But at this moment, Xia Mi continued to add, "Let me see, who are the favourites? The head of the Lace Dance Troupe, the head of the swimming department …"

Xia Mi said a lot of names. She has been visiting the Night’s Watch forum recently, and what finally came to her mind? "Oh, and that girl named Chen Motong, she is also pretty."
Painting pear clothes suddenly looked up. She had an impression of Chen Motong, as if she looked a bit like herself.
Thinking about it, her eyes became sharp. "Then I still want to attend."
"That’s right."
Xia Mi laughed.
"Haven’t you changed it yet?"
At this time, I came out of the bathroom and looked at the painted pear clothes with my arms around my chest. I wondered why she had finished taking a shower and changed her clothes. Why haven’t Xia Mi and painted pear clothes been fixed yet?
Xia Mi looked at the costume stupefied and then trotted over and hugged "You are still the best!"
Some people are at a loss and don’t know that Xia Mi wants to hug her so kindly.
"In some ways, we are a United front."
Xia Mi looked back at the eye painting pear clothes look solemn way
Then she took two steps back and looked at each other’s costumes and hesitated to wake up. "Do you have this bathing suit?"
At this time, I was very reluctant, and my petite body was wrapped in a dark blue stagnant water with a nameplate "Cassell Cllege Zer" on my chest.
"What do you want to buy?"
She was also instigated by Milanella to participate in the swimsuit beauty contest on the grounds that "Lionheart will recruit new people". She felt that nothing was just Lionheart’s meeting.
Yu purposely bought a new swimsuit. What does she think is unnecessary? Just a swimsuit.
"No …" Xia Mi collapsed. "Do you like this swimsuit very much?"
Silent nodded "someone gave it to me"
"This is dead water!" Xia Mi looked serious and grabbed his shoulder. "Tell me if it’s Lu Fei, the dead pervert, and I’ll go out and kill him."
There are some doubts, "What’s wrong with this swimsuit?"
She doesn’t know what will be related to Lu Fei, let alone what this swimsuit has to do with "pervert"
Xia Mi looked at the nameplate on his chest. "You really have been cheated. It is only Japanese middle school students who wear school swimsuits. This is not only a mockery of your red fruit, but also a bad intention!"
She looked at was stuck to say that the other party wearing this dress … is really suitable, like a junior high school girl of thirteen or fourteen.
"It’s not a road trip."
Said with a straight face, and then went back to his seat to play with his brain.
Today, Xia Mi said that they should rehearse and evaluate each other first to see if they are competitive with others. If they are interested in painting pears, they will change them with them, but she still has business to do.
"Oh, Lu Fei escaped. Oh,no. Doesn’t that mean there are other perverts staring at us?"
Xia Mi looks indignant.
"Xia Mi, I really think it’s good to wear this dress?"
I don’t think there is anything wrong with painting pear clothes, but rather … even she wants to wear them. After all, she sees that high school students wear them in swimming classes in cartoons.
She has always regretted that she didn’t go to high school and wanted to experience "high school characteristics"
Then she asked curiously, "Where did you buy this swimsuit?"