Nothing is right!

He caught a glimpse of the early mysterious age, but the more he traced it back, the closer the line was to this world. !
Unless the main weili made a mistake? This idea can’t exist. It’s disrespectful.
Billions of brilliant masters keep their doubts in mind and continue to trace back.
He finally found the origin of the power of the firewood mentor, who has not yet awakened, and the most vulnerable period is.
-a blue star world street fighter!
At the moment, the timeline is …
Ten years ago!
Billions of glorious lords? ? ?”
Chapter five hundred and forty-five The era of catastrophe? I will end it
There are hundreds of millions of mistakes in the timeline, but hundreds of millions of glorious masters can be sure that the goal of this node is to look like a worm, and the face of ordinary human beings is declining.
At that time, the whole world was very ordinary, and before the mysterious arrival, all extraordinary forces were not obvious.
At this node, he doesn’t say that it is easy to kill an ant human being and destroy the whole world.
"You can’t be wrong. This human being is a mentor who will enjoy a reputation in the whole world in the future."
"And he is very weak at the moment!"
Determine the state of the target at this time, and the brilliant Lord will no longer hesitate. He suddenly broke into this node with the help of the main force.
He is like a great white shark coldly overlooking the small pond of Bluestar World.
But at the same time, the repulsive force from time to time also poured in from all directions, and the pressure made him a little breathless
There is even a big murder in the air.
Billions of glorious masters are very white, and it won’t be long before they are crushed by Shi Weili because of their different times. He doesn’t have much time, but it is enough for him to complete the Oracle.
"the whole world of mankind will disappear, and it will disappear in glory."
At this time, the mystery of the blue star has not yet come, and the evil has not yet appeared. The whole world is peaceful, and people in the streets, office buildings and residential areas are doing their own things without realizing that the disaster is coming.
Perhaps they will never realize that billions of human beings and cities will be wiped out.
Hundreds of millions of brilliant masters outside the world raised their hands and focused their beams in their hands.
Some people seem to see a huge shining sphere that is a hundred times more dazzling than the sun in the sky.
Suddenly disappeared again.
Like an illusion
Later, experts said it was some kind of light refraction phenomenon, which was very normal.
Outside the world, a giant sphere bigger and brighter than the sun is bursting out with all its brilliance, but it has not reached the blue star world near at hand.
Accurately speaking, this glow method spreads out a ray
It is bound to be bigger, and this is like a glass bead that is easily held by two fingers and turned back and forth.
Finger master is wearing a white robe. In the front of the world, there is a star with one hand behind him, and the other hand is holding all the glory as if the boundless star and the ethereal time were also pinched.
"Humans … Firefighters!"
Billions of glorious Lord stare big eyes as if he saw something terrible.
The fact is similar.
This is history!
"How did you …"
When you can’t see it, the ripples will freeze the whole star
Together! Two! Shidao! Baidao! Thousands of orange thunders appeared around, and they continued to bombard the statue with hundreds of millions of brilliance.
Billions of glorious Lord’s last thoughts were blown to pieces by the destruction thunder before they emerged. The law of god’s body was eliminated inch by inch, and the orange thunder was exhausted.