No way! This little guy is unmoved by the treasure! ?

Is there a better treasure than this? They haven’t found it! ?
"Small! What’s that in your hand? Show us! ?” An elder could not help but say
Looking intently, I found a ring in Jiang Feng’s hand, which was very colorful and inlaid with five precious stones, namely, gold, green, blue, fire and brown.
"What is this! ?” A little doubt rose in everyone’s heart.
It doesn’t look like a jewel or something.
"I’ve chosen something, so I’ll go back first. Don’t be so nervous. I just can’t look at one or two treasures!" Jiang Feng say that finish also don’t give everyone a chance to respond to turn around and headed for the holy cave.
Until Jiang Feng figure is about to disappear when the patriarch this just react hurriedly rebuke a.
"I said little! Don’t talk nonsense about this matter, otherwise you will ask! "
"Don’t worry! I’m not stupid! " Jiang Feng say that finish this sentence the whole figure completely disappeared holy hole.
The elders also Jiang Feng will choose jewels one by one, so they are nervous that they can’t find out that he took a ring, which makes them unexpected one by one.
"Patriarch! What’s that in that little hand? A ring is more important than a jewel! ?”
The elder spoke all the questions of the elder, and his eyes were fixed on him.
Patriarch smell speech didn’t immediately answer hesitated for a long time that flashes as if thinking of something.
"This ring should not be a five-element ring of heaven!" Thinking of this, the patriarch immediately became excited. "According to the description of the patriarchal classics, it seems that it is really a heaven and five elements. There can be no mistake!"
"Heaven five elements to quit! ?”
For this address, it is the first time that I heard that I couldn’t help asking the patriarch, "What is the five elements of heaven! ?”
"The Five Rings of Heaven and Five Elements in the Book of Classics are the things worn by the Patriarch, which correspond to the five marks of heaven respectively. Jin Mu’s fire, water and earth seem to be a ring."
"including! ? That’s just ordinary storage! ?” An elder took the bag out of his arms and said
Patriarch smell speech shook his head. "It’s not common to store the five precepts of heaven and earth, but all kinds of spirits can be stored."
"For example, once the Xuan Hua pool water leaves the pool water, it will disappear, but the five precepts of Heaven and Heaven can be stored, and all the spirits with this precept can move to their designated places."
Listen to the patriarch said that all the elders were shocked.
We should know that all things in heaven are naturally formed and cannot be forcibly transferred, especially a spiritual vein, which is the most important to the development of the foundation for a hundred years or even thousands of years.
And the five elements of heaven can actually move the spirit pulse. This kind of thing is too fate.
"Patriarch! If we have this ring, wouldn’t it be possible to move the heavenly veins to cover up the imaginary Sect? Compared with the jewels, this ring is more overflowing for us to cover up the imaginary Sect! " The elder mouth said
"indeed! However, all the major veins are occupied by Yu Zongmen, and even if we want to move, I am afraid we don’t have the strength. "
The patriarch’s words immediately made the excited elders fade like frost.
"all right! Although Jiang Feng has the five precepts of Heaven, he is our chief thing after all, and he can’t run away. These things are enough to make our clan grow stronger and prosper in the future. Let’s consider transferring the spiritual pulse again! " The patriarch reached an order.
Chapter 17 I hate it
Jiang Feng left the sacred cave and returned directly to his own small peak.
I don’t know what happened to my two brothers after being away from Yan Xuzong for so long
"Ah … ah … Jiang Feng, you bastard, after seeing me, don’t smoke your ribs and peel your skin … stop fighting!"
As soon as Jiang Feng left Xiaofeng’s ear, he came to a hysterical roar.
Jiang Feng quickened his pace and soon came to the top of the small mountain peak.
A boy with raw skin and bloody flesh was bound to a big tree, and in front of him was a beautiful-looking woman with a whip.
This man is none other than Jiang Feng’s two brothers Lan Fengrou Kun.
Obviously, the escape plan failed again, and Lan Fengrou was severely beaten at this time.
"Master! You are back! " Lan Fengrou was very alert. Jiang Feng was discovered by him as soon as he came back.
"well! How’s it going these days! ?” Jiang Feng asked tone say
Speaking of Lan Fengrou is also very shocking.
When Jiang Feng forcibly accepted the apprentice, she didn’t seem to have anything extraordinary.
However, in the past few days, he has changed this view.
She beat me half to death every time I ran away. What’s even more amazing is that no matter how small the injury is, I will be alive and kicking again the next day.
What is even more amazing is that his body will get stronger and stronger every time he is seriously injured.
"Master! Teacher younger brother is getting stronger and stronger now, and his strength is amazing. Even I have to take it seriously! ?” Lan Fengrou finally knows why Jiang Feng wants to accept disciples. I’m afraid his future achievements will not be his own.
"Crazy! Crazy! When are you going to torture me … "
Seeing Jiang Feng crying for so many years, when has he ever been wronged like this? "Uncle … why don’t you come and save me … my nephew is going to be beaten to death by this madness!"
Jiang Feng looked at him with his hands behind his back and his eyes smiled lightly. "Didn’t I tell you that you want to leave here with your own business, or you will worship our teacher? What do you want! ?”
When you hear it, you have to worship this crazy teacher. That’s 10 thousand people who don’t want to
"You don’t even know Fu Hu Quan. I don’t want to worship your teacher. I want to worship my uncle … uncle … uncle …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
He didn’t know that at this time, his third uncle was hiding his virtual life through his name as the chief registered brother, which was raining.
Although Yan Xuzong’s younger brother knows where this chief flashy can be named.
Also let many brothers let him three points.
"Fucking thing! The teacher is waiting for you to learn, and you are still thinking about Fu Huquan. What a stupid head! " Jiang Feng took a long whip from Lan Fengrou’s hand, looked at Xie coldly and smiled. "I’ll give you 500 help today if I’m in a good mood!"
The whip held Jiang Feng high and whipped him mercilessly to hit "Pa Pa!" Random noise
Jiang Feng went to Wan Xuanzong Kong Liang, Xiaofeng at this time.
This time, Kong Liang came back from Wan Xuanzong and fell in love with Jiang Fengpei. This time, he prepared the dining tables and wanted to come to Jiang Feng to celebrate.
Who knows that I heard a heart-rending scream before the mountain?
This sound is very familiar to him. It’s the new junior.
Kong Liang shuddered at his consciousness and couldn’t help thinking of Jiang Feng’s hobby when he turned around and walked towards Xiaofeng.
"Chief Jiang has just returned to Zongmen and is sure to make out with Kun. I … I won’t bother him … haha … come back in a few days-forget it … and don’t come again …"
Kong Liang wiped his forehead and left Xiaofeng with a cold sweat and food like running for his life.
On the other side, Jiang Feng was beaten to death after five hundred whips.
When will this ten-story hellish day end?
"Ah … I hate it!" There was a long tear, but no one came to save him.
Jiang Feng looked at Kun with satisfaction behind his hands and nodded his head. His talent is stronger than expected.
Jiang Feng said that each whip has no power, but it is also very three or four. Don’t say that he is even a close-pulse ten-heavy fighter who holds Yuan’s fighters very much. A heavy fighter may be beaten to death by him alive.
On the contrary, it is Jiang Feng’s appreciation that he can carry it.