"Whose child are you? What about your adult? "

Yuanyuan hugged the big apple in her hand and pointed back to the direction of Dayu and Xiaoyu.
Zhou Xingyue looked in her direction and didn’t see anyone.
"Which side are your parents? Then don’t move here and wait for them to come back for you. "
Yuanyuan darling nodded and continued to squat down and touch the big apple in her arms.
Zhou Xingyue didn’t notice that she was holding something in her hand and frowned, then walked beside Yao Zhizhao.
"Why don’t we cut pig grass here and watch the child?"
Yao Zhizhao, look around.
"Ok, here it is."
Zhou Xingyue took a sickle and began to cut pig grass. At this time, the sun was very bright, and their faces sweated after working for a while.
Yao Zhizhao looked at his wife and felt that her body was really a little weak. "You go to a shady place over there and have a rest. I’ll do it."
Zhou Xingyue wiped his sweat. "It’s okay. I can still do this work." Then he lowered his head and began to dry up again.
Yuanyuan sat next to her, holding the apple and cocked her head and looked at them.
Zhou Xingyue looked up at Yuan Yuan and laughed at a glance. This child is really beautiful and is not afraid of people. What’s going on with this parent? Don’t come and see. Although rural children are all stocked, it’s a little careless to put it here so small.
Yuanyuan felt the apple in her hand, and she jerked up, but she didn’t shake steadily, but she didn’t fall.
Yao Zhizhao was close to her consciousness and wanted to help her in the past. She didn’t rest assured until she was stable.
Yuanyuan slowly stepped on the grass and walked towards them.
Yao Zhizhao and Zhou Xingyue also looked at her straight.
Yuanyuan walked beside Zhou Xingyue and handed the apple to her with both hands.
Zhou Xingyue knows what she wants to do, and she still has some warmth in her heart. She puts out her hand and tries to touch her head.
"I don’t want you to keep it for yourself." She can’t tell the identity of this child. It is very expensive for such a big apple to be taken in the hands of such a big child, and it is such a solar term.
Yao Zhizhao looked at Yuan Yuan and moved his heart with some warmth.
Yuanyuan still holds her up and insists that "I’m not hungry if you eat"
Zhou Xingyue was very happy when she listened to her little milk sound and her seriousness.
Chen Dayu has already cut the pig grass. When he turned around, he didn’t see Yuanyuan. He was also shocked. Yuan Yuan walked away and looked at the soles of his feet before he knew that he had cut the pig grass and forgot his position.
"I’m going to find Yuanyuan. You look at it here." Then I ran back to find someone.
Chen Xiaoyu in situ waiting.
"Yuanyuan, we are going home." Chen Dayu saw Yuanyuan before she ran, and she also saw who she was talking to. She quickly shouted.
Yuanyuan heard Dayu calling herself, so she put her apple in the basket of Zhou Xingyue’s foot and turned and ran away.
Zhou Xingyue didn’t hear clearly how Dayu called her, but she knew it was her family by her reaction.
Yao Zhizhao looked at the red apples in the basket beside his wife to catch up with them, but she seemed to be walking unsteadily, but she ran very fast.
Zhou Xingyue looked at the big apple in the basket and sighed. "The child gave us something and I don’t know if he will be scolded when he goes home?"
Yao Zhizhao shook his head. "I don’t think so. I don’t look like ordinary people."
Chen Dayu ran past two steps to pick up Yuanyuan.
"Who are you talking to?"
Yuanyuan thought that the big apple had just finished, and she forgot that there was big jade sister. She gave it to that grandmother, and she was prepared to keep it a secret, so she simply didn’t let big jade sister know.
"Grandma works," Yuanyuan said seriously.
Chen Dayu didn’t rest assured. After all, there are no strangers in these two villages.
Three people are ready to go home.
Yuanyuan looked back before she left, but she couldn’t see it.
Little squirrel, a tree saw people leave with its own eyes, and it jumped back.
Chen is looking for someone at home. When Yuan Yuan came back, he hurried over.
"Where is this? Why don’t you tell grandma? I’ve been looking for you at home for a long time. "Although I know she won’t have anything, I’m still in a hurry."
Chen Dayu looked at grandma in a hurry and quickly admitted his mistake. "Grandma, I forgot to tell you and took Yuanyuan out."
Chen gave a hand. "Grandma knows that she didn’t pester you to go out with you."
Yuanyuan grinned and laughed. "Grandma, I want to play."
Chen looked at her so that she couldn’t lose her temper. "I can’t do this again. Go out and tell grandma."
Yuanyuan nodded hard.