"Commander! I don’t think he must be old if he wants to be the second master! "

Alim one leng "this commander, this brother is"
Tian Jisheng laughed. "You don’t mean that he is my personal bodyguard. He has always saved a Jiang Yang thief and has a good kung fu! The name has long been forgotten to be called the leopard in the flower! "
Alimu, look at the leopard in the flower. It seems that the tattoo man looks very fierce. It really looks like a Jiang Yang thief. The flesh is very tough. "What do you want, brother? Just say it! "
"I don’t want to do anything, just want to measure how big you are!" Hua Li Bao urn urn airway
Alimu nodded. "Well, since the Leopard brothers in Huali have this mood, let’s help to entertain and drink. It’s a little good! Come on! " I went straight to Juyi Hall and waved to the leopard in the flower.
"Commander this but he said I didn’t push him! Look, "Tian Jisheng laughed," Stop it, don’t be scared to death! "
"Got it, Commander!" The leopard in the flower came to alimu and made a gesture with his arms. "Come on!"
Alimu fuels and says, "Please!"
672 heart
The leopard in the flower quickly approached alimu and punched alimu’s cheekbones. The fist was blowing, and alimu could feel the fierce fist!
One side of alimu let his fist hang on his wrist, and the whole tall body of Hualibao followed! Alimu’s right shoulder hits the leopard’s left shoulder "!"
The leopard in the flower can’t help but be hit by alimu and fall back a few steps. His shoulder was hurt when he was hit. He rushed over with a grin and flew a foot! Alimu jumped up and hit the leopard with one elbow!
Hua Li Bao hurried to avoid taking a step backwards. Alimu’s right hand propped up the ground and his right foot kicked Hua Li Bao. He was kicking Hua Li Bao’s belly and had a big fart!
Alimu rolled in front of the leopard in the flower without waiting for him to get up, and his right hand was like holding the leopard’s throat! His legs caught the leopard’s legs and made him unable to move!
Hua Li Bao earned several times but didn’t earn it. He didn’t expect Alim to look much thinner than him but have such explosive power! Alimu’s right hand tightened, and the leopard suddenly felt his throat suffocating! It seems to be suffocating!
At loggerheads for a while, Alimu released the leopard in the flower, and the leopard jumped up in the flower. It was a foot according to Alimu! Alimu sneered and swept the leopard in the flower with a spin! Bang hit the back of the column and knocked out a big bag!
The leopard in the flower is really forbidden to fight and roar again! Unexpectedly, Alimu’s posture changed, and the figure disappeared in front of him. The leopard in the flower was feeling strange. Suddenly, someone patted him behind him. He suddenly turned around and saw a fist coming. Peng was smashed red-handed and immediately stunned! Soft fell to the ground!
"good!" They broke into a palm Tian Jisheng ha ha. "What a little fierce! Tian Jisheng is really blessed. God has sent me another valiant soldier! "
Alimu fuels "thank you for your praise! Alimu is ashamed! "
"hey! If there is a real thing, there is something wrong! Come on, come on, brother! Fill up the wine. From today on, the alimu brothers are our second masters! After we are brothers, we will get rich together! "
A fuels alimu "thank you commander pull! Alimu is embarrassed! "
In the past, the leopard in the flower suddenly woke up and rubbed his head and said, "What’s wrong with me?" Get up and have a look at Alimu’s eyes. He was just about to be stopped by Tian Jisheng. "Hua Li Bao, you fucking stop!" It’s not over yet. The Alimu brothers let you. You didn’t make a fool of yourself! Don’t thank others. If Alimu is unkind, you have already confessed! "
The leopard in the flower is reluctant to hold the fist and say, "Thanks!"
Alimu laughed. "The leopard brothers in the flower have accepted! Please! "
The leopard in the banquet rose up and said, "Alimu can’t make a deal today. I’ll propose a toast to you!" As soon as the glass in your hand flew to Alimu, Alimu smiled and reached out and stopped the glass without spilling a drop. "Good wine!" When I squeezed the bronze wine glass, he crushed it! What a force this is!
This time, the leopard in the flower will pinch the glass at most, and it will never reach this level. Hey hey, a smile, "Brother Alimu, I am a leopard in the flower completely! Cheers! "
Tian Jisheng laughed. "The Alimu brothers who can make the leopard lose are the first!" Come on, come on, everybody drink!
673 fell into a gentle town
After drinking the wine, they dispersed, and Alimu was arranged in a single-family courtyard. If the status of the people is different, the living will be different!
Hualibao and Alimu walked back with their arms around their shoulders. Hualibao lived in the room behind Alimu. Because of his special status, Tian Jisheng usually gave it to him as his own son, and he also came to a unique place.
"Alimu brothers, you are generous and helpful enough! I like you. Let’s have a good drink some other time! It’s too late today, I’ll go back first! "
Alimu busy way "flower leopard brothers we are strangers heroes! Others are always blind to you! I promised to have a good drink that day! "
"Hey hey! That’s it. Go! See you later! " Hua Li Bao staggered back to his yard. Alimu came to his residence and looked around. No one immediately went to the north of the cottage. He went to the high wall and looked around. His feet whizzed out of the high wall and jumped out of the wall. He quickly came to a small forest. He found a big white poplar with a tree hole in its face. He took something out of his pocket and stuffed it into the tree hole. Then he fiddled with the rotten leaf cover for a few times and felt that he couldn’t see it. Then he turned and ran to the cottage!
When I got to the high wall, I jumped into the high wall and floated to the ground, pretending to untie my pants and then my pants staggered back! Just when he jumped into the high wall, a figure flashed behind the big poplar in the forest to dig out the hole in the tree, take away the contents, restore them to their original state and run away!
Alimu went back to his room, pushed the door in, took off his coat with his backhand to reveal the developed muscles inside, and walked to the bed in a pair of shorts. The moonlight was very bright, and he got in without a light!
No, I didn’t make a quilt! Why did you lay it yourself? I actually touched a naked and soft woman’s body!
"who?" Alimu hurriedly sat up but was stuck by the woman clinging to the hot body. "I am your warm bed when I am in charge!" I’m afraid you’ll be cold at night, so let me wait on you! Didn’t you say that I am very energetic during the day? "
I heard that it was Xiaocui Red around Mrs. Tian Jisheng. This girl looks really good. Unfortunately, being a servant girl is Mrs. Tian Jisheng’s favorite personal servant girl!
"This this how to make? You are the closest person to your wife, and Alim dare not expect anything! " Alimu, hide straight out!
"Alimu eldest brother do you despise me Xiaocui red! Although I am a maid, I am also an innocent and virtuous woman! But my parents died early and I had to be taken back to the cottage by my wife to be a girl! I am clean! "
Alim busy way "Xiaocui red, don’t get me wrong, I think I’m Alim a headstrong root is not worthy of you! Besides, I have become a family, and I can’t wronged you! "
Xiaocui red tightly hug him, "I don’t care, I just like you! You and I are a great hero! It’s better to follow you than to follow your wife! "
Alimu wondered, "How? Isn’t your wife very kind to you? "
Xiaocui red SOB: "Madam didn’t say anything to me, but the commander stared at me every day and maybe gave me that one day! That’s what madame meant! Brother alimu, please don’t let me go back! Today, I have to promise to see my wife. Besides, he is also trying to buy you off! "
674 Destroy the bandits’ den 1
"Well, since all the girls in Xiaocui said so, I can’t say that I don’t accept alimu! Ok, go to sleep! "
Alimu lay down in Xiaocui, scalding himself and sticking it over. Alimu laughed. "It’s nice to have someone to warm the bed!" Hugging Xiaocui and sleeping didn’t mean it.
Xiaocui was just shy, but she didn’t see Alimu move for a long time. Instead, she couldn’t stand Alimu’s tough physique, which fascinated her, and she couldn’t help touching it slowly!
Alim also gradually increased breathing and gasped, and climbed Xiaocui’s body, Xiaocui’s happiness, waiting for the baptism of the storm. Alim kissed Xiaocui, and Xiaocui suddenly groaned. When Xiaocui got up today, he suddenly felt a sense of flying high. Alim suddenly ordered a Xiaocui in some part of her body and immediately collapsed into a coma!
"Sorry, Xiaocui, I am also hello!" Alimu put on his clothes and covered Xiaocui, while he slept with his clothes.
The next morning, after getting up, Alim washed up and went back to the bed. He was about to lift it when he suddenly remembered something. He turned his sleeve and brought a dagger. Suddenly, blood flowed out. Alim dropped the blood on the sheet and then wrapped the medicine for golden sore. Put it on the sleeve and you couldn’t see anything! Xiaocui and ordered a Xiaocui suddenly woke up and stretched and looked at alimu with open eyes. "Get up so early? Don’t sleep much? "
Alimu smiled "I’m used to it! You sleep more! "
Xiaocui moved to start. "Why didn’t we feel anything last night?"
Alimu laughed. "What else can you feel? It’s cool! "
Xiaocui’s face turned red. "It’s not that I heard my wife say that women will be very painful for the first time, but I …"
Alimu thought for a moment and said, "Maybe you are special!"
"But why don’t I remember?" Pick it up and see that you are still naked! I couldn’t help blushing, but I clearly saw the sheets stained with Luo Hong. I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, there is a witness, otherwise you will be me …" She didn’t have the nerve to go on!
You think too much. Last night, you were so crazy that I didn’t have the strength to stop! “”
Xiaocui laughed. "Really?"