When I was flattered, I said humbly, "Thank you for your kindness. If you want to send letters elsewhere, you won’t bother."

"In that case, then don’t delay the messenger’s business." Lingqing nodded. "A brainwave gives the messenger a free ride."
"It’s Master" replied with a brainwave and then sent Li Guli away.
Back in the view, the three of them went to play by themselves, and Lingqing took out the larvae and linked them with several other disciples.
Taoist Lingdao, Li Li, Zhu Guang and others also received Aoren’s invitation sooner or later.
It is impossible for a famous dragon banquet to let everyone eat and drink, and then watch a group of dragons and beasts enter the dragon pool, or be turned into blood or become Jackie Chan, and then congratulate them on it.
This feast has been prepared since New Year’s Eve, and the Dragon Palace will hold a Lantern Festival one after another, with an auction lasting more than ten days.
Then on February 2 nd, when the dragon beast entered the dragon pool and turned into a dragon, the banquet was a veritable dragon banquet.
After chatting for a while, Taoist Ling simply asked everyone to meet here in Lingqing.
First of all, it’s not long before New Year’s Eve, so let’s get together and have a good time.
Secondly, if you want to go to the Dragon Palace, Lingqing Tianxin Island is the best starting point.
It wasn’t long before a group of other disciples came one after another, each as familiar as his own home.
This is a sub-world, and everyone is not as busy as before, and they don’t manage trivial matters in teaching, which can be described as leisure.
Therefore, although we don’t live together, we have a lot of leisure time, and almost three or five people get together.
Or go to the sea to play in Jiufang sea market. Almost every day, there are several caravans and ships coming and going. Every day, there is something new and I am tired of watching it.
Or go out to sea to explore the vast territory of the East China Sea. Although the control of the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea is not weak, it is impossible to master it all.
Some ancient fairy mountains also contain many undiscovered treasures and once buried romantic memories.
Come and go more frequently than before.
A few days ago, Ling Qing and Zhang Zhe and Bai Zhiyuan chased an exotic animal and met a mirage one day.
Trapped in the illusory world transformed by the illusion, I saw a strange and bizarre world.
After staying out, Bai Zhiyuan will simply accept the desire to borrow the practice before leaving here
His practice is false, truth-seeking, and true magic. This day, natural magic is just right to help him practice.
When everyone sat down in the middle of the lake pavilion, Yang Liyi directly took a spiritual fruit and frowned while eating and said, "I want to say that the Dragon Palace Lantern Festival and the auction will just look at it."
This dragon banquet is also called "whether we go or not."
Yang Liyi’s legal name was Daoyi Laoshan, and Tian Ying was a roommate. They were about the same age.
Not only does she look very heroic, but she is also very heroic and masculine
"Dragon pool dragon beast JingXie material he dragon beast evolution dragon grab dragon blood practice.
Although it sounds very cruel, it is a way out for the East China Sea aquarium. "Li Li shook his head.
Lingqing smell speech had to agree with nodded.
Previously, when he heard about the Dragon Pool from Wulong people, he didn’t think that the East China Sea Dragon was a parasitic dragon beast in the sea like Wulong people.
It is not difficult to find out that it is necessary to pay attention to the materialization of Longchi quality base
The Dragon Palace in the East China Sea didn’t deliberately hide it. It just pressed the words that were publicized with great fanfare.
But even so, there are still many dragons and beasts willing to have a try every time the dragon banquet is held.
That’s because it’s a shortcut to the end of the transformation.
This East China Sea Aquarium accidentally swallows heaven and earth, and after gaining spiritual wisdom, most of them can practice by being able to swallows heaven and earth.
However, with the exception of some species that live longer than normal, it is just a matter of eating for other creatures to work hard for a few years.
At most, I have been infiltrated by the vitality of heaven and earth and tasted delicious. There is no possibility that I can become immortal if I want to practice sincerely.
There is no achievement method, and there is no situation that Zongmen is willing to accept it.
The most obvious way for them to advance is to practice the Dragon Palace blood refining method, and then refine their own blood to fight in the Dragon Pool.
Chapter four hundred and sixty Going to the Dragon Palace for nine days is the true teachings
Just like when I met the old dragon loach in front of the crystal workshop, if his grandchildren were not valued for a long time,
Hard to say, he also wants them to refine their own dragon blood and then take a walk in the Dragon Pool.
Success is naturally the embodiment of Jackie Chan. Whether it is prosperity or achievement, the Dragon Palace is generous with rewards.
Of course, if you fail, you will fail, and you will be left in the dragon pool for nourishment. No one will pity you.
However, even this narrow escape opportunity is not available to everyone.
Those monsters born without dragon veins don’t even have the qualification to enter the Dragon Pool.
Sometimes the road to practice is more cruel than everything.
Although there is a lot of selfishness in the Dragon Palace in the road of Hualong Pool,
However, the dragon can be big and small, and can rise and hide; Sex is greedy but proud.
Some dragons may have been corrupted, which means that they hope to accumulate dragon blood from Longchi to improve themselves without making progress.
But there are also many dragons who have amazing talents and are still diligent and diligent.
Just like Aoren, Lingqing has never seen a trace of impetuous practice, which shows that he has never borrowed the convenience of Hualong Pool.
"It’s difficult for different people to get the word …!" Tian ying faint sigh a way
At the beginning, she was determined to clean up the poisonous atmosphere in southern Xinjiang, and then she did it day by day for several years.
At this time, I won’t say anything to stop those dragons and beasts from going to the dragon pool.
At best, I’m out of sight.
It is still too early to say that these Shui people should seek a way out.