Grey eyes took a deep breath and licked their lips. "Want to make some money?"

The girl’s face was red and her pupils looked blankly at the gray eye "I have money"
Grey-eyed gasped, "Do you want to play something exciting?"
The girl tilted her head slightly. "Good."
Gray eyes swallowed saliva, and somewhere it was as hard as iron. He walked over to the girl and grabbed her shoulders with both hands.
At this time, the chest was slightly cold.
He looked down and saw a purple thin chain sticking out of the girl’s cuff and plunging into his chest like a poisonous snake.
A sudden burning pain rose in the chest.
The gray eyes changed to "Who are you!"
Luo Hai, a fairly high-end room in the city, pushed the door and came in, when he saw that several of his right-hand men were sitting on the living room sofa or sitting or lying down.
The cold front maintains its long knife. King Kong is smoking a cigarette. The magician is teasing a cat.
Only the gray eyes don’t
Luo Haishen said, "Where’s the gray eye?"
The cold front looked up and the thin man said, "I went to the bar and said I wouldn’t come back late."
Luo Hai hummed, "Sooner or later, he will be killed by a woman."
King Kong vomited a smoke turn and asked, "Is everything going well, boss?"
Luo Hai nodded. "The shadow side has promised that our official identity will come this month, and they also paid us a contribution of 300,000 points."
The magician said happily, "Then I can keep a group of cats and dogs."
King Kong looked disgusted. "Then you’d better move out. I’m allergic to these things."
Cold front sink a way, "I want to buy a material weapon. I have taken a fancy to it for a long time in the gray market."
Luo Hai nodded and smiled. "I’ll give you the money when I get it. You can …"
Suddenly Luo Hai’s eyes flashed, and he was almost an illusion because a figure suddenly appeared behind King Kong.
That’s a man he knows well.
Lieutenant Nightcrawler, the device that prevented him from getting the flesh and blood in the reverse world that day
The other party appeared in the living room with a warning.
There was no break-in or break-in through the window.
It’s more like coming out of the air
So he appeared and sent a gray-blue sword with a few fluorescent dream swords into the diamond body.
This silver-haired boy obviously has a deep understanding of the human body.
That dream sword accurately penetrated King Kong’s heart, making the fortress famous for its physical strength. Even if it didn’t have a protective ability, it would be a shock and tragic death!
King Kong’s eyes widened, and there was still smoke in his mouth, but the cigarette in his hand fell and the ash bounced around.
It was not until the teenager pulled the sword out of Luo Hai that he shouted "Kill him!"
The cold front stood up and the magician leaned out of the cloak, but then a sense of terror and oppression appeared, and the ceiling above them fell apart and a dark red shadow fell heavily to the ground.
Get up slowly
It was a man in his early thirties with a dark red face and a broken array. His long gown was raised backwards and Zhang Dongcheng shouldered his sword and walked towards Luohai step by step.
Cold front and magician dare not move.
The other person’s huge aura suppresses even breathing.
Luo Hai, who has the same rank, can move freely.
The leader of Iron Blood plucked the sword with great speed and released a piece of firm but gentle, just like the waves across the living room, beating at the broken array.
Zhang Dongcheng’s eyes flashed with a ponder expression and his shoulder sword bounced up.
sweep away
Air billow fen
A blow at the end of the fruit Luo Hai has run in the direction of the gate
Zhang Dongcheng looked at the sun and then recovered.
It was not until then that the window burst into sound that the bird and Kun Lan rushed into the living room at the same time, wearing a star barrier. They made two iron cadres feel desperate.
Their fortress was killed as soon as it was destroyed.
The leader lets the strong in the same rank stare at him.
The two of them are left to face the fortress-protected Nightcrawler team. Is there a chance of winning?
No return, no two people are not going to give in easily.
The magician’s cane wields a small power to release elements continuously, but the ability to prepare elements when not needed. At one time, the fire in the living room fluttered and the ice blade roared, occasionally flashing several element guns to cover the birds and Quinlan.
The cold front stared at Tianyang.
Tianyang just sent the flashing ring directly to King Kong to complete a bold assassination.
The teenager’s performance made the cold front extremely afraid. Although Tianyang was also wearing a star barrier, he still took Tianyang knife.
However, the cold front rushed to Tianyang’s side, and the teenager had already flashed back. This time, instead of "flashing", he evaded his own mobility.
Then the moonlight cuts the stars and transforms them into monthly force, which gushes out from the blade.
Into a gray-blue crescent moon, the moment of firm but gentle has come to the cold front …
Chapter 523 Incomplete revenge
Rank 5 slaughterers have experienced the intersection of life and death many times in the reverse world. Even if the attack of Tianyang comes so suddenly, the timing is horribly accurate, but it can’t shake the cold front at the end.
He rocked the stars, pressed his right toe deep into the floor, and the one-legged shaft spun so fast that the gray-blue crescent moon just slipped behind him.
Seeing that the crescent moon divided the furniture, cut the floor, and disappeared into the wall without violent explosion, the gray-blue rendering of the crescent moon was as soft as a loose smoke.
Anyone who is stained by gray-blue has lost color and become transparent, and fibrosis has become dust.
The cold front became heavy. He didn’t expect Tianyang’s hand weapon to be so terrible.
The teenager missed the trampling on the floor, and the whole person slipped over. The moonlight turned into a gray-blue light and quickly attacked and suppressed the cold front.
Leng Feng took his time and used his long knife to make subtle moves to resist the stormy attack of Tianyang.