He didn’t throw his hand at Wu, but he didn’t mean it.

The iron fist moves again, and the black flame comes out from the void, which is more intangible than the metaphysical trajectory, but the old ghost is suddenly shaking and waking up with a treasure.
"You want to die"
The old ghost finally reacted. After all, it was Yuan Ying’s peak monk. As soon as he sensed the danger, Zhen Yuan immediately broke out and violently retreated to avoid Wu’s breath, but it was a terrible blow.
"Ha, ha, ha ….. This senior brother of the corpse demon temple must hurry to leave. Let’s get close to my younger brother!"
The hearty laugh suddenly got into the old ghost’s ear. When he suddenly retreated, a black shadow also clung to the old ghost like a tarsal maggot. The dim light overflowed from Wu’s abandoned body, and as soon as it appeared, it turned into fists, feet, fingers and palms … and went to the old ghost’s body.
Every attack doesn’t show any power, but the old ghost has been shaking and waking up. He has been in extreme danger.
The old grimace is angry and rising, and the eagle’s eye is burning with fire. Staring at the shadow in front of him, he roars again and again, but no matter how he retreats, he can avoid it like a bone maggot.
"Thieves insult others too much"
Old ghost, after all, hanging out for many years is not the kind of novice monk who hasn’t experienced several battles. He can get rid of Wu Abandon by speed as soon as he sees the law.
"Hum", a long banner suddenly appeared, and there was a strong surge of white gas in the pallor. As soon as the banner appeared, it was filled with thick sen cold breath, and the corpse gas was almost visible to the naked eye, and the white gas could be seen everywhere.
"Kill him"
The old ghost made a determined effort. Seeing that his rotting corpse was destroyed, he no longer ridiculed and ridiculed Wu Abandon’s information. There was an urgent thought in his heart, that is, he killed Wu Abandon before, and he witnessed his rotting corpse Wu Abandon’s iron fist struggling to die. His heart gave birth to a little fear.
His voice fell suddenly and suddenly, and his face was pale and long, and suddenly the corpse gas poured out crazily. Shadows flew out from the inside, all of which were human figures mixed with the corpse gas. In an instant, there were more than 100 people. These shadows were all human monks, but their eyes were closed with a trace of life. They were all cold and dead, but they were all Promethean puppets.
As many as a hundred Promethean Puppets, each with a fighting power comparable to that of Jiedan, will be released, and those pale corpses will reflect the horrible and chilling scene.
"Jie Jie, see how you escape this time. How dare you destroy my rotting corpse? You will be captured later. You must wish you were dead."
Behind the hundreds of Promethean Puppets, the old ghost looks ferocious and stares at Jing Lizhong. Wu abandoned his eyes with hatred and murder mixed together, and at the same time there is excitement. Although he was destroyed by a rotting corpse with a lot of value, the thought of killing Wu abandoned can dominate the cemetery in front of him. The old ghost is full of ferocious scars, and his face is ugly and disgusting.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five Cloud (1)
There are more than 100 resin refining forests, which are covered with cold, cold, dead, dead and mixed together in front of Wu Abandon. The empty side is pale and long, and the old ghost stands with that gloomy smile. The atmosphere here is really scary.
Every brother of the corpse demon temple is an expert in resin refining. If the corpse reaches their hands, it will become a powerful resin refining. Although the old ghost has excellent spiritual root qualifications, he has won many ways to hang out for many years. At present, the last time this corpse refining is also the last stage of Dan’s struggle. The hundred resin refining eyes he collected for many years are composed of battle positions. The strong one can trap a godsworn for a moment.
"Hundreds of corpses will start work!" "Hua"
Pale long banners suddenly moved, and the resin gas surged overwhelmingly toward Wu Abandon. In the past, the cold and refined resin bodies with a milli expression all moved at the same time, and the dark shadows merged into the resin gas all over the sky. This appearance move immediately cut Wu Abandon’s emptiness to be independent.
There seems to be a change in front of me. When I look at it again, I have a little breath in front of me besides the churning corpse gas.
In the face of strangulation, Wu abandoned the strange appearance, but he was afraid of it. There was a look in his eyes, that is, he ignored a kind of indifference and despised him. His eyes did not stop at the hundreds of refined corpses around him, but fell directly to the old ghost outside the appearance.
With a ponder smile, his mouth and face turned to banter, just like cat and mouse, staring at the old ghost’s mouth slightly, and the light words penetrated through the sky and directly fell into the old ghost’s ear.
"Since the elder brother refuses to tell the younger brother the answer, the younger brother will find you himself, and I will break everything I rely on until you accept your fate."
With Wu abandoned words that suddenly changed, the hundred corpses were strangled to come over and reduce Wu abandoned by several feet. When Fiona Fang "called" a strange sound, he suddenly saw that Wu abandoned the body and plumes of black mans came out of it, which was exactly the same as the black mans wrapped in his fist before, but this time it was obviously more and almost a moment. Wu abandoned the surrounding area and was completely filled with these black mans.
The word "ghost flame domain" is cold and spit out, and the black flame bursts out and instantly becomes a sea of fire. Suddenly, the overwhelming pale corpse gas collides with each other, and suddenly the reaction is fierce, but the situation is countdown, and the corpse gas disappears. The black flame directly dissipates.
Giant resin gas inside the more than one hundred refined resin original each one is sending out a horrible breath, the most strength is comparable to Dan, but at this time, the more than one hundred refined resin are panicked and trembling, which seems to have sensed something terrible than this, which has also brought trouble to the old ghost’s pale face, long complications, and hunting rings. The shaking of the complications makes the old ghost almost unable to hold it.
Facing this scene, the old ghost immediately remembered that his rotting corpse was destroyed and immediately exclaimed, "What’s going on?"
No one will answer him. There are two people, he and Wu Abandon, on the battlefield outside the graveyard.
The two smells are intertwined, but one of them dissipates rapidly, while the other one suddenly soars, and the whole virtual space is dyed dark. With the visible speed of the corpse gas disappearing with the naked eye, more than 100 refined corpses are hiding inside, and they panic and scurry like they are facing disaster, but none of them has the courage to flee to the center of the fire.
"Is this … is it …?"
The old ghost, after all, is an old man who has been hanging out with Monty Sect for many years. When he saw it, he should have recognized that the black flame gushed out from Wu’s abandoned body was a thing, but he was carried away by anger and murder. At the moment, he didn’t remember it. Now he suddenly saw this scene, and his mind immediately flashed with thoughts. Look at the soaring black fire, but he could no longer hide it. The color of fear was revealed.
"Impossible, how is it possible? The fire of nine ghosts is something in the underworld. How can it be here? Impossible, absolutely impossible. "
The old ghost couldn’t believe it. He looked at the crazy black flame, especially when he saw several looming huge black lotus shadows in the sea of fire. His face was even more timid. Where was the former arrogant person who wanted to kill Wu?
Now the first thought in his mind can’t even believe that it turned out to be "escape", but at the sight of the raging fire in front of him, the old ghost’s heart chugged up, and he didn’t think the idea of escape was abrupt at all. Although he had many means, he also had Yuan Ying’s peak repair. It is said that even in the face of Godsworn, he didn’t need to be afraid to escape.
But at the moment, he is not a godsworn, but a man who can freely control the Nine Ghosts Fire. His old ghost has all the fighting power to refine the avatar, and the Nine Ghosts Fire is just the biggest nemesis of this kind of avatar. Besides the threat of Buddhism, Buddhism, Buddhism and flame, the most shit is the unique flame of the Nine Ghosts Fire.
To have these nine ghost fires, no matter what the old ghost does, Wu can break them with one law.
"Booming" inferno skyrocketed, and the black flames came out of it to touch all the resin gas, and the refining of the resin was inevitable, but it was still a wisp of black flame.
Burn out without screaming, burn out with interest, and burn out all over the body. When the corpse is touched by a wisp of black flame, the body is unusually earth. Suddenly, the original pure corpse gas is melted and melted by the black flame.
With the first one, there will be a second one. There are more than 100 refined corpses hidden in the corpse. When the old ghost doesn’t have time, he will take them back. All these refined corpses still have a trace of fear, avoidance and avoidance. These refined corpses have not even been directly incinerated.
One, two, ten … But also more than a dozen breathing when the old ghost finished reacting, his refined resin has been incinerated by the crazy expansion of black flame, and there is no lack of powerful refined resin in more than a dozen.
When this scene falls into the old ghost’s ear, he can’t stand it any longer, but he still cares about the scene before. Driven by his thoughts, he will turn around and flee to face a man who can manipulate the fire of the Nine Ghosts. If the corpse demon temple brother is afraid, he will go far.
Although there is a huge gap in his heart, he still clamored to kill Wu Abandon, but now he wants to escape like a SangGuQuan. Not everyone can bear this gap, but the old ghost has experienced many dangerous scenes, and he doesn’t know what to do in the face of such changes for a while, so he just froze on the spot.
As far as he became speechless, he lost more than a dozen heads in the huge corpse gas in his hand. Seeing the old ghost is a surprise and a fear.
In my mind, the warning signs suddenly gave birth to a feeling of unspeakable danger. I have been living and dying for many years. As soon as the old ghost senses the physical crisis, she can’t think of anything immediately. She shakes her wrist violently, and when she vomits, she immediately has a pale corpse. The light is dim, but it is not damaged.
"Whoo-hoo" came back with a strange sound in the gas, but it soon ended. Seeing the old ghost’s pale long streamers, the white light surged and swallowed all the resin gas into the streamers. Even in the middle, the refined resin was the same, and the pure resin gas poured into the old ghost’s hands holding the pale long streamers.
The old ghost who collected his own refined resin knows that he must not delay and turn his teeth to hide.
It’s a pity that if the old ghost turns and escapes from Wu Abandon, he may still be spared. But now Wu Abandon’s thoughts are the same as those before. But having thousands of coffins here means that there are thousands of refined corpses with good quality. This is secondary. More importantly, there are still some silver corpses in the grave. How can Wu Abandon let people go out if the old ghost makes the information here public? At that time, I don’t know how many people will flood into the small world outside this country.
Wu abandon is don’t know the more he worried about things finally really happened.
The old ghost’s means of killing is not neat, but the means of escape is first-class. After receiving the long-term corpse, he directly turned to control the light and fled to the distance without words.
This old ghost deserves his title of old ghost. He has been a sophisticated person for many years. When he saw that the limelight was wrong, he ignored everything and fled. It was faster than Wu abandoned. In a blink of an eye, the old ghost turned into a light and went a little far.
"big corpse magic hand"
He can’t move again. Wu abandoned to see the old ghost escape far away. He almost froze. He quickly reacted and held out his hand in the direction of his escape. A virtual press suddenly saw the ancient and desolate corpse coming in a big hand and patted it hard at the old ghost.
"Om" and "poof" two different sounds came. One was that the big hand slapped the old ghost to escape the light and made an impact. The other was that the old ghost vomited blood. He was just scraped by the corpse’s magic hand, but he didn’t expect it to be a serious injury field directly.
And let a person words can be said that the old ghost vomited blood instantly, but simply slapped his heart with the palm of his hand, and suddenly he saw a big mouthful of blood fog gushing out and falling around his body, and suddenly he saw blood flashing, and his speed of escaping light was much faster, and soon he disappeared.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Cloud (2)
The desolate plain is covered with dark clouds at night, and there is not a glimmer of light except for the dim gray moon in the depths. What you can feel here is the cold and the heavy pressure of letting the living breathe.
In the depths of the plain, there is an area where there is no grass growing, even a dead tree can’t be seen here, but there is an incredibly large gray cloud in the horrible scene, which covers the area like a canopy. The coffins with messy and tattered mouths are inserted into the soil, and at first glance, there are more than a thousand mouths. Every coffin has a strong dead breath and slowly melts into the canopy of the Chinese corpse cloud.
"absolutely yin graveyard"
If there are monks who are good at refining corpses or knowledgeable, they will certainly recognize the origin of this area and know the temptation of this cemetery to the Taoist priests, especially the Taoist priests.
The corpse gas condenses into a cloud like a canopy, which blocks everything and covers this area. The thickness of the corpse cloud is amazing. It seems to be motionless, but if you look closely, you can immediately see that the corpses are rolling like boiling. The strangeness is rolling. These corpses have gradually become pure. Once condensed, those pure corpses will fall to the side, and some will fall into the coffin. The coffin face is slowly sucked into the coffin.