If Shifeixuan knows that she is rebellious after seeing the terrible place in the sky, where will she dare to mix with her?

That is to say, she really expressed her intention to show her whereabouts only after Tianhou Shifeixuan.
"Our position is really a god."
Shi Feixuan still has a lingering fear when she recalls it now.
She has been educated in religious flow since she was a child, but in reality, she has seen with her own eyes that the impact of fairy means on her is still too great
Otherwise, she would never take the initiative to go to the Korean battlefield.
"As far as I know, I haven’t left Daxing. How did he do it?"
Wan wan asked curiously.
She is really curious about this answer.
People around the sky naturally know how unfathomable the sky is beyond human beings.
But she didn’t have a chance to see the sky.
Shifeixuan’s ghost Wan Wan said, "Let me go to Li Valve with an imperial decree."
"On that day, the imperial edict disappeared after I read it."
"Then the sky will be covered with dark clouds. According to those people in Li Valve, they will feel something after hearing the thunder. If they disobey the imperial edict, they will be struck by lightning."
"When they leave the day after tomorrow, the dark cloud will follow them."
Thunder and lightning is a word that can often be heard, but for many people, it is a Chinese word, and many people can’t see such a wonder all their lives.
Wan wan was horrified.
An imperial edict represents God’s will, even if it is the last achievement of Yang Shen.
"Wan Wan girl, I’m still in the inn. I’ll find you after I leave for a while."
ShiFeiXuan saw wan wan stupidly said such a word to wan wan.
"Yangshen Avenue is really unusual, but it is difficult for me to get started."
Wan Wan sensed that Shifeixuan’s ghost disappeared and gently sighed.
Although she trusts her fist, she still has some yearning for Taoism after all.
When dealing with state affairs, Tian Daxing occasionally pays attention to a Korea.
The situation in Korea is now tragic.
Because of the change of Fu Junchuo’s ghost, Korea is almost incarnate, and the number of living people in the ghost domain is decreasing. If Fu Junchuo had not kept the memory of human time, Korea might have been completely transformed into a Yin country by her.
But after all, Fu Junchuo has become the ghost king, and her cognition must have changed differently compared with when she was a human.
She wantonly created the idea that the dead will turn into ghosts.
When her anger gets heavier and heavier, the whole country will become her goal.
Cailin Fu and Ning Dodge fell into her hands. Although they were not dead, they were also made by her yin qi. They were half puppets of her.
At one time, Fu Junchuo really wanted to save Cailin Fu, but as her self-awareness gradually changed in her heart, she was more like a ghost than a human being, and her attitude towards human beings changed little by little.
Her clothes turned blood red, and every day she struggled to kill everything she saw in her eyes.
She’s not completely out of control because people still remember her.
For heaven, Fu Junchuo is a surprise beyond his expectation. He will spend a lot of time observing Fu Junchuo.
This day
In Daxing Palace, the sky is closed and the situation in Fu Junchuo is observed through the best.
Xiao Huanghou came in and came to Tian’s side, saying, "We should have arrived in Korea by now."
"Yeah, almost."
He didn’t open his eyes when it was light to respond to the speech.
Xiao Huanghou noticed the middle of the back and asked, "What’s wrong with you? Close your eyes? "
"I see a person" day light replied.
Xiao Huanghou was stunned when he heard this. "Are you kidding me?"
Look at people with your eyes closed. Who is he looking at?
Xiao Huanghou felt that the Sui Emperor was getting more and more difficult to understand.
"Do you want to see it?"
Day didn’t answer Xiao Huanghou’s question but asked again.
Although I don’t know what’s going on, if you want to chat with Tian, you must try to understand Tian’s thoughts.
So Xiao Huanghou said this answer without thinking.
"Hold my hand"
God, put your hand out
Xiao Huanghou raised Sandy jade hand and took the day to sit beside him.
Then her eyes suddenly changed dramatically.
Her position is no longer the palace, but there is a bloody sky in the city, and it is also bloody that blocks the sun and the sky.
A strong pungent smell of blood also came to the nose.
The 40th chapter ShiShan blood extinction natural disasters
"What is this place?"
Xiao Huanghou was surprised.


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