Beggars don’t like the name "beggar"

Begging for life? No, they think they are "the last person born"!
Lizard people sheltered and gave birth to them. They were more accustomed to calling their group "the living" than being first introduced by Lin Yue. In the end, all the survivors adopted the name "beggar"
"We have no other choice. No matter what conditions we have to do, we are born from …!" Yanagisawa Shinji said to everyone again in the chat group, "We want to live! So we have to make a choice! "
"This is what we living people must realize, even if the condition for joining is to kill that Lin Yue!"
Kenji Suzuki waved his fist and shouted!
Everyone followed and roared again.
The two leaders looked at each other.
Time waits for no man. You must meet that man early to kill Lin Yue. That’s not that important. If you can’t do it, just run away. That is, the man doesn’t say that the team has already reached 700. Wouldn’t it be very simple to escape when the time comes?
If you can’t do it again, find those lizard people again.
Two people think it’s good. After all, they are the people who escaped from that Lin Yue attack! It’s okay to go out and blow for a year!
"Well, everyone follow us to the tunnel over there …"
Before Suzuki finished, suddenly a loud noise came from nowhere, which made everyone hold their breath!
"What, what?" Yanagisawa Shinji feels that his heart is going to stop. This sound is not a relic vibration class, but more like …
"Goo ao! ! ! !”
At this moment, a roar rang again, and everyone instantly felt a numbness in their scalp!
This is a mutant roar, and the sound is that the size will never be too small. The mutant roar!
"That, what is that? Suzuki, let’s get out of here! This is by no means the original relics! I’m afraid the lizard man is not sweating! "
"Everybody run!"
This group of people is Uzbekistan, Liuze and Suzuki, and they have no leadership. This is a mess. Everyone holds a torch and runs straight to the hidden tunnel. As a result, you push me and squeeze a few people to fall to the ground. The torch falls to the ground and directly ignites the trouser leg of the next person!
Crying, running and shouting were followed by a rustling sound, and they approached this group of beggars very quickly!
As the first person uttered a scream, the second and third people fell down immediately, and the beggars who had become "fire people" shone with flame. One beggar after another was horrified to find that they had climbed a white lizard with sharp teeth!
But this is also the last picture they saw in the world.
With severe pain, blood spattered, and their consciousness quickly disappeared …
The battle was over before long.
Xiao Meng walked into this huge room and looked at the dead bodies on the ground. The queue was neat and waiting for it. The little ice lizards growled with satisfaction.
Master metasomatism is to meet the beggars in this site, so don’t have the slightest kindness and just kill them.
Its giant claws lifted the dead bodies and shouldered them, and then ordered the little ice lizards to help it carry the remaining bodies to the door in groups of ten.
Beggars taste completely different from survivors.
Most of them are mixed with some lizards, and they can be quickly identified by their small taste.
Soon thirty-six bodies were carried to the site next to Shimen twice, and Xiaomeng was not bored to carry them to the huge warehouse across the door.
"Goo-ow ….." After the little valiant soldier handled all these bodies, he asked the little ice lizards to spray ice spray on them to ensure that the bodies would not rot quickly, which is what the master Lin Yue taught it.
After stacking some stones and iron blocks next to the stone gate, it ordered the little ice lizards to temporarily hold here and then walk out of the shelter.
Looking at the blue sky outside, Xiaomeng sniffed around and didn’t smell the master.
Master has been out for a while, hasn’t he?
At that time, it took them some time to explore the ruins and finally found the beggars, which was not too short, but the master did not come back
Did you meet something?
In the sky, a vigorous flying dragon hovered and landed. Xiaomeng was very surprised when he saw Xiaoliu’s anxiety. He quickly commanded himself to lead fifty little ice lizards to join the team guarding the shelter!
There’s an enemy attack!
The dragon landed on the outside of the huge mine, where there is a "forest" with a blackened ratio.
Lin Yue jumped to the ground and reached some sour arms.
It’s really tiring to fly for a long time and a long distance
In particular, it is really uncomfortable to keep the dragon’s back on his stomach and hold the edge of his wings tightly, and to endure both the violent wind pressure and the roaring wind.
"I really should make a helmet-like dragon helmet. It doesn’t seem to be very good. It’s solid, but it leaks air."
Lin Yue urgently needs a pilot’s helmet and earmuffs. He doesn’t want to fly out when he is flying, and he has no choice.
"Ga blare" Xiao Bai looked at Lin Yue and shook his head to show that he had no such trouble.
How comfortable is the wind pressure?
"Boy, is everything here?" Lin Yue gently hammered Xiaobai and looked at some saltpeter mines that had become strange.
Even without a telescope, Lin Yue can see the lizard people who have reappeared.
At that time, he directly removed the medium-sized mobile whistle and machine gun platform because of the huge hail held by Li Fa, which also made this saltpeter mine an undefended place again.
However, after the disaster, there was no time to come. During this period, lizards reoccupied this place and picked up saltpeter again
"honk?" Xiaobai yawned and motioned to Lin Yue that there weren’t many lizard people here, but it wouldn’t take too long to fight.