One of them even said disdainfully, "Is there anyone who dares to provoke me to be a Taoist priest?"

The old man flew into a rage and turned around and said, "Son of a bitch, I’m Dan Daozong. Although few people dare to provoke me, who knows you when I come to the East China Sea?" It’s not the same after killing! "
The monk suddenly smiled at his eyes. "What if the other person has a person and can’t fix us?"
The old man smiled and said, "Then you can provoke it, but you must kill it after you provoke it!"
A group of monks looked at the front of the old man with their eyes shining.
The old man looked puzzled and turned around to see a young man wrapped in black. I didn’t know when he appeared. Two eyes behind him stared at himself like sharp blades.
The old man’s heart jumped and recovered as usual with a smile. "Little brother, what are you doing waiting for the road?" What about your elders? "
He looked around, obviously suspecting that there was a master in the dark. Otherwise, how dare a fifth repairman who forged bones wander around the vast sea alone?
He has made up his mind that if the elders behind him are not as good as themselves, he will directly kill them and make a fortune by the way.
It is common to kill people and seize treasures in the vast sea area, especially in the Ssangyong Island Conference. In the past few days, the sea area will become more chaotic, and people will die every day. You know, it is a good time to go to the Ssangyong Island Conference with rare good things.
In the face of the old man’s inquiry, Xiao Yu smiled coldly without saying anything, and directly smashed it with one punch.
His fist burst into a brilliant dark magic gas, and he came to the old man with fierce power like a black oolong.
The old man didn’t expect Xiao Yu to dare to start work. He didn’t expect Xiao Yu’s strength to be so strong that he thundered with his hands together to meet a thud and flew out directly.
"What? How is this possible? "
The old man lost his way.
He was blown away by Xiao Yu’s fist, his hands were numb, his clothes were broken, and his blood gas could not stop churning. You know how he was blown away by the strong players in the cave and Xuan realm.
Don’t say that this man is the fifth heaviest, even the seventh heaviest. He is also an ant in his eyes, and a character can be shot to death easily.
Xiao Yu blew the old man away with one punch, but he didn’t answer. A flash of black light rushed to the group of young people to kill him like a tiger.
"Ah “`"
Screaming all over the place, if this group of young people can be Xiao Yu’s opponents, the power of shocking words will spread to a layer of black ripples in the sky, and no one can resist it except the mysterious realm.
Almost a face-to-face kung fu, these dozens of young people all died, and their bodies were banged and smashed to melt the blood fog.
Now Xiao Yu is cursed by ghosts and demons, and his mind is trapped in destruction. He doesn’t know what he is doing, and he deserves to know how to kill at random. Even Xiao Yu, the closest person, will not hesitate to blow away.
And at the moment, Xiao Yu’s overall strength is more than three times higher than during the day, but it is the curse of the ghost inferno that crushes all his potential and makes him tireless and painless until he is killed or killed alive.
This is the ghost inferno curse terror!
And even if he meets a master many times stronger than himself, he will not hesitate to kill him.
"Hey hey “`"
Xiao Yu grimaced at the bursts of blood fog in the crumbling sky, and sucked all the blood fog into his mouth, turning a bloody rainbow into his mouth.
Although he is cursed to control his mind, killing can make him more precise in controlling what he has learned, and he can almost use whatever he has learned.
Sucking the lotus flower into his mouth, he immediately turned on the magic power of melting heaven and refining all the lotus flower, and then his eyes were fixed on the old man instantly.
The old man was blown away by Xiao Yu’s fist, and his hands were numb. Before he could react, he saw that he had brought these younger brothers with him. All of them were killed, and I couldn’t help screaming and screaming.
"Devil, don’t you dare kill me! Dandao Zongdi always wants you to pay for it!"
He rose a palm toward Xiao Yu as a pledge.
Xiao Yu’s grimace of a grin went up like a black flash and rushed at the old man.
The two men hit each other hard, and the old man snorted and flew out again. The blood and gas rolled back and forth, and he couldn’t stop gushing out. He felt that his insides and meridians were violently shaken like being cut together by several broadswords.
Xiao Yu also flew out in a tumbling way, but he didn’t care about it. Almost instantly, he rushed to the old man with all kinds of killing techniques.
The old man roared and bombarded.
Pity him, although he is a master of the realm of Cave and Mystery, but he is just the first peak of Cave and Mystery, losing his mind, knowing no pain and being poor. Can Xiao Yu be his opponent before him? !
The old man was hit by Xiao Yu’s fist, and his heart exploded in an instant, so that his heart was blown to pieces almost on the spot. He glared at him and opened his eyes, but his blood gushed out, but he also grasped his hand directly to Xiao Yu’s heart and planned to grab his heart out.
Xiao Yu grimaced one by one and stopped the old man’s palm and looked up at the old man’s other. He slammed the old man’s facial features and teeth and smashed all his blood.
As soon as the old man knew that he was going to die, his feet even kicked for an instant and exploded into hundreds of feet, kicking at Xiao Yushen.
Xiao Yu dodged dozens of feet on the spot, but his face was ferocious. He grabbed the old man’s head and pulled it out.
The old man’s whole head was spurted from his chest by his blood, and his head and body struggled hard before plopping into the vast sea.
Xiao Yu grimaced, and a flash of black light rushed to the distance to find a target.
The little stone lion turned around in a hurry and said, "Don’t meet a high-ranking monk in the mysterious cave, his grandmother. Otherwise, what should he do if his fart collapses? What should he do?" qR1
Now it can also pray that Xiao Yu will not meet the high-order, awakening and great-energy monks in the cave and mysterious realm, or else he will be slapped to death.
Xiao Yu soon met a wave of monks, led by two strong cave-xuan, a cave-xuan triple day and a cave-xuan double day. After a fierce battle, Xiao Yu was seriously injured and fled by two people.
However, after fleeing, Xiao Yu didn’t come quietly to seek healing, but rushed to another direction to show another wave of monks’ wars.
In this way, Xiao Yu kept wandering around this sea area, killing crazily. No matter what the other party did, he didn’t hesitate to make trouble and kill evil before killing, and he was seriously injured by many experts in the mysterious realm.