Sun Hao’s shoulders grazed a pair of hind legs and stood up a pair of front legs. He actually made a cross prayer. The dog’s face rarely showed a very serious expression. A pair of dog’s eyes closed and a drop of sweat appeared on the top of his nose, glittering and translucent, and his nose stirred up and beat endlessly.

After half a ring, the dog’s paw pointed in one direction. "The boss should be able to support it for a longer time. I tried my best. Now it depends on whether you have something in the past."
Corleone laughed and said, "Thanks for the border grazing. Now you are steady. I’m going to start … Ah …"
Sun Haoyang’s first roar
God sat cross-legged and Yuan Shen suddenly opened his eyes.
Knowing the sea, five stars have been distracted, and the instantaneous light shines in unison to illuminate the Yuan God, the Yuan God’s hand, and Sun Haowu’s attribute, Zhen Yuan, swarmed in and injected into the Yuan God’s body.
Sun Hao’s eyes flashed suddenly and violently and shouted "Give me out"
Behind him, he suddenly rushed up a huge virtual shadow with three heads and six arms, which passed through the wind and stood firmly in the wind field.
The avatar method has three heads and six arms, and Sun Haoti has finally settled down and stopped moving with the wind.
After the combination of ancient books and records, they can stabilize themselves and identify the direction according to various methods, and finally make their way around the wind field.
Although Sun Hao is not a fit power, Sun Hao has an ordinary fit power and has never practiced the magical power method.
In ancient books, it is the magical power method that records that the combination can resist the fixed wind
Sure enough, when the avatar method came out, Sun Hao completely stabilized his body.
Take a quick look at the magical power method with three heads and three pairs of arms. Sun Hao’s heart flashed a thought, "Samoyed is really powerful. Samoyed has three heads and six arms, and the wind field can be as clear as one’s own method …"
Although Sun Hao is proud of his five-attribute repair and Sun Hao’s five-attribute repair is rich in accumulation, there is no doubt that Sun Hao Zhenyuan can’t compete with Johnson in the fitting period
After the deficiency, it is more and more difficult for every minor monk to ascend. It is necessary for monks to practice for thousands of years, and the strength of each minor monk will increase exponentially with each progress.
Now Sun Hao finds that his avatar method is as high as a hundred feet and lifelike, and his heart is slightly shaken.
I can’t help thinking of Satsuma.
However, Sun Hao forgot that Samak’s will was to know that he had obtained a magical power method that surpassed most of the powerful monks.
There are also male and female witches who have joined the powerful monks in the Dingfeng area, and there are very clear criteria for distinguishing the magical powers of the monks in the ancient records.
Limited by the realm of cultivation, Sun Hao is not very clear about the specific level of avatar method at present, but Sun Hao knows from the performance of his avatar method that even his avatar method level is not weak.
It is recorded in ancient books that the strength of monks is suppressed after they enter the fixed wind field. The avatar method is usually about 50 to 10 feet, while Sun Hao’s avatar method is as high as 100 feet
It’s hard to keep the facial features clear and the hands and feet will be bound. Just like Sun Hao, he will come out directly with three heads and six arms. From the clear situation, Sun Hao’s body method is absolutely good
Sun Hao still doesn’t know the specific criteria for judging, and now he doesn’t feel anything strange about his avatar method. Now Sun Hao doesn’t think too much about it.
What Sun Hao needs to find now is to set the wind range.
The avatar method stands on high in this world and looks at the direction pointed by the border shepherd. From afar, it is still a fixed wind.
The avatar’s body is in a constant wind, reaching a height of 100 feet. In the constant wind, the body quickly becomes shorter, as if it were blown away by the strong wind.
Sun Hao dare not neglect his body and fall into the palm of the avatar method.
Fa strode towards the designated direction of border grazing and rushed over.
Sun Hao, the shepherd, barked at his shoulder, "Boss, come on, you keep going in this direction. I can smell the smell. It’s moving in your pursuit direction at a very fast wind speed. Try to chase it, Boss."
Sun Hao nodded and felt secure.
If you can catch up with the direction and follow Sun Hao’s heart, suddenly a big stone falls to the ground, depending on how long your avatar method can last.
If you can persist until you enter the fixed wind field, then Sun Hao can go further from his goal. Although the method consumes a lot, the speed of the method is also very fast. The tall body throws its steps and moves forward quickly with the help of the wind.
Strolling like a Mercedes-Benz hill, Sun Hao set the wind and ran in the boundless wind.
I don’t know how long it’s been, but Sun Hao’s avatar method has been worn away to a height of ten feet, and his front is still unpredictable
The bullet Sun Hao’s body was shocked and incarnated. The barbarian body was slightly shorter than the avatar method. He still used the avatar method to resist the uncertain direction and let himself continue to run without being trapped by the fixed state, but the main force was replaced by real physical strength.
Strong physique at this time shows strong strength Sun Hao running speed is still very fast.
And the avatar method behind it finally stopped most of the wind, and finally stabilized its position and stopped collapsing, ensuring that Sun Hao was not blown away by the wind.
Run tirelessly for a long time
The wind turned into a reverse direction, and Sun Hao met with great resistance to reach the target, while grazing and shouting, "Good Sao Feng boss, I feel that the distance is not far away."
Sun Hao’s spirit vibrated and his body changed again. The double ridges of Wu’s spirit flashed with golden light, and the headwind was directly broken by the golden light like a broken bamboo. Sun Hao accelerated his head and rushed out.
Boom is like breaking through a mirror. Sun Haoyi stepped on a piece of cyan land that seemed to keep spinning.
In front of him, a blue streamer flashed across Sun Hao, vaguely seeing a small rabbit passing by. In my heart, I couldn’t help but feel a slight joy that I finally came in and saw the strange animals in the wind field.
Chapter 1773 Ordinary in one thousand
There are many kinds of customs in the wind-setting area. It is said that monks need to "save drums and follow the wind" when they enter the wind-setting area, that is, they need to know the rhythm and rhythm of the wind to adapt to the wind.
The wind enclosure can stand on the ground, but Sun Hao can’t keep his body steady when he is spinning all the time. Different from entering the enclosure, Sun Hao can occasionally see creatures in the wind. These elves in the wind are very fast and often pass by in a flash.
It took Sun Hao a long time to finally judge that the wind area he entered should be the "ordinary wind area"
"When the air turns to black dragon, drive the wind back to the wind and move back to the wind." The wind is the first wind from the surface, that is, the oriental wind
Sun Hao judged that the ordinary wind was a little white at this moment, and he could feel this position after smelling it. The reason lies in the characteristics of the ordinary wind, which means that the wind is full of spring, and the exotic animals in various winds are strong and easy to understand.
There is a saying in the ancient "Law" that "those who live in the east with ordinary winds will do their best."
It means that there are more creatures in the wind and everything is revived.
It is understood that Sun Hao’s face is thoughtfully colored after the ordinary wind. In the ancient records, the ordinary wind belongs to the germinal wind, and the spring is not violent and dangerous, but it is not easy for the monks to enter the middle school.
I remember there was a ballad in ancient times that said, "When flowers come and smiles in the clouds, the wind will rise for a thousand years", which means that if you want to stand tall in the clouds, you usually have to go through a time when the wind rises and the wind falls.