It seems that I can’t get around this hurdle. Since I learned through Mo Fei that Lao Mo intends to take a stake in his company, I have already understood his thoughts. I didn’t expect to be so determined after declining. Isn’t this span a bit big?

Jumping from the unified industry to the internet market, these are two business models. Not everyone can do it. There is no discrimination here. Even if Microsoft wants to enter the internet, it is quite difficult. This is two modes of thinking. The bigger the enterprise, the more difficult it is to turn around. Corporate culture differences are also very important.
Not to mention, Lenovo also wants the Internet market to share a piece of the shares in Jinshan Investment Excellence Network, and it also operates FM365, a new door network and has an exclusive column news.
FM365′ s appearance in person can be said to be a high performance of Lenovo’s public means. When Yanjing Third Ring Road set up several big billboards "Who made me move on April 1st" overnight, when the spring sun shone, no one expected Lenovo to visit the internet water billboard overnight and change it to "true love interaction", but Xie Tingfeng took this opportunity to let many people know his "name" with the help of Lenovo advertisements.
Lenovo hopes to bundle the marketing of FM365 through its personal PC industry, and the annual brain shipment is 20,000 units, which is an increase of 20,000 units and can also drive the production and sales of hardware.
Later, AOL invested 100 million US dollars, and as a result, Lenovo employees were severely laid off and declared bankrupt in the rapid expansion. Finally, the domain name was sold for 120,000 US dollars, compared with the huge investment in the previous period, there was not even a hair left.
It is also necessary to consider that if we find a balance in this fast way, the faster we run, the easier it will be to capsize. Internet thinking has a high probability of success, but it is difficult to make the Internet by integrating enterprise thinking. You see which world-renowned Internet companies have made the transition from unified industry.
Therefore, Chen Bo hesitates about what you are doing when you are doing real estate and always playing the Internet. This is not a real estate network, but he has thought about it for a long time and thought of a way to make him give up this idea and shift his focus.
Chen Bo said, "Uncle Mo, I think it’s time for the real estate market to transform, and we can try to do commercial real estate."
Lao Mo said, "Commercial real estate? Do you mean to build your own shopping mall? "
"Like Tianhe City, but there is no need to do such a large-scale catering, entertainment and shopping integrated supermarket, department store and specialty store chain catering KV cinema. These are all forms of investment promotion. With the economic development, rents will rise. The only drawback is that the capital chain will withdraw funds at a slower rate."
Now all cities have this kind of shpping all-style shopping center, but the scale is relatively large, and there are only one or two places in a city adjacent to the most prosperous section of the city center. Chen Bo’s idea is to make commercial real estate, but it is not necessary to be so large and integrated, and it cannot cause resource waves to radiate. After all, there is a limit to the business circle.
Lao Mo pondered for a moment and said, "Your idea is good, but I don’t think it’s enough. You can add the integration of fine apartments, Grade A office buildings, businesses and hotels, so that you can eliminate the surrounding areas by yourself."
After all, the shopping mall has been ups and downs for many years, and Chen Boxin, an old capitalist, sighed, this is a little transparent. This model is almost the same as that of wanda plaza, but it will occupy a large amount of cash flow and is more suitable for first-tier cities. Now the development of second-and third-tier cities has not kept pace with the society.
"Ginger is still great. Uncle Mo is really an old-timer in the mall." Chen Bogong said.
"This commercial real estate can be done. I think you also have this idea. I wonder if you are interested in participating?" Old mo then said
"Uncle Mo, this is a joke. It’s a bit big for me to do the Internet alone. Besides, I have no money and no resources. I’d better forget it!" Chen Bo refused. This sentence is a double word. I’m sure the Internet will span a lot in real estate, and so will you. Let’s stay out of it.
Lao Mo pretended not to understand and bluntly said, "But I am very interested in the Internet industry. Don’t think that my uncle is bullying the small real estate industry. I also want to diversify, but I don’t understand anything except building a few houses. The Internet was so hot a few years ago. Why didn’t I go in? First, I haven’t met the right person. Second, after all, I have been in business for many years. Can’t I see the bubble inside? "
Lao Mo paused for a while and then added, "Since Xiaofei followed you to start the Internet, I didn’t notice that you have to say that you have brains and ideas in this industry and you can recognize that you are not greedy for credit. Look at those big companies that have burned hundreds of millions of dollars and are still half dead. Your small network has already achieved profitability, so I have no doubt about your ability and I am optimistic about your company."
After this, Chen Bo felt a sweat. I also want to burn money. I also want to be a local tyrant. This is not a few years late to be born again. Skynet is also caused by luck. Otherwise, there is no such thing as him. But I think Lao Mo is determined to come in.
As the saying goes, the hardest thing about a good debt of gratitude is not only the resource problem of Lao Mo, but also Mo Fei, the second largest shareholder. That’s his son. If he refuses to insist on it in every way, it will be difficult. It’s also right that Lao Mo didn’t let Mo Fei participate, otherwise both sides will be embarrassed.
Chen Bode said, "Uncle Mo, I must say before that the Internet is very risky, and no one can guarantee that it will make money. Moreover, although this industry does not make much money now, its valuation is not low, which is completely different from the practice of unified industry!"
Lao Mo smiled at him loosely. "Since I am optimistic about you, I fully believe you. I heard that you intend to set up a holding group. This idea will naturally be of great help to introduce more shareholders with resources and the future development of the company. I have also done a detailed investigation before. According to the current Internet market value, the value of all assets of Pangu Science and Technology Banner should exceed 60,000 US dollars."
Chen Bo nodded and didn’t even calculate how much the total assets of Pangu Banner are now, but this number should be different by a few. After all, the most inhaled penguin is still a penguin egg, and it is just Skynet that cannot measure the future value.
Lao Mo said, "Don’t look at how many companies your uncle Mo runs, but Cheng also doesn’t have that much idle funds. I will set up a commercial real estate company Pengcheng years later. There are still a few pieces of land that are just right for my company. How about 1% of the shares plus 10,000 RMB to replace 5% of your new group?"
The second chapter is not playing cards according to common sense
Chen Bo doesn’t know how much this commercial real estate company can be worth in the future. Even if he can develop into a diversified group like Wanda, he may not be able to keep this 1% joint-stock company. It is normal for the industry that new shareholders will continue to join and old shareholders will be diluted.
However, if Lao Mo wants 5%, the company will have nothing to say, and he will not be afraid of his interference in the direct decision-making of management. Chen Bo thought about it, so he might as well do it after he saved it.
However, the new holding group is naturally not a shareholder, so it’s over. BP Fund must be involved. Otherwise, how can Apple’s money flow into Pangu’s accounts? At the same time, it’s necessary to win over a marten and Ye Tianhao and Li Zhaojun. Since everyone wants to play, just come together. How many lonely shares of several shareholders are scattered or restricted?
After thinking through this section, Chen Bo said, "I’m the foundation in principle, but as you know, Uncle Mo, the holding group is not a group of two shareholders, and how much the specific articles of association account for will need to be discussed."
"Well, then I’ll wait for your news. The commercial real estate rack will be pulled up soon, and you’ll have to give more advice." Old Mo saw that Chen Bo had promised to be in a big mood.
They chatted for a while, and Lao Mo wanted to leave Chen Bo for dinner, but he left first on the pretext that he had other arrangements.
Chen Bo has to straighten out the whole context and negotiate one by one. The Company Law does not say anything about the group company. This is actually a holding structure. The parent company, the company and other members of the shareholding company jointly form an enterprise legal person consortium.
Actually, it is enough to set up a new holding parent company, which can facilitate the regimental headquarters to optimize the allocation of corresponding resources. For such core enterprises, the Company Law stipulates that they must have a registered capital of 50,000 yuan, at least five companies and a total registered capital of 100 million yuan.
There are H-type, U-type and M-type holding structures, but according to the current share structure of various companies, H-type holding is relatively loose and will not set too many restrictions, while some groups have strong control over their subordinate companies, and various types of business groups are available.
Chen Bo alone can’t support the development of the company, and this is also a way to reduce risks. Although the control may be reduced, it is equivalent to controlling several companies to rely solely on Pangu Technology, and the way of holding shares loosely is different.
This New Year’s Day is not over yet. Chen Bo thought about it for a while in the car and then went to a destination, Mark’s house.
It is said that Mark Haolai is also a rich second generation, but his father is a senior executive of the city company group. It is said that Yingke Investment was introduced by his father, but it was only this one favor. He was based on Mark’s independent commitment to borrow a sum of money from a friend, and the other party insisted on not accepting cash from shares until Tengxun grew up like a giant.
After a polite greeting in Mark, they got into his room and cooed for nearly two hours before they came out to see that it was getting late and it was not convenient to go to another home to pay New Year’s greetings. It would be better to save some trouble by sending text messages or making a phone call. There are dozens of other people’s New Year’s messages lying on the mobile phone, but most of them are company employees.
One of them is like this: "SMS sends a smile to Nianbai;" Good luck in year of the snake guarantees that you will make a fortune; Healthy and honest, have feelings; Affection and friendship; The opposite sex prefers it; I wish you a happy Spring Festival-Skynet! "
Who is so bold that Skynet’s short message packet is directly forwarded and even the suffix is not removed? Chen Bo is drunk again. It is rare for her to remember herself when she looks at it again.
Chen Bo poked her lovingly and replied, "Please remember to remove the suffix when you take a snack when you send a group message. Thank you."
After a while, I received a reply, "Oh, I’m sorry, this is a short message package that I subscribed to online. I thought it was quite interesting and forwarded it to you."
Chen Bo thought that she didn’t know she was Skynet yet, so she sent another message, "On behalf of Skynet, thank you for not looking for your advertising endorsement."
"Ha ha, I think so, too. This is their loss! :”
Such an ancient expression, Chen Bo, was speechless for a moment when I remembered that there was something missing from QQ. It turned out to be an expression pack without an expression pack network. What’s the point? I can export Chinese culture to the world by relying on the expression pack. After the year, I must let Tengxun make this and lead the fashion of young people by it.
But at the same time, her words also woke her up. Although Skynet made this name famous by the Spring Festival Evening, it must continue to be kept away from the public view, and it must be branded and well known. Just like the production of big companies is very well known, why still advertise? It is to brainwash the audience over and over again to make you remember this brand, even if there is no such demand, it will stimulate you to disappear.
Skynet has to strike while the iron is hot. According to Gao Yuanyuan’s image, it is also in line with your wish. I will leave Skynet’s endorsement to you. I don’t know if there will be a sense of surprise when floret unites her. Chen Bo laughed unconsciously at the thought.
Raise my hand and answer to her, "If I were the head of Skynet, I would definitely invite you to speak."
"By the way, don’t you also do network? What kind of network is yours?"
"Black soil net sells pesticides and fertilizers." Chen Bo spun a net and answered her.
Two people talked about Nokia function machines until they didn’t reply for a long time. It was estimated that Chen Bo was gone before they stopped.
I stayed up for several days and didn’t have a good rest. When Chen Bo came back from the outside for the New Year, he also had a late shower and didn’t do laundry. As soon as he took off his shoes, he directly lay down and fell asleep.
It wasn’t until the next day that I was woken up by the bell, but it turned out to be Ye Tianhao, the boss of Ye Family. I didn’t expect to move very fast, and Chen Bo just wanted to find him, so I made an appointment to have morning tea, so I couldn’t talk about things with my stomach full.
Ye Tianhao is still the slender figure with rimmed glasses and a smile on his mouth, which is in line with the setting of the romantic novel man, but Chen Bo now finally feels that there is an elusive fake in his smile.
"You know all about it?" Facing Congren, Chen Bo doesn’t want to go around with him, but he can’t go around anyway.
"Well" Ye Tianhao nodded.
"Well, let me get something to eat first and then I’m starving." Chen Bo couldn’t help but say don’t stretch out your hand and bring a dozen cages of snacks from the dining car and stuff them in your mouth.
This period of time is too brain-consuming. How can you have the strength to deal with him if you don’t eat enough?
When he finally finished eating, he burped with a teacup in his hand and said, "I have no problem with your shareholding, but I will leave when everything is discussed at the shareholders’ meeting without him."
Ye Tianhao’s expression changed from a smile to a duck egg with his mouth open. What is this routine? Shouldn’t it be hypocrisy to bargain and then make a difficult decision?