Antarctic fairy hey hey smiled, "GouChen bro, I only want you to think about it."

Although honest and frank was not stupid, Gou Chen thought vaguely, and then some Chinese immortals in the white Antarctic spoke Chinese. The Chinese Emperor was naturally very clear. To tell the truth, for the first time, I didn’t know the depth. For the second time, although Heaven claimed to have sent 100,000 heavenly soldiers, it was an elite array. Those immortals also tried to stop. How many of them tried their best to fight?
You still have to struggle to support the Jade Emperor’s idea, but how can you hide it from others?
This fourth encirclement and suppression campaign really needs to be done by asking bodhisattvas to see if heaven is really defeated and not fake. Only in this way can Western buddhas be invited to help, and the four great bodhisattvas are all top minds. Naturally, they will not be dead set on playing for heaven. If they come, it will be a credit. Even if they lose, they will lose your face in heaven. What will we do to help?
The situation in the square has suddenly changed, and at the moment, it has turned into a monster in Huaguoshan. When the Emperor was upset, he closed his eyes and raised his eyes again. When the battlefield was in a mess, another mountain soldier returned to the array in a panic.
Seeing that all the mountain soldiers are depressed, the Chinese Emperor seems to think impassability that such a huge battle is still defeated by this group of demon people. The Chinese Emperor sighed, "Let’s report the defeat of encirclement and suppression this time." He ordered the mountain soldiers to return to heaven in orderly batches.
Demon soldiers in Dihuaguo Mountain burst into cheers. Little demons who are not sensible are natural enemies. If you have such a big backer, you will surely live a few more years.
When Dapeng with Golden Wings saw that the soldiers of Heaven would retreat their eyes and turn their minds, he shouted, "Brothers, Heaven has been fighting and losing many times. At this time, we must have sent soldiers to kill Heaven and sit in the Golden Temple for several years!"
Fu Haijiao first responded, "Well said, it is a good time when morale is booming!"
Niu Mowang hey hey smile but don’t say a word nine spirit yuan SAN act calm eyes worried but turned their attention to the enlightenment qi, ventilation, Wang Yu three people also looked at the realization of the firm look in the eyes show doubt is daoshanhuohai also accompany you a rush.
Wu realized that at the moment, he didn’t go to debunk the trick of Dapeng with golden wings. Although Dapeng with golden wings is also a sworn brother, his origin is not very innocent. He wants to kill heaven for his own profit, and he doesn’t care if Dapeng spins his thoughts in his mind quickly to balance the pros and cons of killing heaven.
For example, it sounds tempting for Dapeng with golden wings to go to the Jade Emperor’s throne, but no one in the Great Sage knows better than Wu that heaven is powerful. Once it was a farce made up by others, Wu accidentally became the protagonist at the right time and performed like a clown. I don’t know how many people clapped their hands and laughed. After the scenery, it was trapped by a golden hoop and eventually became a Buddhist brother. I naturally don’t want to end up like this!
The Great Sage seems to be doing everything. What’s the difference between a person making trouble in the Heavenly Palace and a person making trouble in the Heavenly Palace? It’s the same for a person to go to the Great Sage in front of the Lingxiao Hall. It seems that it’s no different to catch a Great Sage if it is captured by someone alone.
There are two possible consequences of the Great Sage’s killing the Heaven. There is always no good fruit to eat, but he can escape. Dapeng with golden wings is naturally the first one. If he wants to leave, there are not many people who can stop him. My old grandson is the second one. I haven’t seen him being too cruel today. It is also a surplus. Those three people, Feng Shui, Wang Yu and Fu Hai Jiao, may have escaped. Although they are not small, they will not stop when the first world war comes to a head. Nine times out, they will be caught.
What about after being captured? If I follow the development of The Journey to the West, my old grandson will naturally be crushed by Wuxing Mountain, and then the Tang Priest will come to save me and return to the story of learning from dog blood. If others are caught, I am afraid they will not die, and it is very likely that they will be taken over as pets.
If you don’t kill the heaven, it’s not a long-term plan to stick to it here. In other words, it’s impossible for heaven to lose all the time. In other words, it’s a victory. This time, it’s the death of the heaven for Huaguoshan. It’s still intact. If you lose once, you will be crushed. How can the two be mentioned in the same breath?
Wu looked at the corpses all over the mountains and shouted "Kill Heaven!"
Everyone’s spirits are refreshed, but their expressions are different. Some people are amazed, some people are ecstatic, some people are unfathomable, but one person is afraid of fighting, but they stop talking. Everyone starts to look around Huaguo Mountain slowly. He knows whether he can come back this time, but he doesn’t know that Huaguo Mountain is his birthplace and his only home in the world of westward journey. How can he forget it?
Enlightenment slowly said, "This initiative is a hundred times more dangerous than sitting at home. Although Heaven has lost, it has not used many killer weapons for many years, so it is necessary to arrange everything properly before it can go to heaven."
"I have three tricks. If the seven brothers agree, we will act immediately. If one of them doesn’t allow it, we will stop here!" Wu’s harsh words are really serious.
"I’m waiting for the people of Huaguoshan to sit in the town and protect me. The people of Huaguoshan Foundation will temporarily move their elite to other places until I come back and reunite here."
"Second, there are too many people who kill Heaven to take care of. Even if one person is caught, we will be afraid of the boat, so I think twice that three people will kill Heaven!"
When Fu Haijiao heard that it would take three days, he cried, "Count me in naturally!"
Enlightenment light a smile "four elder brother you when heaven is really soft persimmon good pinch? In my opinion, when you lead the Shui people to go back to Beihai to hide, you can win over the Jiaozu people on weekdays to strengthen their power and prepare for the future. "
When Fu Hai Jiao’s eyebrows stand up, he will get angry and realize, "Don’t hurt your life recklessly, it’s a small break of your Jiao clan’s blood, and you will be a sinner forever!" When Fu Hai Jiao heard that, he was suddenly angry at the dumb fire.
Wu added, "Eldest brother, you are still going back to Yuhuazhou with a lion tiger, so you can avoid studying the yellow lion and the snow lion in Bai Ze for a while." Jiu Lingyuan Shengyi heard that he didn’t have to flash a surprise in the sky, and then he dimmed. "Although I am a little older, I don’t know anything about this March … teach me to repay you for saving my life?" Words are full of guilt.
Wu Dao said, "Brother, don’t say that this is short of integrity at this time. You and I will meet each other some day!" Jiuling Yuansheng sighed and made a heavy nod. "Okay, I believe you!"
The first volume Don’t say Chapter Birds and beasts are scattered
Wu said firmly, "Zhi Qi, Wang Yu, and Feng Tong, three of you dispatch four marshals, and the demon king of each cave will move everyone to Dongsheng Shenzhou Irrigation River mouth as soon as possible except liger Cave. That’s called Yang Jian, so I told you to do so. There is a continuous mountain where these people can walk. Say hello in advance. The goblins all over the mountain should follow casually and leave without stopping. It’s doubtful that one person will leave Huaguoshan here!"
Wu has also fought against the enemy in Yang Jian, but he knows that Yang Jian Heaven is by no means tarred with the same brush. This person has a special identity and a lonely temperament. He can realize that he has become a bosom friend. His remarks are somewhat helpless. It is expected that Yang Jian also knows that the demon will not be able to take care of everyone properly.
Qi himself should be disappointed with this arrangement. Many ventilation patted him on the shoulder to comfort him and taught him not to listen to words.
Wang Yu, however, showed concern. Obviously, he was concerned about realizing his safety. He opened his mouth and said, "You can’t realize it!" He is slow in words, but eager to show his face.
Wu gave Wang Yu a deep look at his three people’s special feelings. "I need to worry that Huaguoshan has become a target at this time. No matter how patient the Heaven is, there is always a limit. This time, it is the appearance of Bodhisattva’s six royal figures. Maybe it will be Sanqing Buddha’s old age." Wu looked at the ventilation channel again. "Although I have some things, I thought that it is not a week or so worse than the two top figures in Buddhism and Taoism."
Ventilation nodded and said, "The enlightenment is reasonable. Since you are so planning, you must have a plan in mind. I will just do it."
Enlightenment: "Take care of the old urine in Huaguoshan and leave Guanjiangkou to find an absolute safe place until I come back!" Go! " Without hesitation, the three men turned and went to act separately.