However, Li Xuandao’s breakthrough now means that he doesn’t have time to think about these messy things. He led Han Tianxin running all the way directly to the deepest part of the Xuanhuang Lingta.

The closer the pagoda is to the surface, the closer it is to the vitality, and the stronger it is. On the contrary, the weaker it is.
Of course, each layer of practice is also very different.
Li Xuandao went straight down the stairs to the bottom floor, but to his surprise, all the rooms at the bottom floor were occupied by people. More than that, almost all the training rooms at the front floor were trained.
Nai Li Xuandao and Han Tianxin can come to the ninth floor.
There are not many sixteen training rooms here, but three of them are, but to Li Xuandao’s surprise, this one is not spacious and there is a boy in black sitting cross-legged.
Li Xuandao’s heart was puzzled that there was a training room on this floor, and the other party sat outside instead of practicing.
He turned to Han Tianxin and found that the other party was also puzzled.
However, he didn’t ask much about lifting his feet, so he walked towards a training room. Now he has broken through and taken time off to worry about other things.
At this time, the boy in black suddenly stood up in front of Li Xuandao and shouted coldly, "I want to get out of this training room!"
Seeing this scene, Han Tianxin was furious and his right hand quietly helped the hilt.
However, Li Xuandao, with a wave of his hand, stopped Han Tianxin from shaking his head and said, "There are two training rooms next to the dispute, so it’s okay to give him this training room."
Said Li Xuandao lift walked towards another practice room.
However, the body flashing of the boy in black once again blocked Li Xuandao’s cold way. "This training room is also my roll to one side!"
Suddenly Li Xuandao frowned.
He raised his eyes and looked at each other coldly. "There are three training rooms on this floor. Forget it. Isn’t it a bit too much to want to monopolize the department?"
"What about that?"
The young man in black looked disdainful. "The training room here is full of me, so I can take up as much as I want. Where can I get you, a waste and talkative?" But if you want to practice here, it’s not impossible for you to pay some for the night, and it’s not impossible for me to give it to you. "
Hearing this, Li Xuandao finally understood that this guy was deliberately finding fault.
It’s expensive to practice in the mysterious Huangling Pagoda. Especially, the closer you get to the vitality, the higher your pulse is. On the tenth floor of the mysterious Huangling Pagoda, you have to pay a lingshi one day. Not everyone can afford it.
So some practitioners take advantage of their own strength to take advantage of illegal means to obtain lingshi.
This young man in black is impressively such a person.
Chapter 157 I will never give it to you even if I feed it to the dog!
Chapter 157 I will never give it to you if I feed the dog!
"Is it a sleepover?"
Li Xuandao look motionless heart secretly sneer at.
It’s the first time he’s practiced for so long that he’s seen someone dare to rob him.
"I wonder how many nights I need if I want to practice here?" Li Xuandao narrowed his eyes and eyes seemed to have a cold light flashing.
The boy in black pondered that Li Xuandao’s strength was not high and his clothes were very ordinary. The other party was a civilian brother, so he said coldly with five fingers, "If you want to practice here for one day, you have to pay five lingshi."
"Why don’t you grab five lingshi?" Han Tianxin slightly discolored not growled.
Although SHEN WOO is richly endowed with resources, most of them are owned by major forces and your hands. It is not easy for ordinary people and practitioners to get resources without strength and background.
Five stone is a lot of wealth.
But it is not a problem for Li Xuandao now.
"Yes, I am robbing."
The boy in black sneered and said rudely, "If you have enough lingshi, I will promise you to practice here, but if you don’t have lingshi, get out of here as soon as possible and don’t disturb my practice here."
You!’ Korea, as anger extremely raise my hand to take out the fly sword.
However, Li Xuandao smiled and took out a fist-sized stone from Gankun Ring. Suddenly, a strong vitality was handed out from his hand, which made the black boy’s eyes slightly clot.
The boy in black was a little surprised. I didn’t expect a civilian in Li Xuandao to have a Lingshi. Soon his eyes were shining with a ray of greedy color. "A good Lingshi is equivalent to one hundred Lingshi. I can promise you to practice here …"
Before the men in black could finish, there was a broken sound.
See Li Xuandao five fingers together raised a horrible force to crush Lingshi into pieces, and soon his right hand lifted and sprinkled Lingshi fly ash on the ground coldly. "This Xuanhuang Lingta is the property of the Holy Night Hospital. I think you must promise to practice here? How dare you ask me for the night? Even if I feed LingShi to dogs, I will never give it to you. "
Men in black flew into a rage, his face turned purple with anger, and his eyes were fierce and he looked at Li Xuandao like an enraged fierce beast. "Smelly little face is shameless, right?" Since you don’t want to hand over the LingShi, don’t blame me for being rude. "
Say young body movement descended like a tiger mountain.
"Dare you disrespect my master?"
Han Tianxin is ready to see the young man, and he will attack with his hands like Youlong soaring in front of the young man.
However, the boy’s body trembled and his right hand flashed with deep light, waving coldly and shouting "roll"
Han Tianxin’s face turned crazy with a suffocating momentum. She didn’t expect this young man to be so strong. She knew she was no match with this momentum.
"Who do you want to fuck off?"
At this time, the cold sound bloomed and the whole ninth floor suddenly dropped in temperature and became cold.
This cold chill actually made the boy in black get a cold war, as if his soul were going to be frozen, and then a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of him, carrying a domineering atmosphere and punching him in the palm.
There was a crash, and the boy in black flew out and glided for tens of meters before landing.
He looked at his palm with dignified eyes, and the fist-printed palm trembled slightly, and the whole right arm was faintly paralyzed.
What a powerful force!
The black boy’s eyes flashed with a horror and looked up and stared at Li Xuandao with a heavy look.
This person is definitely not the seven-tier strength of the elixir, otherwise how can a garbage in the elixir realm beat him back with a fist?
"Get out now!"
Li Xuandao looked cold and overbearing.
Just because he doesn’t want to make trouble doesn’t mean he can bully and the other person is daring to rob him of his lingshi. How can he stand it?