Behind him came a whisper, "Is Brother Liu crazy?"

"Not old endowment saw a ghost this sound is iron.
"Oh …"
I didn’t care about the three of him, just ask those stupid kobolds not to bother me!
Actually, I’m also surprised that the iron body has a Buddha’s bone to protect itself. Why do evil spirits dare to come this day? I looked at the iron and the golden light of his Buddha’s bones was not seen at all-maybe it was influenced by the innate Fuxi hexagrams here?
Let’s go back and talk about it. Now I should still deal with the evil spirits head-on!
The corners of the mouth of the evil ghost are getting bigger and bigger until the back of the head. "For thousands of years, there are people who know that my evil ghost has a yoshimitsu in its eyes." And more importantly, this person can still see me and talk to me.
"What about your heart?" I caught the paper in the bag and felt a lot of confidence. "But we are trapped here and I am very careless. I show my threat to the little black cat and laugh." I think you are playing games.
Day evil ghost crack mouth slowly opened out whisked teeth "is really me.
"Then can you cut us some slack?" I took out the paper. "Otherwise, maybe we wouldn’t be able to have a good talk like this. The evil ghost is also called Ruohai, which is an evil ghost. The last time in history, Ri appeared to create chaos and fear, so that people could run around blindly in panic and consume their physical strength, and finally it became a Chinese meal.
This guy is one of the evil spirits in my memory, and I have carefully prepared myself!
"It’s too bad." The evil ghost laughed, but nothing was prepared for me … "It stretched out its right hand at me." … it roared at you and grabbed it at me with its right hand!
I suddenly jumped back to avoid this grasp and reached out and took out the paper!
"Ah, guys in the practice, I hate your evil spirits are red." I’m going to tear you apart. It swells up with anger and grows black spikes all over it like a hedgehog!
"yin and yang dry Kun five elements by law.
The rope in my hand came alive like a python, and the bell at the end of the rope flew towards the evil ghost in the past. When it was wiped, it hit the stone wall-what bad luck!
Among the instruments taught by the master, I’d better use a dagger or a short sword to make the rope, but it happened that I never found a good one, and the ordinary thing in the sword bag was broken by the horizontal male fish, so I was able to make the rope!
It’s a good rope. It’s a good rope. It’s woven into a snake rope with a hundred knots. At each end, a pair of cross bells with three flowers, rooster blood, black dog blood and cinnabar are soaked in water and hung on the incense burner for 7749 days. It’s a rare weapon to disperse evil spirits and ghosts.
As soon as this hundred knots rope came out, the evil spirits suddenly became shorter by three points, and the spell led to five elements of yang fire, which was almost so scary that ya almost peed his pants-and the ghost didn’t pee. If there was anything, I’m sure it would be impossible to hold back!
Avoid this trick, the evil ghost screams and turns around and runs away, no matter what he said just now!
Leave me alone! I can’t leave it alone yet!
I threw the rope, stretched out my hand and pinched a five-line demon-reducing handprint, and saw that the rope was like a living snake, and it flashed out like a flash!
It’s faster, the rope is faster, and it’s already in front!
"Cry evil ghost mouth a piece of black gas gushed out from his mouth, and the rope immediately formed a thin layer of ice!
The evil wind turns into ice is a specialty of many ghosts, but most of them can turn into frost and freeze by law. It seems that the evil spirits are very yin!
"Dry Kun Yang fire method rope whole a shaking rope thin ice pieces cracked all over the floor!
The end of the rope swung straight over!
I didn’t expect the rope to be removed by me immediately after the evil spirits spit out the evil wind, and then it rolled over to avoid being swept away!
The rope head then flew from the other side and tied it firmly!
A piece of red rope flew out in the eyes of the three of him, tied a knot and rolled it to the ground. I saw the evil spirits scoffing and smoking white smoke that day!
The evil spirits of heaven are really worthy of being several kinds of evil spirits. After being tied up by a hundred knots, they didn’t immediately pass out of their wits, but their souls were constantly being screamed at by the melting of Yang fire.
"Rao … I beg … you … give me a break. Evil spirits are smaller in a few seconds. See how long it will take!
Now this ya can’t be killed!
"Solution I eat double point to a lift the knot rope hua a solution and then day evil ghost around a circle!
Day evil ghost a robot shoveled panting-the ghost also have to breathe?
Most of this is a habit!
"How’s it going?" Tie looked at me and stuck it over and asked, "Did you catch it?" This guy has seen me communicate with the dead before, and he guessed from his posture that I was dealing with some ghost.
Hearing this question, Zheng Qu and Lin Chao all gathered around me. I looked at the three of them and looked eager. "It’s okay. I’ve caught the funny thing in this passage." "What is it?" I don’t know why he is so curious and can’t see or grasp the chaos. I can’t tell the truth from the fake by giving a name!
A few kobolds gathered around me, and I waved my feet and they let me
But I’m still not in the mood to be funny. "This guy is called the evil ghost, who specializes in reversing black and white, yin and yang, creating chaos, making people crazy, hungry and cold, and then taking the opportunity to eat here. This is what makes trouble."
"I don’t have the evil ghost looked up and shouted," This is to reverse the circle of Yin and Yang. I’m just guarding the channel so that you can’t find the exit. "Nima, you still talk back to the old man. My finger slightly moved the rope and bounced up like a whip. It took a blow behind it!
"Ow day evil ghost cried out in pain.
"What’s the matter now?" Or iron this guy ask questions.
"Don’t interrupt me. I’ll try this guy to find a way out." I stared at the evil ghost. "Well, tell me about your history and this circle! Well, tell me everything you know anyway.
I tortured the evil spirits and made a bottom note of things!
When Fu Xishi was in ancient times, a dragon horse emerged from the Yellow River in Mengjin County, northeast Luoyang, carrying a’ river map’ to Fuxi, and Fuxi turned it into a hexagram. The source of Zhouyi was that the river map of the dragon horse was arranged in several arrays of black spots and white spots, which contained the mystery of poverty. After careful inspection by Fuxi, this dragon horse fur was actually a map!
This is the first time that Fuxi’s innate divination was known to the world!
Later, after the failure of the four fierce animal accomplices in the Chiyou rebellion, they continued to create various tragedies and slaughter human beings, hoping to collect enough blood and soul to resurrect Chiyou and start over.
Qiong Qi was captured by Zhang Tianshi in the last Han Dynasty and was brought here to seal it. At that time, a seven-star Yue Bai formation was built here to strengthen the mana.
And the seven-star Yue Bai array is protected by this inverted Yin-Yang array, and a capture of evil spirits has been added to increase the strength of this tunnel.
That’s really fucking strange. The theory of natural Fuxi hexagrams and seven-star Yue Bai array is that no monsters can escape, even if the seal inside is fierce beast Qiong Qi!
Something must have happened!
"Magic people know that sin and happiness all live in Ri, and the moon is full of ghost fire. Now Yin and Yang are reversed. Qiong Qi reminds me of what the horizontal male fish said at that time-all this is true!
With everything I know, I boldly made a hypothesis that an ancient fierce beast Qiong Qi was sealed here. Because of something that happened in 1993 and 1994, this innate Fuxi hexagram was destroyed. This guy ran out and created a huge disaster!
Although there are still many places that don’t make sense, I think it should be close to ten, and the difference can’t be found!
But it’s not the time to get to the bottom of it. It’s the most important thing to go out!
I took out the civil and military strokes and put a spell on the forehead of evil spirits. "Take us to the array of hearts."
The evil spirits cringed and walked away in front of our party, and soon we were taken to a certain place in the tunnel. Although the seven designs of the seven stars Yue Bai look different from him, if you look closely, you can find that the colors are a little subtle.
"It’s here. Maybe Zhang Tianshi didn’t deliberately leave a mark here at the beginning, but after thousands of years, the heart stone slab and the stone slab pattern with thick soil behind it will inevitably be slightly different due to the climate and the color. Because of the lack of light, we paid attention to marking it at that time and didn’t notice it!
"I’m evil about it, but this guy is afraid to take a few steps back for mercy." I can’t play.
"Because there is a terrible thing behind, and Zhang Tianshi told me at that time. If I go to make a call, I will be stunned and never be born again.
"Is there a heart-array device in it?" I suddenly came to the spirit!