"Poof, poof, poof …"

Half a year’s energy annihilates Lin momo and doesn’t want to move the Dark Phoenix silent gun. If the gun light goes through and shoots out, it will easily cause a devastating blow to the nearby iceberg, and it will be lively and will definitely attract official attention.
It is not easy to fight on earth, and many problems must be considered. If guns go off and hurt people, it will definitely cause unnecessary trouble, and then it will evolve into an enemy of the people and become a federal wanted man.
Fortunately, this is the most open area in the Arctic, and even if you start to do it, you will still have concerns. Except for those methods that do great damage to the environment, you can try your best to use them.
Lin momo doesn’t want to pose a colorful agate snail, even though he can’t move these two powerful weapons. Will he be defeated? Let’s not say that we just found the shadow from the fungus world, and the gold velvet scalpel with elastic deformation source ability alone can dominate on the spot.
Seven totem masters fell to their bodies, and their bodies were very strange, forming an encirclement in an instant. At the same time, the surrounding icebergs appeared, and the light beams interwoven into a dome, which actually closed the vicinity of the altar of the family.
It seems that these people are very well prepared. Peacock has just recovered the radiation butterfly. Momo Lin frowned and pulled out a faint scent in Morgan rattan gas. Seven totem masters hurriedly poked their walking sticks into the ice.
Fragrant scent is a rare toxin. A pharmacist can’t fight against poison without fighting it well, and it is also a means. It is the least labor-saving and cheapest to get rid of the enemy poison quietly.
Lin momo was slightly surprised that one of the seven people in the tenth level reached the tenth level. It is supposed that their own preparation of toxins can make them appear in a trance for a moment, so that one person can be killed less. I didn’t expect to be so sure that it would be completely ineffective.
When seven totem masters insert their walking sticks into the ice, the air is instantly purified and a kind of purification energy is left, even if they take out his toxin, it may not work.
"Restrain pharmacists from purifying energy. These people are obviously prepared, and their shots are very simple. I don’t know what other successors are there?" Lin momo mind flash immediately throw out a few test tubes.
Tianwei’s Nine Killings can have an impact on the spiritual level. Although it has a weak impact on the Tenth Level Repair, there will always be some places where seven people may not be monolithic, and there may be loopholes to be found.
"Boom" this level of explosion is obviously not enough to see before the seven totem teachers. It is a wave of mental shock that sweeps them and looks ugly.
Lin momo carefully observed his feet and suddenly stepped forward. When he flashed, there was a flash of gold and silver double-color light behind the ten-level totem master. The totem master was surprised and angry and burned white light.
The most authentic totem master means to defend with many minds. This mind is totem master ammunition. If you master a mind college and carefully collect it, then the battlefield will have great advantages.
The holy white light of the flint stone stroking against the two-color light arc of gold and silver is the totem master’s daily receiving power, and no matter how hasty it is, it can’t stop Lin momo’s attack
It seems that there is a trace of blood on the totem master’s neck cut in half, but it is still very obvious to release so much mental fuel for protection. Even that trace of blood can be seen by the naked eye, and the speed is restored.
Lin momo didn’t dare to hold big. He hurriedly sent out to wave, which is more silver arc of light, so that the other six totem teachers can’t get close to that fraction.
"Blood Totem" was in danger just now. Totemist shouted angrily, Look at that tone. It must be a great trick. His thigh and waist are suddenly wrapped in a crystal clear vine before the crisis is lifted.
This place is the hinterland of the iceberg. After the evolution, Morgan Teng looks very pleasing, which is more suitable for hiding in the ice and snow environment. Lin momo can’t strike a fatal cause and see if the totem master across the street is lucky just now.
Six totem masters waved their walking sticks and triggered a lotus flower, which was energy that I never wanted to show, but it was like a huge wave of blood. In the lotus flower, several bright red heads appeared, and it seemed that they struggled and shouted that the waves rolled over and called Lin Sisuo.
"Hum carving skills" Lin momo sees through the totem of blood at a glance. It is not some painful mind mixed with highly polluting blood. This is definitely not Zerg JingXie, which gives people a feeling more like human blood.
A flash of light Lin momo has guessed the answer. The blood totem should be made up of evil blood. Although the number of roads is somewhat different, nine metempsychosis evil dragons will definitely be able to play a role in making the blood totem ineffective.
Playing with blood in front of Lin momo, the totem master, is simply teaching others to swim. The predecessor of the blade is the Phantom of the Blood Sacrifice, one of the best in the Milky Way. The bloody hourglass is also a blood device, and according to the taboo, the metempsychosis dragon is also bloodthirsty and bloody.
Forbidden to be held by Lin momo, Guanghua flashed, and nine mechanical dragons rushed to the middle of the blood, which could make them scream with excitement and then pounce on the waves to suck.
Lin momo’s body flashes again. He wants to make a quick victory. You see that there are too many powerful smells far away, and the guards of the martyrs cemetery won’t take care of things outside the cemetery unless they avoid the cemetery.
Is the captain of the Phantom of the Tang Dynasty dough? Just let people rub Momo Lin just now. This seven totem division should be a temporary combination. Although they are experienced in fighting and make up for many shortcomings, they are still not tacit enough.
The two-color arc of gold and silver blooms, and they are as light as butterflies, as the breeze sweeps by, as if a piece of white paper were cut in a flash, thin and long scratches.
The source ability is the worst defense. Lin Sisoli’s elastic deformation launching surgical knife cuts a scar for three seconds before it heals. If there is such a scratch, you can imagine how serious the consequences are.
Nine metempsychosis evil dragons didn’t disappoint Lin momo. They pinned down the blood totem. Lin momo released ten levels of energy agents here, and the fire power was particularly strong from the annihilation ball. These totem masters don’t know the origin, and their defense was extremely abnormal. One by one, the adult torches burned to the extreme, and the "wind and rain" outside was fearless.
Of course, Lin momo’s scalpel is too powerful, and those totem teachers are pale. In less than half a minute, they have already consumed less than half of their minds. If those reinforcements are not available, they will be very dangerous.
In fact, the main mission of the seven totem masters is to stall Lin momo. Several important masters are either the moon or Jupiter to practice. If you kill Lin momo by law, you will have to get back to earth when these masters strive for it.
Lin momo knows that many satellites adjust the focal length. Note that this war is now the most suitable for killing people to bully the earth. Killing people is not in line with the law. I’m sorry. Lin momo is the victim with the most negligence and defense.
Half of the face of the 11 th-level totem master has been scorched, and the poison body has strayed back and forth, trapping him. The tenacity of poison vine is beyond imagination. He has failed to break free in various ways. The main reason is that the knife wound to his neck is serious.
The other six totem masters got together, and they took out the totem devices one after another, and layers of white light filled them. Lin momo seemed to be immersed in the water, and not only did he send the method to display it, but even the gold velvet scalpel encountered obstacles.
"Wait for reinforcements when you want to delay?" Lin momo’s brain rises, and thousands of golden scalpels fly out of his sleeve. The silver arc keeps flashing around him. Seeing this scene, those totem teachers are all green.
"Desperate World War I", the 11 th-level totem master, regardless of the body toxin, urged the body source to force it. The totem master also knows that if he doesn’t work hard now, I’m afraid he doesn’t even have the last glimmer of hope to live. This Lin momo is fantastic.
No matter what the two sides think, they cut their hands at the same time, and the white light explosion wrapped the iceberg in the top of their heads to prevent Lin momo from escaping. The light dome became extremely unstable.
The light came and went quickly, and Lin momo rested in the same place, and the seven totem masters couldn’t believe their eyes were wide open, and then their bodies gradually melted away, and they were wiped out.
No one saw Lin momo’s cold sweat on his forehead. To be honest, he was afraid of that level contest just now!
Seven masters lay down their lives to fight. In the past, it was necessary to make colorful agate snails defend, but even if the power of the artifact is good, it must always be driven by the source, and its state will inevitably drop after resisting energy impact.
Lin momo has been blessed by his ancestors Xiao Han, and most of the energy damage has been absorbed by the shadow, and it is earned to add a defensive force to the shadow.
It’s the first time to make a shadow equal to doing an experiment with your life. There is always some worry that Lin momo will not be afraid. It’s a hero to shed some cold sweat. People with poor psychological quality will be scared on the spot.
Shadow is a threat to Lin momo with little peak energy impact method.
At this time, Morgan Teng has the strength to climb back. Just now, Morgan Teng was more or less damaged by the fierce battle. Nine metempsychosis dragons were clever enough to tear the blood waves and hide in it. The situation was slightly better.
Totemists died and their bodies dissipated in light, not because of Lin momo’s attack, but because of their special mechanism, they obviously didn’t want to leave clues.
Lin momo gently stepped out and flashed several times to disappear. There is no point in going back to Phantom of the Opera to see who dares to make trouble.
Volume 14 eventful! Elite Chapter 71 Street Wars
Lin momo moved back to the front of the martyrs’ cemetery, where a luxury airship was parked. Although he could fly quickly with the Dark Phoenix Silent Gun, once he left the virtual line, it would inevitably cause traffic chaos.
The earth traffic line 4 reaches suspended vehicles and airships without counting how many vehicles will be twisted into a ball if flying rashly.
People live a good life, and sudden disasters lead to tragedy. Even if they can escape afterwards, Lin momo feels guilty. What’s the difference between this red storm and the earth and the stars? It’s very important to abide by the law.
Don’t look at Lin momo’s out-of-bounds galaxy. He dares to fight and kill a densely populated planet, but he is very disciplined. He will never kill enemies and damn people casually.
The airship hums slightly. It’s really cold in the North Pole. It takes a few seconds to warm up after the engine is turned off for that long, and then the airship quickly climbs back to the virtual route and heads for the Mediterranean.
At this time, Lin momo breathed a sigh of relief, and the powerful breath landed near the altar of the family of scorpions. They didn’t interfere in the end. You can see far away that a person represents a mass of energy.
Now that the airship has boarded the main road, it will be difficult for these people to kill again. Lin momo is not afraid to rush to the enemy at the North Pole of the earth. He really wanted to leave a malicious hand near the iceberg and cut off the enemy’s minions at the colorful agate snails, but when he saw that the seven totem masters died and disappeared, he suddenly changed his mind.