"The character consumes 15 points of experience. Druid-natural seeker’s professional level has been upgraded to 9 levels."

"People get a professional baptism, your comprehensive basic attributes get a certain degree of promotion, and your understanding of natural Tao gets a certain degree of promotion."
"The characters have acquired new vocational skills and nature conservation"
"Nature protects you from epidemic elements or fine organisms, causing charm or panic and poisoning and disease"
This ability can be roughly divided into two functions. First, it can infect elemental organisms or fine organisms to cause charm and panic.
Most of the ghosts and monsters in the Oriental body can be regarded as elemental creatures and refined creatures.
In this way, Lingqing will not be trapped and fascinated by ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, and charm spells.
This is good news for him.
The second is epidemic poisoning and disease.
If it weren’t for the toxic base containing energy, it would have no effect on Lingqing.
Of course, although the magic poison can finish the epidemic, it can also carry out a certain degree of epidemic
Especially when he expels toxins from body energy, this ability can exert corresponding power.
And since then, it can be said that all diseases are not born. Of course, it has already built a foundation and has already possessed this ability.
In addition, he also acquired the ability to make 5-ring spells.
Then he spent 22 points of experience to raise the level to level 10 and obtain the elemental wilderness form.
"The elemental wilderness form druids have acquired the ability to change into gas, earth, fire or water."
This professional ability is a mixture of elemental Tao and wild Tao.
This means that the druid profession is not limited to a professional branch.
When Lingqing can complete the morphological transformation of the corresponding elements, it must have some clues about these two branches.
But now he is not in a hurry to test. After all, things have piled up a lot now.
I don’t want to know that I will fail if I upgrade Lingqing again.
It’s not just the ability to adapt to the level, but it’s a model level at level 11.
Compared with a true sutra, it is a fairy level, which is naturally not so good.
Just as cultivating immortals requires building a foundation, upgrading the professional level to a model level also requires choosing a model road.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Everything grows.
The Taoist temple design was completed years ago, but it has not been touched until now.
I’m afraid it may not be possible this year if we postpone it any longer.
Ling Qing said that he didn’t ask the construction team to build the Taoist temple himself, but all he could do was to make the whole building.
There are still some carpentry, painting and furniture making left, so we still have to hire someone to do it.
After all, he doesn’t know anything about these.
In addition, there are bells and drums, prayer flags and other legal objects and instruments to prepare.
And that most important idol.
This is easy to say. Just apply directly to Taoist Lingdao.
After all, he is the religious leader of Laoshan Mountain, and it is up to him to decide and prepare the idol.
But this is already decided in advance.
The main hall is served as a mage in the Sanqing second hall, that is, as a master.
Yu Yu Pei Dian is decided by each school.
The choice of Lingqing is Sanhuang Hall and Sanguan Hall.
When he learned the two spells of mud-turning and fossil mud, he started construction.
The two spells can only turn ordinary stone into clay and ordinary clay into soft stone.
However, with the plastic stone, stone wall, strengthening stone and other spells.
Lingqing can easily knead the rock into the shape he wants.
The top of Qingyun Mountain is roughly an irregular circle, covering an area of about two or three acres.
According to his idea, the designer divides the living area on the east side of the Taoist temple into two parts.
At the top of Lingqingqing cloud, the whole Taoist temple is regionalized by fossil mud.
Then draw spring water to melt the mud and make it stand and level automatically.
And the mud stone will be turned into an integral stone platform.
Then, the stone wall technique rises walls, then stone pillars, beams and so on.
It makes the whole Taoist temple look like it is carved from a whole rock.
It took Ling Qinghua a week to shape the whole Taoist basic model.
At this time, it is like a rough large model polished by sandstone.
Then Lingqing will sculpt a little bit of clay according to the design drawings.
That’s why he asked the design company to make the drawings so detailed for his reference.
At the same time, some spells with reinforcement, reinforcement and other spells will be burned.


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