The Emperor’s Avenue soared into the sky, and with the Imperial Heaven hitting the void, it instantly turned into a void, and then it went to kill the big sun python in the distance!

Fang Yuan’s face was angry. Although he is only an incarnation of the ancestor’s method, it is also a pity to be killed. As a result, he still wants to kill him after all the talk.
Fang Yuan’s big sleeve turned into a horrible black dragon with a jerk.
"Ang …"
Xiao Long growled and spat terror dragon’s breath, which was accompanied by the avenue to turn this sun and moon around.
"Boom …"
Emperor Avenue turned into a dragon, but facing the black dragon in the distance, both of them exploded and instantly rolled up the explosive wind.
Roar accompanied by strong impact instantly makes the earth accompany.
The middle domain is like a terrorist storm, and dozens of chaotic peaks on the ground are shattered by this energy.
At this moment, Yu Tian sneered and said, "Great Road!"
However, when this is said, we can see that the heavenly body rises, and the horrible breath is extremely great, and the floating into the heavenly body and the heavenly breath is constantly increasing.
In the distance, Fang Yuan growled, "It’s another great road. How can there be such a shameless road outside the territory!"
The imperial heaven can ignore these, raise the emperor’s sword and shout, "the emperor’s sword-king’s landing!" "
Directly cut out Fang Yuan’s adult sleeves with one sword, and turn it into an Excalibur with a nine-headed method of insect fusion.
Then Excalibur cut through the sky and fell like the sky.
"Boom …!"
The sword light collides with the sky, and the backhand sword directly cuts off a mountain peak the size of a circle and hits it at Fangyuan.
Then he grabbed at Xu Yi and said, "This is the third brother’s swordsmanship in the sky. It’s really interesting for you to learn his swordsmanship!"
Imperial heaven can feel that this Fang Yuan society is the discipline of swordsmanship in the sky, especially the extreme avenue.
Fang Yuan became angry from embarrassment, facing the mountain peak like a circle of laughter, directly turning his left hand into a beast’s claw and then facing the sky is a "claw of the sky!"
At this moment, the tangle of the body avenue evolved from heaven into a horrible claw, and then the mountain peak was crushed and then looked at the sky.
And the royal day appeared in front of Fang Yuan with one foot step.
Fang Yuan remained blank. "You …"
Before the words fell, Yu Tian’s right hand reached out and pinched Fang Yuan’s neck. "Ant!"
Fang Yuan dumbfounded "how is it possible! How can you be so powerful and I have reshaped the avenue? I can’t compete with you! "
The Imperial Heaven sneered, "The emperor devoured a thousand kinds of extreme roads and has long been above everything, and you are a worm like fighting against the emperor! Just playing with you, you are weak and pitiful! "
Words Fang Yuan with anger, he doesn’t believe that the Imperial Heaven is so powerful, growling and raising his hand, the nine-headed method worm turns into an Excalibur.
"Bang …"
Before being cut out, it was also held by the imperial left hand.
That’s comparable to the extreme sword front, so it was held by the imperial heaven.
Terror makes Fang Yuan even more afraid.
Imperial day sneer at "just so little power? The emperor said that you are only nourishing food! "
Words burn purple and gold flames in the left hand.
A thousand kinds of extreme avenues are merged into the Imperial Heaven, and the flesh is also merged into a thousand kinds of extreme avenues. This horrible avenue makes the Imperial Heaven’s flesh earth to the limit.
Even the ultimate treasure of such a limited body can hardly hurt the royal sky.
At the moment, this sword comes out with a roar, which is the evolution of the nine-headed method insect. Now it is burned by the imperial flame. "Ho …"
"PSST …"
The nine-headed insect kept roaring, but it was burned by the purple-gold flame and turned into energy to melt into the imperial celestial body.
Imperial celestial bodies are like a dry desert that needs water, and this nine-headed worm is the energy source.
After all, Fang Yuan’s cultivation of nine-headed method insects is a huge treasure, which can not only increase energy, but also enhance the avenue.
At the moment, these avenues are swallowed up, and they are all swallowed up by the Imperial Heaven.
Imperial celestial body Emperor Avenue refining was immediately assigned to his ministers, that is, 1000 kinds of extreme avenues. It can be said that these energies are an empire. The stronger the materials, the stronger the empire.
If Yutian wants to become stronger now, it needs to constantly strengthen its physical resources.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine heavy method of insect on Jiutou Avenue was swallowed up by the Imperial Heaven, and then the Imperial Heaven stared at Fang Yuan. "You are a human ancestor, and the method of insect is now turned into food!" Ha ha … "
Fang Yuan glared at the sky and roared, "Even if you devour me, I still won’t die. If you devour me and that mysterious person, you must be no match, just wait to be killed by the mysterious person!"
Fang Yuan roared, but the purple and golden flame of the Imperial Heaven turned into an energetic elixir.
Imperial day will Dan medicine devouring body emperor avenue gain growth is rolling up.
"Boom …"
Imperial heaven clenched his fist and the flesh instantly changed.
Avenue sixty-four heavy
The avenue is sixty-five!
The road is sixty-six!
At that time, the Imperial Heaven rushed directly into the 72nd Avenue.
At this moment, Imperial Heaven stares at the heaven, and the terror of Emperor Huang Avenue sends out, "Emperor Imperial Heaven … The emperor who is obedient and disobedient will die in the middle domain, and the emperor is the only one who will rule for 3,000 years and will not kill me!"
The roaring words of the imperial heaven sway the whole land.
In the distance, the third-class Tang people were surprised one by one.