Tongshen Dafa soon succeeded in regaining self-awareness, crying and crying away from the spirit of God Palace. "Oh, my God, how could I forget you and that bastard?" Master, it took Gong Ling several years of hard work to get this little Yuan Shen power. The old master also said that if my Yuan Shen power can break through the limit of God, I can really become a god! Boo-hoo, that’s great. I lost money! "

Lin Xiao felt gloomy in his heart, and he didn’t know how to comfort Gong Ling.
However, Gong Ling from God is not the kui, but the meteorite master refined it to manage his own tools from Jingu and Yuanxing. He soon calmed down. He dried his tears and shouted, "But the master will not be afraid to sacrifice Gong Ling again! Master, you try to look through all the alchemy classics in the memory of Gong Ling. Gong Ling has rearranged a copy and published it as a book for your elders. Gong Ling is going to work. Gong Ling is going to work! "
Lin Xiao’s heart likes to praise the detached palace spirit. She will praise the detached palace spirit happily and return to the Qiyuan world. Lin Xiao suddenly heard the "Hong Yi Xian Zun’s identity and strength. You are sitting in the Hall of Immortals! But who is this child and what qualifications does he have to enter the Hall of Immortals? "
"Huh?" Lin Xiao was stunned. He pointed to his nose and asked, "Me?"
They bickered with each other in the period when the God’s solution was launched and Lin Xiao was in trance, but the bickering with the seventeen immortals was just that, but none of them paid attention to the man who was cocky and constantly wanted to interrupt. The fairy turned blue and white, and gradually turned red and purple. In the end, he was angry and shook a pale silver filament to outline the picture of a pine and a white crane. He got up and challenged.
He didn’t dare to challenge the twelve immortals in Liantai, and he didn’t dare to challenge the first immortal in Hong. His goal was to point to Lin Xiao. He sternly questioned the rationality of Lin Xiao’s appearance in Wanxian Temple. You know, for years, no Jin Xian has ever entered Wanxian Temple. Is Lin Xiao such a little fairy?
With big eyes, flamboyant ears, aquiline nose and thin lips, the immortal was born with a cruel look. He proudly said, "Hong Yi Xian Zun’s Taoist method is far more advanced than that of his long-standing respect, but he still admires the immortal in his heart. But this little fairy just walked into the Wanxian Temple in an imposing manner, but he put all the fairy friends in the temple in a place?"
At the moment when I grabbed my nose, I had initially integrated the information of the Ministry of Meteorology. Lin Xiao looked up and patted his head and asked with a smile, "Dare to ask your senior’s name?"
This six-foot-tall Xu Xianzun has a pretty chest and laughs triumphantly. "Zun is the first alchemist in the celestial world, and the foolish father-in-law is also! You should have heard of your name! "
This is the fool’s husband? Lin Xiao looked at the ugly new immortal statue, but with an evil smile, he suddenly hung up his face. Lin Xiao said slowly and strangely, "The foolish father-in-law means that the ego is not qualified to enter the Hall of Immortals? Is it disrespectful for me to enter the Hall of Immortals? "
Hong Yi Xian Zun smiled, but Xuan Xian Zun also smiled. The three immortals, Sheng Huan, Yan Yi and Luo Xuan, also smiled. The bodhi old zu, Bao Xiang Niangniang and other immortals looked at Hong Yi Xian Zun and smiled thoughtfully. They nodded lightly, and they didn’t stop Lin Xiao from talking to his foolish father-in-law. They seemed to deliberately indulge Lin Xiao and his foolish father-in-law’s noise.
The fool’s father-in-law laughed face upwards. He laughed for a long time before he said, "Yes! You are not qualified to enter the Hall of Immortals! How dare you come in here when you can wait for repairs? If a little ant-like fairy can enter the Hall of Immortals, wouldn’t many immortals, immortals and pick Jin Xian all be different from ants? "
Far away, pointing to Lin Xiaoyu’s husband, he sneered, "Do children know your adults don’t know the rules here?"
This can be directly alluded to people such as Hong Yi Xian Zun. They really heard the words of the foolish father-in-law, but they all smiled and nodded. It seems that they can’t rest assured of the words of the foolish father-in-law.
Lin Xiao slowly got up, and behind his hands, a full face of spring breeze nodded at the temple near ten thousand immortals.
It’s strange to say that when Lin Xiao entered the temple, no one had assured Lin Xiao that he would repair it or that his temperament and tolerance were not the same, which made the temple immortals really look like ants and not worthy of attention, but after a quarter of an hour, when the Tongshen Dafa was completed and Lin Xiao completely integrated with the meteorite world, Lin Xiao’s breath changed
The elusive method is very dare not ponder!
Lin Xiao gently nodded to nearly 10,000 immortals-nearly 10,000 immortals, at least. They were so self-satisfied, so relaxed, so light, so careless, but the immortals actually felt-they felt grateful and flattered!
Seventeen immortals in lotus stand looked at Lin Xiao with horror in their eyes.
"My five immortals naturally know the rules of the Hall of Immortals!" Lin Xiao looked at the foolish father-in-law with a smile and asked softly, "But if there is something worse than us, we can all live in the hall of immortals, and we can’t come here if we don’t respect them?"
Evil and overbearing, Lin Xiao’s body breath is so strange and foolish that his father-in-law actually stepped back in front of a little fairy because of Lin Xiao’s momentum.
In this step, seventeen immortals shook their heads again and again, and the number of fools retreated. The name of Lin Xiao was instantly echoed through the fairy world.
The foolish father-in-law shouted, "Who is not as good as you in this temple?"
Lin Xiao pointed his finger straight at the foolish father-in-law. He said coldly, "It is you!"
Except for the second door, the fairy was full of shock
Fool’s husband is ugly, but he has excellent qualifications to cultivate immortals. He has been promoted to the celestial world for millions of years and immortals for millions of years, and he has been promoted to Jin Xian for billions of years. This practice speed is enough to make most immortals in the celestial world die of shame. After being promoted to the celestial world, the fool’s husband joined the fairy court as a free fairy, starting from a small fairy official, and slowly earned his qualifications to achieve the position of deputy ambassador of the fairy court and Dan department, and then became interested in Dan Dao.
After ten billion years’ hard work, you became an immortal. Knowing that your qualifications are limited, the great cause of the immortal is far away, you put all your efforts into studying the alchemy. More than 30 million people have made achievements at the end of the year. You can tell that an ordinary red pill in the secret library of the Xianting Danbu is an ancient legacy, but a fool’s husband took bribes and perverted the law. In just three years, he made great progress and soared for three years, and broke the realm of the immortal from the strength of the immortal.
It is absolutely the last among thousands of immortals in the celestial world to say that Xiu Yu’s husband is the last. Some immortals with very old qualifications may be better than Yu Zhang’s husband in head-on fighting, but to say that Dan Dao’s accomplishments are the first person recognized by hundreds of millions of immortals in the celestial world.
External alchemy is a minor skill, and the monks are all pursuing the promotion and cultivation of Taoism. No one will take it as their main business, especially today, all the rising immortals in the world on Sunday have ascended to the external alchemy through the standard cultivation mode of’ then Avenue’. It is not only a minor skill, but also a kind of’ devious way’. Monks such as magic way, demon way and ghost way are too disdainful to cultivate’ devious way’. Many sects have their own temples, but the immortals in Dantang just refine some.
Therefore, Lin Xiao said that the foolish father-in-law was not as good as his temple fairy, and then I was surprised to hear Lin Xiao say that the foolish father-in-law was not as good as his alchemy. This is not just a surprise, it is simply a heart of horror. After a short silence, Lin Xiao was regarded as crazy, and the temple immortals immediately burst into laughter. Except for the immortals of Gate B, they closed their eyes one by one, and his deities, immortals, and pick Jin Xian did not abandon their reserve and laugh, but even rubbed their stomachs with laughter. She pointed to Lin Xiao and said, "Oh, you little If you say that the fool’s husband is not as good as you in other places, we will believe you. You say that the fool’s husband’s alchemy is not as good as you? "
Tearing his hair out about the foolish Zhang’s popularity, he finally smiled angrily and pointed to Lin Xiao and nodded again and again. "Fool people! It’ s just that I don’ t care about you! "
Cold hum a fool’s father-in-law sat cross-legged on the lotus platform, and he didn’t want to dispute with Lin Xiao that Door B had brought such a madness into the Hall of Immortals. This is their facade. Lin Xiao’s words have made Door B face light and no longer stimulated the five immortals of Door B.
The foolish father-in-law didn’t want to dispute with Lin Xiao about Hong Yi Xian Zun, but he refused to let him go. Once he became a Xian Zun, the price of Dan, which was sold in Xian Ting immediately, rose by 70%, which made the second door pay a great price in the past 3,000 years. The foolish father-in-law Hong Yi Xian Zun always had an impulse to slap him to death and coughed gently, indicating that he was going to speak. The hall suddenly became quiet, and everyone looked at Hong Yi Xian Zun and didn’t know what he was going to say.
Putting up a finger, Hong Yixian said faintly, "Don’t you know who is not as good as who if you have a proposal to let Uncle Yu and Elder Mendanxiao make a victory or defeat agreement on the spot?"
Ranging from a fool’s husband’s population to a fairy statue, he smiled gently. "If a fool’s husband doesn’t promise, is it a fool’s husband who dare not?" Are you afraid of losing? "
When a word is spoken, everyone in the hall looks crazy, and many immortals look at Gate B. Maybe this time, many sects have teamed up to play a trick to drive them crazy. What do they want from this almost crazy trick? But no matter how you look at the second door, the elder Dan Xiao can’t be a fool’s husband’s opponent! Are immortals comparable to immortals? Can the immortal who has been immersed in the Dandan Road for more than 30 million years compare with a fairy who has just soared?
Angry foolish father-in-law finally angered Hong Yixian. This is a slap in the face of his foolish father-in-law. His foolish father-in-law has been forced to go the other way! He slapped the lotus platform with one hand, which was harder than the forging lotus platform with’ Kun Shu Jin Jing’, and left a clear palm print. The foolish husband pointed to Hong Yi Xian Zun and said angrily, "Hong Yi said this!"
"If the door loses, the number of tributes and elixirs will be doubled this time, and the five teachers and brothers will make amends to the foolish father-in-law. If the door wins by luck," sipping a mouth and smiling gently, Hong Yixian said lightly, "Don’t ask the foolish father-in-law to give up the department of Xianting Dan and let the elders of Mendan Xiao bear it."
There are many immortals in the Xianting Danbu, including the number of fairy yam gardens, the number of fairy pharmacies selling various colors, and the number of profits that can be drawn from them every year. Over the years, the Xianting Danbu has been unified by the Xianting Danbu-that is, the free immortals firmly control a sect and can get the Danbu. The Xianting Danbu can develop itself rapidly with the help of its resources! Danbu, this is one of the few departments in Xianting that can produce profits and is also a huge profit. The Fairy Sect has long been red-eyed for Danbu.
It’s a surprise to hear that the second door wants Dan’s department to play the casino fairy.
Three immortals who were born in the orthodox fairy court opened their eyes at the same time at noon, at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. Six cold and dense Jin Guanglin’s body’ swish’ swept a fairy statue and suddenly said, "Elder Dan Xiao? You just flew to the celestial world three years ago, but you are young. Do you really dare to gamble your reputation and future with your foolish husband? "
The grim-faced foolish father-in-law said sadly, "What punishment should be given to those who offend the immortal not only in reputation and future?"
Lin Xiao laughed easily. He said, "Then add a little life."
Yuan noon fairy statue said coldly, "your life? Not enough weight! "
Hongyi Xianzun chuckled, "Brother Yuanwu Xianzun, what is enough weight?"
Yuan noon fairy eyes flashing off his cold way "you b door fairy court all duties! If you lose the second door this time, all the immortals in the second door will have to give up one billion immortals, but they can’t be immortals, officials and generals. "
The immortals in the temple were surprised at first, and then they were ecstatic. Compared with Pang Da Xian Ting, there are not many immortals in the temple, but there are several key positions. For example, the Legal Department and the Sky Patrol Department have tens of thousands of immortals in their hands. If all the functions of the goalkeeper are given up, this big pie is enough to make people rob their heads.
Hong Yixian was silent for a moment. He took a look at Lin Xiao.
Lin Xiao gently nodded his head. He is still that kind of light and light, full of confidence with a smile.
Hong Yi Xian Zun laughed, and he nodded gently. "What about Yuan Wu Xian Zun? However, you fairy friends must see clearly that this incident was caused by the foolish father-in-law’s provocation to Elder Mendanxiao, but it was not the door that took the initiative to find this right and wrong. We must make it clear that we must never say that my second door deceived people! "
The immortals in the temple looked at each other without saying anything for a long time. This big hat of Door B is really beautifully buckled. Yes, it was the foolish father-in-law who first attacked Door B, but why did you bring a fairy who had just soared into the Wanxian Hall when Door B was so healthy? Not only a fairy, but also a fool in the fairy court. How can a person who is used to arrogance turn a blind eye? In the hall, the immortals are very discerning. This second door seems to have set a trap for the foolish father-in-law to drill.
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven An alchemist title
The foolish Zhang was so angry that his hands and feet trembled. He gave Lin Xiao a bad look and suddenly folded and shouted, "What if you just honor him and promise him?" Never say that you respect and humiliate the younger generation! But before we do these things, we have to get down to business! SIRS Xianyou Wanxian Temple has been waiting for three months. You should pay tribute to Door B for ten thousand years ~ "
Before the fool’s father-in-law finished speaking, Hong Yixian’s hand had already added a grain of’ Ascending Elixir’ and threw it to the fool’s father-in-law, Hong Yixian, and said lightly, "Fool’s father-in-law, look at the color of this grain of Dan." This is the’ Ascending Elixir’ refined by Elder Mendan Xiao. You think it’s a good elixir, but I don’t know what it looks like. "
It is said that this elixir was refined by Lin Xiao, and nearly ten thousand immortals and stones in the twelve immortals’ halls in Liantai flocked to the elixir at the same time. A fool’s father-in-law’s hand was instantly crushed to pieces by nearly ten thousand pangda immortals’ stones, and the mana fluctuation of a force comparable to that of Jinxian suddenly broke out, forcing the immortals to retreat far away in the future.
Immortals are not very good at alchemy, but they can sit in a high position in the fairy court. Who is not a person who eats too much pork? Their eyes are so vicious that the elixir shatters and explodes, and the starting force fluctuates. Tell them that this is an amazing elixir with a strong fairy spirit!
"Extremely elixir!" Empress Bao Xiang looked at Lin Xiao, and her eyes were full of water vapor. She threw a wink at Lin Xiao and smiled, "Little brother, is this your alchemy?"
Lin Xiao paid a deep tribute to Bao Xiang’s Empress. He chuckled, "It was really made by Dan Xiao at random."
Lin Xiao smiled at the stunned and foolish father-in-law. "This Dan was refined in a small blind way, and I don’t know its efficacy. If I don’t know whether this rose elixir can serve as a tribute medicine for this door, can I? If you can, how many litres of elixirs should you pay to complete this time? "
Fool’s father-in-law felt the pure Dan gas left after the broken elixir. He disdained to glance at Lin Xiao and sneered, "Dan is not bad either! But that’s it. A great elixir is a great elixir! Well, is this kind of elixir paid by your second door this time? " A fool’s father-in-law’s eyes are flashing, and no one can grasp what he really thinks.