I haven’t seen him for several months, and I don’t want to be separated from the painted pear clothes, which is also very helpful for him to fight. As the saying goes, the mixed doubles of the brothers, fathers, soldiers and couples are the best in the war.

He felt great after experiencing the BUFF of painting pear clothes on himself, which enabled him to truly achieve cross-level combat.
According to the channel of Pear Dress Painting Team, there is an Elf royal family. At present, she and her mother, Queen Lilith, can never tie her mother-in-law to the battlefield.
Lilith’s face gave me a faint smile. "Don’t worry, it can’t be done now because … Da Ji Kousi is too weak."
Lu Chenbai, the elf queen, is afraid that the strength of painting pear clothes is not enough to die. The battlefield wants the other party to continue to practice and become stronger before going out, but they have no time.
He was thinking about saying that the elf queen was talking again.
The elf queen looked at the painted pear clothes with a serious look. "Darkesi, are you willing to accept the secret law of the elves?"
"Secret law?"
Liu Chen doubts that painting pear clothes is also a big blink of an eye.
The Elf Queen explained that "the Elf clan has inherited tens of thousands of years, and there have naturally been cases of the unexpected early death of the king. To solve the situation that the Elf clan has no strong guards, there is a secret method to pass on the life source of the Elf King of the previous generation to the direct descendants, so that the future generations can make rapid progress and secure the throne."
Painting pear clothes and Lu Chen glances are full of thoughts … Is there such a good thing?
As soon as the voice of the Elf Queen changed, "But there is a certain risk in accepting this secret law, and there may also be rejection in the process of accepting it. If there is a lack of affinity for nature, it may lead to a great talent, but there is no guarantee of 100% success."
Chapter five hundred and one regicide to the south
Seeing the silence of the two, the elf queen said, "I don’t accept the secret law, but I can’t go out until Dakou is stronger. I won’t let my daughter accompany you to the battlefield when her strength is not good."
She couldn’t see it more white. The Duke of Godzilla was born in the battlefield and died in the battlefield. This kind of person not only protects all beings, but also likes to fight.
It is impossible for the other party to stay in the Ashir forest for a seclusion day. The daughter and he promised the mainlanders and will not promise. After all, he just killed the abyss and crossed the soul body, which is the focus of hope.
This is a good thing and a bad thing.
The creatures in Aika will look forward to the Duke of Godzilla more and more, but the pressure will also make him kidnapped to the commanding heights by the general trend.
This kind of outlet will definitely encounter war in the future, and she knows very well what her daughter’s personality is, and she will definitely follow in each other’s footsteps, no matter how dangerous the place is, she dares to go together.
Lu Chen was still thinking, but he had already talked about painting pear clothes. He didn’t discuss it with Lu Chen for the first time.
"I accept the promise"
Draw a pear and dress a pretty face with perseverance. She doesn’t want to drag her feet any more. She wants to be strong and fight side by side with her husband.
Lu Chen tried to persuade him, but when he saw the pear-shaped clothes, he had never seen his eyes open and closed again.
Unconsciously, painting pear clothes is no longer the girl who used to be ignorant. She has grown up and has her own ideas and determination.
Godzilla, wait for me.
Draw a pear coat and give Lu Chen a soft smile. Everything is right.
The elf queen got up and looked at Lu Chen. "You can stay with the Moon Wolf Elves or go back and do what you have to do on the 21st."
Lu Chen is a little tangled, although he knows that he can’t help this kind of thing, but he still wants to wait.
But the other party said that it was not safe for the people in the north of the Great Wall. He still had a lot of things to do … Alex said that.
"I’ll pick you up in three weeks"
Liu Chen wanted to think and said