And Yun Fan’s martial arts attainments have also made great progress. Xuan Yue’s big handprint has already cultivated Dacheng Daluo Zhengang and cultivated Xiaocheng realm.

Recently, Yun Fan is specializing in Xingluo Jianfa, which is about to break through to the realm.
There will be several times when the martial arts has become a success. By that time, Yun Fan has 100% confidence in dealing with the peak of Zhendan. It is even easier to deal with the peak of Sanhua, and it is to go to Hangzhou Yunjia Day.
Chapter 15 Xingluo Jianfa boundary (the first! Six! More! )
Cultivation base
Yun Fan wears a virtual helmet, and a layer of optical net hangs over Yun Fan’s body, so that Yun Fan can project the whole body virtually.
This virtual helmet is the most advanced virtual projection instrument at present, and it took Yun Fan one hundred million yuan to buy it, which is one hundred times higher than the ordinary simulation mecha in Internet cafes.
It can not only project the body into virtual conjoined qi, but also project it.
Yun Fan, but the virtual world is surrounded by metal robots.
This metal robot can adjust its strength and quantity at will through data modification, which is much more convenient than looking for genetic monsters to practice everywhere in the mecha war and can greatly save time.
Yun Fan has been adjusting the number and strength of metal robots to the point where he can just kill them all. Every time he practices the star sword method, he will kill all the virtual metal robots, but he is exhausted, but he is full of gains every time.
There are more than ten thousand metal robots in the virtual world, each of which has the peak strength of returning to the Yuan realm.
This is simply an army, Yun Fan, killing in the use of star sword.
Star-studded swordsmanship, the speed of sword light is like flying, and the metal robots around it will fall like wheat harvesting.
But more metal robots are not afraid of death, which is set by the program. They have no fear, and even the last one will not be afraid of life and death.
In reality, Yun Fan is surrounded by enemies, but he and the virtual simultaneously display the spirit of the star sword method, and the virtual war is also like a war in reality
Star Luo Jianfa Yun Fan hands more and more conveniently cast faster and faster.
Yun Fan’s body and mind are integrated into the battle, and he is obsessed with the sword. He feels more and more comfortable and keen about the star sword, and gradually has a magical feeling.
This magical feeling is getting stronger and stronger, and the power of Yun Fan’s sword is getting stronger and stronger
Suddenly …
The sword in his hand flew out of Yun Fan’s hand, but it didn’t fall. Yun Fan’s true qi still made the sword fly with the true qi, and it was even better than when he was in his hand.
Shua shua shua …
The sword is as light as flying from the hand. In the virtual world, the killing speed of the metal robot around Yun Fan has suddenly increased by ten times.
In a short time, Yun Fan will easily kill ten thousand virtual metal robots.
Yun Fan disconnected the virtual connection from the source, took the true qi from the helmet, stopped and cut the real sword and flew back.
Xingluo Jianfa finally broke through the realm.
The rhyme of martial arts star Luo Jianfa is much higher than that of Luo Jianfa. Cloudy sails need to be practiced by hand. To operate the star Luo Jianfa, the sword in hand can be released and fly with the true qi, and the real scattered fencing is better than that in hand.
Cut the real sword fell into the hands of Yun Fan, who looked overjoyed and flew out again, turned around the body and fell into the hands.
"The power of Metaphysical Star Luo Jianfa has also become a great martial art, which is difficult for even the spiritual sea master to achieve. If I practice higher, can I go beyond this sword to fight the spiritual sea master?"
Yun Fan said to himself, Xingluo Jianfa’s transformation has given Yun Fan a strong confidence. This is already a peerless swordsmanship that can kill the spiritual sea master.
Now he’s the true Dan realm, and he’s still short of some later repairs to reach the peak of the true Dan realm. Yun Fan believes that he really has the hope of killing the spiritual sea realm master.
"It’s still a little worse to repair the true Dan’s territory in the later period. Even if the transformation star Luo Jianfa is mysterious, it’s hard to kill the spiritual sea master, but it should be more than enough to sweep the true Dan’s territory."
Yun Fan murmured, revealing in his eyes that Yun Fan had been disdainful.
What Yun Fan heart have an impulse to five gas toward the yuan a bucket of the strong.
Five Qi Chao Yuan corresponds to the spiritual sea realm, but its strength should be inferior. Yun Fan Zhendan realm did not challenge the confidence of the spiritual sea realm master in the later period, but it is still possible to challenge the feeling of five Qi Chao Yuan.
Of course, this is Yun Fan’s speculation that he has not seen the strength of the strong in the Five Qi Dynasty and dare not jump to conclusions.
After breaking through the late stage of Zhendan’s territory, Yun Fan specialized in Xingluo Jianfa for more than half a month, and the weather began to be slightly cold in October.
The sixth floor of Yun Qi Fanyang Hotel
Yun Fan came to his father Yunchao and said, "Dad, we can go to Hangzhou Yunjia."
Yun Chao is practicing the "Condensing Qi" in the Da Luo Bao Dian. When he heard this, he looked shocked and said, "Xiaofan, you can deal with the Three Flowers Peak so soon?"
Now Yun Fan is not what it used to be. It is not necessary to provoke this enemy with amazing potential. The second-class family can’t afford to provoke Yun Fan, who has already begun to teach his family to practice the collection of works.
In addition to family members, Shang Tongtong and Fan Muxi also awarded the column.
Yun Fan nodded slightly. "In the past few months, I have not only made some progress in repairing and reaching the late stage of Zhendan’s territory. The key is that my martial arts attainments have greatly increased my strength and made great progress by leaps and bounds. Sanhua Peak is by no means my enemy."
Yunchao suddenly looked excited and said, "Okay, okay, I’ve always wanted to take your grandfather’s relics and spirits to Yuecheng, but I don’t have the strength to finally get what you want this time. When shall we start?"
Yun Fan said, "I have a flying machine and I can start at any time."
Yunchao got up and said, "What are you waiting for? I’ll go to Yunjia in Hangzhou as soon as I tell your mother."
Yunchao reported to Qu Lanshu that Yun Fan was not afraid of Qu Lanshu’s surprise and joy.
But she still has some worries that "the peak of three flowers gathering is the normal state of uniting the limit, and then she can move heaven and earth, and every three flowers gathering will stay in this realm for many years and be very vigorous."
And studying all kinds of martial arts is stronger than the later stage of Sanhua. Many small sails, are you really sure that you can win the peak of Sanhua? You have such strength and great potential at such a young age. Wouldn’t it be a mistake to wait another year? "
Yun Fan confidently said, "Mom, just put 10,000 hearts at ease. How can I fight an uncertain battle?"
Yun Chao said, "If you want to believe Xiao Fan, he can’t infer from common sense."
Qu Lanshu nodded and said, "Okay, okay, I agree with you to go to Xiaofan. You must be careful."
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Chapter 151 Don’t kneel down until you kneel down (the first! Seven! More! )
An aircraft flew from Yuecheng to the east.
The aircraft is Yun Fan and his father Yunchao. At this time, it is not noon, and the aircraft can reach Hang Cheng in less than an hour at a considerable speed of sound.
There are few high-level gene monsters in the range of human cities, and the probability of encountering avian six-level gene monsters on the way is very low.
This time, I don’t know if the luck is good or bad. After flying more than 700 miles from Yuecheng, the aircraft was stared at by a huge bird.
It’s Kuroha Golden Flame Carving!
Last year, when Yun Fan went to Gujing City to participate in the high school mecha league, he met this genetic bird on the way to the aircraft.
Kuroha’s golden flame carving is faster than the speed of sound and faster than the aircraft. Once in Yun Fan, it was two innate people who manipulated the D-class mecha to jointly kill them.
The shrill scream came closer and closer, and in a short time, the Kuroha Golden Flame Carving chased it.
The Kuroha Golden Flame Carved Aircraft with its wings spread out to more than 20 feet and six meters long looks very small in front of it.
Yunchao looked closer and closer through the glass window. Kuroha Jinyan Carving frowned slightly. "Kuroha Jinyan Carving is a powerful monster with six levels of genes, which is less equivalent to the late stage of three flowers and much more equivalent to the peak sail of three flowers. Don’t you stop the aircraft? It has no advantage in fighting! "