refine jingxie.
These days, I often think of the appearance of those monks before they died.
I am possessed by demons.
Now that I think about it, I’m afraid what impresses me most is not the fear of the ability of the weather to change, but the face of the monk before he died
They have been pestering me, which makes my memory fresh today.
But on the other hand, this is not necessarily not my demons.
Always follow my demons. "
Speaking of this, the tree demon’s low head and body can’t help shivering.
Then suddenly looked up at him and shouted at the top of his lungs
"I envy them for giving their lives to defend morality and ambition, but …"
The face is ferocious and the eyes are gaping, and the red light is flickering, and I can’t help panting, but my mood fluctuates violently.
Then mournful smile look a little blurred some crazy.
"But I can’t do it!
I’m afraid of death! Being ignorant for hundreds of years is hard to get the word at once.
I’m afraid of losing all this and getting back into that muddled state.
The lightning strike, the fire, the insects, the ants, the knives and the axes are all unconscious
I don’t want to be like that again. I’m desperately trying to raise my mana and control my freedom
So I will do whatever it takes to eat my soul.
But … "
Here suddenly a look stupefied and then blue like a sigh said
"But I really envy them for facing death so calmly, and I …
But I really can’t do it
Those monks taught me how to live and live, but they didn’t come to teach me how to face death.
Like them … A … Sample … "
In the end, it was already low.
"alas ~"
Lingqing has been listening quietly, and now she can’t help sighing.
"Fear of death is the need of living beings.
Those big monks can die because they firmly believe in their hearts.
Death is not the end of them, but the great liberation from bliss.
You have been struggling with this because you have not found your own way in your heart.
Will be confused and uneasy. "
Lingqing looked at her so is also a heart of sorrow.
It’s not that I agree with what she does, but that I can cultivate immortality and seek Tao. Isn’t it that I can live forever and enjoy myself?
Now there’s no difference between herself and her, but she’s just a man who lives in fear of death.
Lingqing brushed the dust with a wave of his hand and then a chain rustled.
The original seventy-two magic chains tied her body changed, and she was untied and hung in a red robe as a decoration.
The tree demon staggered up and moved his hands and feet.
Looking at the yoshimitsu flashing in Lingqing’s eyes seems to be itching.
However, after all, she slowly closed her eyes for a while before opening them again.
Look calm and wait for him to move.
Lingqing saw her change clearly, but she was not worried.
It seems that he untied the tree demon and set her free, but the demon chain is still her body.
If she is up to no good, this chain can be trapped again directly in an instant.
Lingqing saw her so devoting herself to sitting in front of the altar.
When he realized it, his trunk was already arched, and there was a branch wrapped around the high platform, so he sat on the futon.
There is also a low platform and a futon in front of him.
Lingqing stretched out his hand there and led towards the tree demon and said
"Come and sit down."