Dou Jiande looked up at two people happen to coincide shook his head.

"Dad, I’m not leaving. I want to advance and retreat with Dad!" This is what Dou Hongxian said.
Cao Shi smiled with tenderness in his eyes. "Husband, although you and I have not known each other for a long time, you are a good husband in my heart. No matter where the husband is in front of me, I will be there."
Dou Jiande silently bit his teeth for half a ring and suddenly turned around and shouted, "To fight to the death and never retreat, Cao Dan, you lead troops to defend the palace. No matter what happens outside, it is a great achievement to defend the palace!"
Cao Dan replied, "Yes!"
Dou Jiande has just stepped out of the Summer Palace, and Tang Jun has launched an attack again. This time, Tang Jun’s offensive is even more fierce. After the fall of the south gate of Leshou City, the west gate, the east gate and the north gate have failed one after another. Xia Jun has no wall protection and can rely on the wall Tang Jun for hand-to-hand combat.
If the moon had climbed into the sky, it would have been silent for a long time, but at this time, the birds flying south were too scared to stay.
After McCullough attacked the North Gate, he got his father’s permission and rushed all the way towards the Summer Palace with more than a hundred people. He met Xia Jun with strong resistance and finally stopped two miles away from the Summer Palace
Just when McCullough was at a loss, a soldier came in a hurry and said, "General Luo, please welcome the king of Qin!"
Luo Chengwang was blocked by huge columns in front of the road until it was Farna in an instant. Besides, the king of Qin asked him to go and see him. He immediately rode his horse and ran towards Li Shimin.
After a column of incense, I crossed the layers of stacked bodies, and my prejudice came to Li Shimin, the king of Qin. With a smile on his face, he took Le Shou like a storm without moving. How can he not be happy?
"General Luo, let’s take a look at Le Shoucheng. Half of it has fallen into the hands of Datang. At most, the whole Le Shoucheng will change hands at dawn, and Hebei will control the hands of Datang." Li Shimin looked triumphant.
Luo Chengxin’s face was red, but he had to show a smile. "Qin Wangying broke Le Shoushi in an instant, but he was the first star in Datang."
Li Shimin ha ha a smile for McCullough compliment his eyes are very clear, he coughed slowly tunnel "general luo break happy life is imminent, are you ready?"
McCullough one leng immediately white Li Shimin means he fuels "openly willing to listen to the king of Qin sent".
"I know that you are worried about the safety of the red line. You are chartered to lead an army to surround Xia Wangfu, which is to prevent anyone from escaping from Xia Wangfu and to protect everyone in Xia Wangfu." Li Shimin said.
Luo Cheng was overjoyed to know that this was Li Shimin’s meeting, and he immediately threw his fist at him and said, "Thank you, King Qin!"
Three thousand cavalry in more than ten miles north of the river are in a hurry. The first general is Pei Hangyan.
Pei Hangyan looked up at the sky from time to time. At this time, the moon has already reached the sky, and I don’t know how Leshou is.
Pei Hangyan is not white, why is it so urgent, but the military orders are like mountains, and he has to follow them.
Three thousand iron hoofs ran ten miles east of the river city, which surprised the number of birds.
Pei Yunchun couldn’t help asking, "Why didn’t the general attack Hecheng?"
Pei Hangyan glanced at him coldly and said, "Don’t talk and hurry!"
Pei Yunchun spat out his tongue and continued to rush forward. Pei Hangyan looked back at the river city and sighed and urged Ma Xiangqian to run
Half an hour later, an army of 5,000 men arrived here. They did not move on towards the south, but Guang Shen led them towards the river city. The moonlight river city looked very quiet. In fact, the river city in the rear area did not seem so important at this time. Shi Danai, the garrison commander of the river city, did not know that he had become the prey of Guang Shen.
The defenders of Hecheng didn’t notice the sneak attack. Sui Jun Guang Shen climbed the wall with agility, and then more and more ropes were thrown. Sui Jun climbed the wall.
When Tang Jun heard the noise, more than 50 people had climbed the city wall in Sui Jun, and Guang Shen led them to the panicked Tang Jun and Tang Jun. He was very grateful to see the luminous robes split in half and immediately dispersed in a hubbub.
Even Guang Shen is a little strange. This group of Tang Jun’s fighting capacity is not strong. He doesn’t know that most of the defenders of the river are Xia soldiers, and the satrap of the river, Wang Yan, was killed. Although the river city was forced to surrender to Li Shimin, the people’s hearts didn’t really join it. The root cause is that Li Shimin killed Wang Yan and shocked the river. He hanged Wang Yan’s head as a city head.
Wang cong has been guarding the river since the great cause of seven years, caring for the people and being loved by the people of the river. His death made the people angry.
When Li Shimin was in great power, they had no choice but to surrender. But when Shen Guang took Sui Jun into many soldiers, he heard that Sui Jun immediately chose to surrender.
A small number of Tang Jun wanted to fight back, but Shi Danai still didn’t know about all this in his sleep. Tang Jun couldn’t organize effective resistance. When Shi Danai knew that the Sui people had invaded him, he didn’t come to come up with countermeasures. Guang Shen had led troops to surround the river government, and then Yang You led a great army to Sui Jun before it was dark. More than hundreds of people in Shi Danai naively chose to commit suicide. If his family surrendered, they would surely commit suicide with their wives and children, and they would be able to keep their wealth for life.
Yang You saw a mountain of grain when he entered the city. It was easy to attack Leshou. The nearest river to Leshou became a logistics base in Tang Jun, and most of the river was surrounded by the sphere of influence of Datang. Li Shimin’s defense of the river was relatively empty. A large number of grain fell into Yang You’s hands to supplement the food, and Li Shimin was bound to lack food!
Yang You kept 5,000 soldiers guarding the river and posted notices to appease the people, telling them that the Emperor Da Sui had occupied the river, and the people would be taxed for three years from this year!
The people looked at the notice posted by the government office, and everyone was happy, but the big Sui was lenient. Besides, it was only natural that everyone came to the big Sui and the people were loyal to the big Sui and accepted their rule.
As people talk about it, Yang You has led a great army to continue south.
Chapter 46 Last Hope
Yang You marched only two miles before he received Pei Hangyan’s trotters and handed them back to the military intelligence.
On receiving the military intelligence Yang You, I couldn’t help but hitched my heart and thought that Li Shimin did it.
Yang You guessed something after knowing that the dam was built in Yahe, Li Shimin, and Yang You guessed Li Shimin’s trick after receiving that the Handong Army in Liu Heita was washed away by the flood.
Yang You hopes that Dou Jiande can hold on for one more day. After Tang Jun’s long attack, he will be physically tired. Sui Jun will be able to defeat Li Shimin in one fell swoop, thus ending World War I in Hebei. However, the Lihe River in Li Shimin soaked the land, excavated the tunnel in advance and suddenly collapsed. The wall was affected and there were many collapses. The whole defense of Leshou City was flawed. Tang Jun had to attack the city.
This is yesterday’s news, and it will be dawn at this time. What is the situation in Leshou City after a night of fighting?
Yang You didn’t know that he could speed up the March of the three armed forces.
After a night of fighting, Le Shoucheng’s territory in Xia Jun is getting smaller and smaller. When the sky is dim, Dou Jiande can look at the Xia Wangfu Fiona Fang and sigh.
The city is broken. Even though Xia Guo’s soldiers are fighting to the death, the territory is still shrinking a little. A castle in Dou Jiande’s Xia Wangfu is full of despair.
Ruan Jun, who was covered in blood, knelt before him, and half of the horizontal knife was broken. The words in his mouth were very hoarse. "Xia Wang, I can’t keep the main road south of the city, please ask Xia Wang to surrender."
Dou Jiande’s reward and punishment points don’t vary according to personal relationship, but the prestige of his army is very high. Dou Jiande looks at many injuries and looks beautiful, showing a trace of unbearable support. Although he is stupid, he is very filial. For Dou Jiande, such a child makes him even more distressed.