However, due to the previous commitment to Haisha Sect, Cang Li Ling had to send troops.

Of course, the Ling family of Cang Li also wants to severely deter a golden toad view. It would be better if it could extract some resources.
After all, the two forces have been fighting for so long, and Haisha Sect has been beaten by Jinchan Sect.
Now Friar Hai Shazong has already held his breath, and it is best to destroy the concept of golden toad by breaking the defense of it.
However, Chen, the patriarch of Haisha Sect, is a calm person. Seeing that Cang Li Ling’s family is just taking part in accidental amusement, he doesn’t want to watch Jin Chan die.
After all, compared with the strength of two forces, the concept of Jin Chan is stronger, and it is absolutely impossible for one faction of Haisha Sect to destroy the concept of Jin Chan, and it is estimated that none of them can break the law.
Of course, the forces of the Ling clan in Cang Li Zi refused to do it.
Unless the two forces unite, it is possible to destroy the concept of golden toad
Jin Chan Guan is unwilling to make a move. Hai Sha Zong dare not make a move. Jin Chan Guan chooses defense and waits for the enemy to make a move outside.
At that time, the two sides fell into a confrontation.
Cang Li Ling’s ship is in a cloud boat, and Ling Yuan is the first one. The top leaders of Ling’s are gathering here.
"Chief, how long do we have to stay here for the confrontation?"
Ling Yuansheng said, "We promised that Haishazhong had made an oath at the beginning, so we couldn’t return at will or the consequences would be unimaginable."
"But we’re also here to watch, or it’s bad for us."
Immediately, ha ha smiled and answered, "If he thinks Chen Zheng has good strength, let him attack."
Smell speech ling youdao hey hey smile "grandpa haishazong the gang is not stupid, they are absolutely or don’t know how to start work will pull me ling"
Mu Yan ran said, "In my opinion, if we can’t fight, we will eventually disperse. In this case, we might as well get more resources when we evacuate now."