So Yan Nanfei is not going to throw away this sweet potato.

Because he is interpersonal.
"No one will stop you from what you want to do. It’s better for us to stay in the same way and get well," Yan Nanfei said.
"I said I would repay you for everything. I won’t leave, at least not so early," said our son.
Yan Nanfei walked to the door and suddenly stopped.
That slightly cold face finally emerged with a smile.
Our son followed Yan Nanfei’s team and became a member of Yanling Guard. All the way, he hid his eyes and ears and avoided a lot of sight.
On the night of the inn, Yin Liuhe and Yan Lingwei erased all the traces by their own means, which made our son’s traces a mystery for a while.
After flying to Luohe, Yannan took a huge ship and sailed all the way along the Bishuijiang River through the rainforest ice sheet. Finally, Taniguchi was stationed on the shore. The garrison general of Taniguchi had already prepared everything for his chosen soldiers and personally led his cronies to wait for a long time. When Yannan flew to the shore, he went straight into Taniguchi and drove into the White House.
Since Tianque’s seventh knife, Bai Yu Dao, broke the white floor door, the white floor door of Dayan Imperial City has been in hot water. Even if it is still snowing, the whole Imperial City is dusty, and the Yan Imperial City soldiers still feel hot in the snow.
These days, there have been too many incidents of intentional wounding under their noses, and often both sides of the conflict are foreign practitioners and Dayan military generals
This puts them in a dilemma.
As the guardian of the capital, the generals of the White House cannot watch these foreign practitioners rampage through the capital and pretend that they can’t see anything. It is also impossible to favor their own military soldiers in broad daylight. This will give those forces with ulterior motives to avoid chaos.
Therefore, it is very difficult for them to knock out their teeth, promote blood circulation and swallow the sun. It has been no more than half a month.
Until five days ago
The soldiers in charge of maintaining order in the capital city found a strange phenomenon. During the daytime, they intentionally clashed, and the foreign practitioners disappeared for no reason the next day, and they disappeared like that.
At one time, this incident made the Imperial Capital General’s Office receive a forced intervention from those foreign forces, demanding that the military in charge of guarding order in Dayan Imperial Capital thoroughly investigate this bizarre and bizarre disappearance case, and threatened that it would never give up without reasonable explanation.
But things don’t seem to develop as those foreign practitioners expected. The bizarre disappearance case has intensified instead of calming down after the disturbance of the general’s office.
It’s like an unknown hand quietly pulling out an arrow at the heart of root cutting Dayan Empire in the dark.
Make the relatives quick and the enemies painful!
This phenomenon-level reaction finally attracted the attention of the important people who hid behind the practitioners of all walks of life after repeatedly exerting pressure to protect the country and the general’s government.
So all kinds of dark news are flying.
All kinds of spearheads and answers point to Yan Ling’s body at the same time.
The most secretive organization of Dayan Imperial City was pushed to the forefront for a while.
So Fang Yin said, "The leader of Yan Lingwei, General Yuwen, is back!"
Whether it is constantly being pressured by various forces to protect the country’s general office or being distressed and humbled to vent, the reaction of the White House generals is a sigh of relief when they hear this news.
For Dayan Empire, for Dayan Imperial Capital, for the people of Bailoumen, if the general office of protecting the country and the general department of Bailou are solid shields of the empire in the daytime, then Yanlingwei is an arrow that the empire can’t break in the night and is not afraid of.
And Yuwen valve doubt is the most deadly part of this arrow.
Bows are not as deadly as arrows, but enemies in the dark.
Chapter 26 Temple Two or Three Things ()
Not long ago, Yan Bailou sent Yan Lingwei’s leader, General Yuwenfu, to escort the youngest daughter, Princess Ning Xue, to the monastery to study and cultivate, which is a well-known thing.
Then Yan Bailou’s knife was stupid and Bai Yu was seriously injured in World War I. Dayan Empire seemed to be leaderless for a while.
All those who want to explore the foundation of Dayan Empire will take this opportunity to add fuel to the fire and gather at the White House Gate. Besides the injury of Yanbailou, there are many reasons why Yan Lingwei left Beijing.
Many years ago, Luoling founded Yan Lingwei, became the first leader of the secret organization of the Dayan Empire, and became the most convenient sword in the hands of Yanbailou, that is, Yan Lingwei of the Dayan Empire became famous everywhere.
People in the surrounding areas of Dayan Empire can’t say that the name of Yanling Weiluoling is frightening, but they can’t sleep all night.
Although Luoling couldn’t be the leader of Yanlingwei after getting the map of the country and mountains and rivers three years ago, it was also taken over by Yuwen Valve. Because Yuwen Valve has always been the lieutenant of Luoling, there may be some famous names in Yanlingwei, but it is unheard of in the ears of the world, let alone the sixth gun. From then on, the weight in the eyes of Yanlingwei Dayan people has been reduced, and the weight in Yanbailou’s heart has been greatly reduced.
But this does not mean that Yan Lingwei’s strength can be ignored.
Especially, a year ago, there was a secret war between the strength and weakness of Yuwen Valve, the God of White House, which completely established the unshakable position of Yuwen Valve and Yuwen General in the military.
So after Yanlingwei was silent for two years, Yuwen Valve returned to its peak again.
No matter whether the battle between the White House God and Yuwen Valve is true or not, no matter whether all this is Yanbailou or not, the people in the world have re-established Yan Lingwei’s unbreakable myth and deliberately arranged to spread a secret story. After all, it achieved the effect that Yanbailou wanted to see.
In fact, Yuwen valve has not let people down.
Just like now, when General Yuwen Valve, the leader of Yanlingwei, returned from Pu Yuan, whether it was the atmosphere of the imperial city or the smiles of those people seemed to be more than usual.
The disappearance of foreign practitioners is still playing the role of those secret forces. They can also put pressure on the general’s office to throw their weight around, but gradually they realize that things are far from being as simple as they think. The more they resist, the more they lose their dark chess.
Finally, it was the first time that they tried to say that Mao Yanling of Zhongda Yan Empire was really terrible, and they had a clear and profound understanding of the name Yuwen Valve.
After the return of Yuwen Valve, Yanling Wei relentlessly punished those who had turned a blind eye to the laws of Dayan Empire.
It’s like pulling nails
Yuwen valve doesn’t have a lot of worries like the White House God or the General’s Office to protect the country. He knows very well what Yan Lingwei means to the empire. It is the first and last line of defense for the safety of the empire. Whether Yan Lingwei was founded initially or after he took over Yan Lingwei, he always believed in a principle.
Imperial spear rule!
Anyone who dares to test or violate imperial laws and imperial security will be hit by Yan Lingwei crazily and violently.
It rained heavily that day and didn’t stop until noon.
The cold rain washed away the heavy snow accumulated in the imperial city in the past few days, so the snow melted and was frozen by the cold north wind after the heavy rain.
So is the moat.
The heavy rain made the river a little muddy, and out of nowhere, bodies that had already been soaked by the river emerged in the moat.
The people in the imperial city formed a long queue around the moat. The bodies were unrecognizable and had many terrible scars, as if they had been tortured before they died.
This incident has alarmed the general office of protecting the country and the deployment of sergeants by the White House God.
After the heavy rain, they carved ice to salvage the bodies, and some people recognized some familiarity among the bodies that were salvaged.