At this time, Xin Ziqing was unscathed and didn’t even have a little scar. On the contrary, her physical strength was several times stronger than before she was recruited!

"It’s impossible … you … you’ve been me …" Purple Jiawu Wang’s eyes were wide and full of incredible looks, and he was shocked than pointing to Xinziqing’s way
"Didn’t Tata tell you? A three-legged cat like you is trying to kill me? What a joke! " XinZiQing corners of the mouth slightly pick a way "and … she said yes you don’t know the phoenix … towards the phoenix fire is a big joke!"
The phoenix died in the fire from the fire, and the cycle was exhausted
It is said that the phoenix born from the fire will come back to the fire every time its life comes to an end, and it will melt into ashes and merge with the fire power to revive!
Phoenix is reborn from the fire!
"Damn it, even if the star fire method kills you, I don’t believe you can still beat me!" Zi Jia Wu Wang Fa accepted this scene, and the whole person went berserk and jumped up, bared his teeth and ran away towards Xin Ziqing.
"Tata suppressed!" XinZiQing lightly to say
"Don’t worry, the master will leave it to me!" Tata happily replied, followed by the wild Phoenix Tower, which suddenly became bigger than the purple Jiawu king’s head.
The Phoenix Tower scares the sky and local people can escape!
The pressure in this town, King Zi Jiawu, suddenly felt that her body was heavier than that of others. A terrible threat came to her, and her body seemed to suddenly bear hundreds of millions of mountains!
"well! Damn, I knew … I took the lead in destroying you just now! " Purple Jia Wu Wang looked up at the wild Phoenix Tower with resentment and shouted angrily.
"that’s your business. there is no way to cure regret in this world!" Tata said leisurely
"Purple JiaWu king die! The magic of life … Phoenix dies for nine days! " XinZiQing suddenly binge drinking a soon hands pinching towards purple Jia Wu Wang Yi palm boom!
"Boo!" A crisp song rang out and several phoenix with colorful luster suddenly appeared around the purple Jiawu king and crashed towards her!
"Damn it!" Purple Jia Wu Wang let out a scream and his body was instantly torn to pieces!
The reason why she lost so quickly was that she chose an unsuitable opponent. She was proud of Xin Ziqing.
Xin Ziqing didn’t compete with this purple king in the Battle of the Wild, but fell unfortunately because of the ancestral trajectory of Shura Protoss.
In those days, Zhao was the one who fought the King of Purple Jiawu, but at this time, Zhao was no longer needed to deal with the four holy kings of Shura Protoss. Unfortunately, the King of Purple Jiawu hit Xin Ziqing and ended up in such a fiasco!
What said XinZiQing to kill ZiJiaWu king is not like violet and ancient setting that have done their best, now although she also put to good use such fate means, but it is not a force attack at least there are still about half spare capacity.
"Let’s go, Tata. You can put violet and Gu Ning in the tower for treatment. By the way, keep an eye on the situation. He’s also in a hard struggle. I’ll help Zhao Ming and them!" XinZiQing deep out of the tone said indifferently.
As she said, she was really caught in a bitter struggle.
The absolute defense of the shining golden mad king is not so simple to break.
Leaving a scar on each other’s body will consume most of their physical strength, but these scars are fatal!
The Golden Armor Crazy King has a very high level of fighting. He can always protect his key points at the most critical moment, so that he can attack with the force of the shape and cut the place out of place.
Suixing almost went crazy.
"Mom this guy is too difficult to deal with! Although I fought against this bastard in those days, I didn’t expect him to be so troublesome! " Suixing frowned and worried.
He is not the same as others who can use life-magic or life-magic, because after all, he is not human and does not belong to life. He is just a spirit!
It’s just a powerful and confusing spirit!
However, after all, the means of talking with the spirit is limited, and the mastery with the shape is an alchemist, not a pure fight
He can benefit from his own source power to do harm to the Golden Armor Crazy King, but the source power is more precious, but it took him tens of thousands of years to finish saving up.
However, at this time, it also consumed 60% of the shape, and the whole person also looked exhausted.
"Ha, ha, ha, all the king you have such a means? Although I have to admit that you can really hurt me, you can win by killing me! " The Golden Armor Crazy King shouted with laughter, "Is it true that ten billion years ago, I made the Shura poisonous blood out of the Green Armor Poison King to upset the extreme door and you were hurt too badly in the chaos? Your strength is obviously worse than that in the flood season! "
"Hum is better?" Follow the shape and leave the pie mouth and face, otherwise
Is the conformal power really worse than that in the flood season?
The answer is no, people will grow up with time, even if they follow the body and spirit.
Now he is supposed to be stronger than during the war in the wild, but when Xiao Fan and Gu Ning repaired the five-line meteor banner of the tiger sword, they slightly consumed some source power, which made the overall combat power slightly inferior at this time.
"Why? Don’t you want to admit it? Your attack has weakened, so I’ll wait until you don’t even have time to raise your hand and slowly torture you to death! " The shining golden mad king grimaced.
"Do you really think I will give you that chance?" Suixing suddenly picked the corner of his mouth and took out a handful of something from his arms. He immediately raised his hand and threw it head-on towards the shining golden mad king.
"Bang bang!" Followed by successive explosions, several smoke billowed and filled the whole star!
Chapter 122 Constant ancient war (7)
"What the hell is this? Smoke bomb? Hum! It seems that you are really at the end of the road when you come out with such dirty means! " Shining golden crazy king waved his arm is full of disdain cried
"Dirty? Hum is the king to win, but you Shura protoss scum have been talking about it! " With the shape of a flash also entered the smoke toward the shining golden mad king went straight away.
"Hum Wang is indestructible, even if you do this, you should give up on King Farnay!" The shining golden mad king’s face disdained to raise my hand and immediately wrapped himself in golden light.